Monday, November 12, 2012


Mark Matheny
November 13, 2012

Concerning the recent petitions about seceding from the Union, you might want to consider carefully the following bit of information given on Face Book from one of my friends....

Stop the signatures on the Secession site... if nothing else we have learn couple of things.When gov. runs something is ALWAYS against us.

This petitions are with the BLESSINGS OF THE WH...
Do you think about the consequences of this? DIVIDE AND CONQUER...!!!
It is interesting that White is sponsoring these petitions though, they are no friend to the Patriot movement! what a convenient way to get a list of seditionists! all signed , sealed and delivered! what do ya'll think of a broadcast warning to that effect??

This is a comment from a friend, most like my brother, in old wise man that I love very much...
" When I was checking out those petitions and it directed you to setup an account, before you could sign the petition I thought about what Glen Beck pointed out that you have to give up when you agree to join the whitehouse online?

If I remember right there is a statement somewhere on that sight about terms of use and it tells you that by joining you are giving the gov permission to use you computer and information any way they choose? You also agree for them to have access to any and all of your online accounts

In other words just by creating an account you are giving them the right to spy on you with your blessings? I think it might even say that you agree that your computer becomes theirs because it is connected to their system?

Of course we know that no one ever reads the terms of service on any website!"
PLEASE ADVICE OTHER PATRIOTS, if this in fact is from the people's house, you're FLAGGING YOURSELF!!!! pass the word out, NOTHING is about this administration that we can trust...please PASS ON FOR PATRIOTS TO BE IN THE ALERT!!!! thanks.

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