Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exposing the Neocons

By Carolyn Lanham

Subject: Robert Wagner

A multitude of words does not an expert make nor does
arranging numerous debating as a means of self
promotion. Claiming NO aspirations for holding political
office seems rather humbling in phoney words, thus Robert
Wagner in action runs for the Central Committee in an effort
to assure that his brand of ‘neoconservative’ politics and
agenda prevails. They have central committees in Russia
also to control elections.

The so-called Conservative Calvary equestrian rides high in
the saddle as a frequent "welcome regular" every
Saturday morning as a cast member on 610 “Open Phones”
Radio. Uninterrupted in his monotone for the neocon diatribe
(while claiming to be for the First Amendment), he warns not to
call in against him and instead of debating issues resorts to
namecalling and slurs of Kook, Fringe., Conspiracy Theory etc.
We are all familiar with the same ad nausum montra to
silence any legitimate criticism or to get out real truth out to the
destruction of freedom in our midst and the march toward
total government here and on to global governance. He has
even demanded more controlled forums at meetups to assure
oppostition to his thinking is not challenged. Michael of the
South side lost his First Amendment right and was kicked
off the show for his criticism of Wagner, which leads one to wonder
just who behind the scenes benefits from promoting Wagner. Other
callers are given the impression they will get on only to be placed
on hold for the whole show and if one does succeed there is
a handfulll of regulars who will call in to shoot them down or divert
attention from the truth.

Robert Wagner and his views------

He claims Canada has a healthy state economy and government!
If you are a Socialist one would agree---you don’t have to tell Canada ’s
Socialist Mother England, it’s socialist healthcare etc----not an example
of free enterprise, Bob!!!!!

He is for our government creating jobs in Mexico but it is not the role
for our Constitutional government. He is for spreading the
wealth and pure socialist philosophy, but the self appointed expert farmer
claims to be against monoplies but sows seeds of approval and promo for
Monsanto, a company which runs ruffshod over the independent farmer
being pushed into the dirt by monopolistic Monsanto goons!

George Washington was an independent farmer as well as a statesman who warned
us to avoid foreign entanglements and to regard government as a fearful
master—Wagner wants our government to be god in nation building and regards
anyone opposing this crap AS CONSPIRACY KOOKS ETC .George would have
been among the kooks !!!! I am a proud member.

Robert claims corporations are a great way to spread the wealth through
the nations----Corporations wedded to government monopolize wealth
stealing bread and butter from the common man thru forced extortion via

Robert is for NAFTA- the primary purpose of NAFTA was not to facilitate
trade among the separate sovereign nations but to promote integrated
continental economy and establish unconstitutional rules to government.
(Economic Policy Institute) Trade deficits for the US accelerated after NAFTA !

He is pro Federal Reserve and the International Globalists Banksters and a pawn
of Wall street.

He says he may not support what you say but I will fight to the death to defend
your right to say it----It is known Wagner recently approached and advocated a
closer monitoring and control of the meetups so as not to allow free open
debates or allowing criticism and exposure of him or his agenda much the same way 610
radio operates its open phones.

One might heed a warning where a self promoting expert parader under the guise of
debating passes by ---please watch where you step----someone who doth think he
is high in the saddle which is coming unhinged from the own words he doth speak –
is knee deep in his own doo-doo !

Constitutional Carolyn Lanham

Gibbs Evades Question of Whether Obama Agrees With His Medicare Director That Health-Care System Must Redistribute Wealth

Thursday, July 08, 2010

By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs (AP Photo)( – White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has evaded answering the question of whether President Barack Obama agrees with Dr. Donald Berwick, his newly appointed administrator of Medicare and Medicaid, who has insisted that health-care systems must redistribute wealth.

“Excellent health care is by definition redistributional,” Berwick said in a speech delivered on July 1, 2008.

When asked directly at the July 7 White House press briefing whether Obama agreed with this, Gibbs would not answer the question. Instead, he parried it with jocular statements about the provenance of the quote.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

$500,000 donated to Ariz. to defend law


Associated Press Writer
updated 7/8/2010 9:52:14 PM ET
PHOENIX — Retirees and other residents from all over the country were among those who donated nearly $500,000 to help Arizona defend its immigration enforcement law, with most chipping in $100 or less, according to an analysis of documents obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

The donations, 88 percent of which came through the Arizona defense fund's website, surged this week after the federal government sued Tuesday to challenge the law. A document from Gov. Jan Brewer's office showed that 7,008 of the 9,057 online contributions submitted by Thursday morning were made in the days following the government's filing.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Behold A Pale Horse: A Study on the Relationship Between the New World Order and the Fulfillment of the Book of Revelation

Mark Matheny
Updated July 19, 2010

Mark Matheny and Ron Stone discuss the four horsemen of Revelation, in relation to the New World Order's Agenda.  This was filmed August of 2009.

Army Plans $100 Million Dollar Special Ops HQ in Afghanistan

By Noah Shachtman
June 3, 2010

The Army is looking to spend as much as $100 million to expand its Special Operations headquarters in northern Afghanistan.

All around Afghanistan, from Kandahar Airfield to the Bagram jail, the U.S. military is on a building spree, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on wartime encampments. By one count, America and its allies now have 700 bases in Afghanistan. But most of the construction — and most of the extra troops “surging” into the country — are going to the violent south and the dangerous east.

Until recently, northern Afghanistan was considered quiet. Regional hub Mazar-e-Sharif was the first major city in Afghanistan to be taken from the Taliban. But, especially in nearby Kunduz province, violence is bubbling up once again.

The Amy expects its expanded Special Operations HQ in Mazar-e-Sharif to occupy 70,000 square meters. It’ll include a “communications building, Tactical Operations Center, training facility, medical aid station, Vehicle Maintenance Facility… dining facility, laundry facility, and a kennel to support working dogs,” according to a request for proposals. “Supporting facilities include roads, power production system and electrical distribution, water well, non-potable water production, water storage, water distribution, sanitary sewer collection system, communication manhole/duct system, curbs, walkways, drainage and parking. Additionally, the project will include site preparation and compound security measures to include guard towers.”

Construction is supposed to take a year. At which point, the U.S. is allegedly supposed to begin drawing down its forces in Afghanistan. Allegedly.

[Photo: DoD]

Ron Paul: More Power for the Fed

Dr. Ron Paul

U.S. Congressman – (R) Texas
July 7, 2010

Last week I was pleased to see my Republican colleagues take up the cause to fully and completely audit the Federal Reserve by including my language from the Federal Reserve Transparency Act in a Motion to Recommit the financial regulation reform bill. Although this effort was defeated by the Democrat majority, there were many good reasons to support it.

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act would eliminate restrictions on GAO audits of the Federal Reserve and open Fed operations to Congressional oversight. Additionally, audits could include discount window operations, open market operations, and agreements with foreign central banks, such as the ongoing dollar swap operations with European central banks.

Since its inception, the Federal Reserve has always operated in the shadows, without sufficient scrutiny or oversight, while Congress has kept its hands off and its eyes closed. The Federal Reserve has presided over the near-complete destruction of the United States dollar. Since 1913 the dollar has lost over 95% its purchasing power, aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy. The Federal Reserve Transparency Act would achieve much-needed transparency of the Federal Reserve System.

However, House and Senate negotiators failed to include the full language of my legislation in the conference report for the financial reform bill, and the full Congress missed yet another opportunity to demand accountability from the Federal Reserve by defeating the Republicans’ motion to recommit. Over 320 members of Congress from both parties cosponsored my original bill, which was incorporated into that motion to recommit. Almost 200 members of Congress who care about Federal Reserve transparency voted for this motion to recommit. Unfortunately, they found themselves in the minority.

Any legitimate objections to the audit proposal were addressed in the language of the motion to recommit. Thus, it is clear that the real reasons for opposing it are unstated and indefensible. The real reasons are that politicians like to spend money far exceeding income and it is convenient to have an enabler of this in the Federal Reserve. The easier it is for the Fed to create money, hidden from public view and accountability, the easier it is for politicians to spend that money and make sure their friends and interests are taken care of through shady political processes.

The broader reasons for supporting this entire financial regulatory reform bill are just as sinister. This is not about cracking down on big banks as some claim. Rather, this is about not wasting a crisis. This is about using a traumatic event to increase government power and control over the economy. If it was really about addressing the causes of this recession, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would have been dealt with, or abolished. Failed companies would just fail, rather than being bailed out. Instead, a permanent bailout mechanism is being established. The Fed, and its ability to control interest rates and create cheap money, would be reformed or better yet, abolished. But instead its power is being increased and this Congress refuses to even fully audit it!

So yet again in the midst of a crisis, government insists on acting, and in ways far outside the scope of the Constitution, hoping that the crisis gives them cover. The truth is that in crises is when we need Constitutional limitations the most.

Lieberman: US Prepared to Strike Iran to Stop Nuclear Weapons

Wednesday, 07 Jul 2010 12:37 PM

The United States may be forced to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities if diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic fail, Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Wednesday after a meeting with Israeli officials in Jerusalem.

Appearing at a news conference with Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain, Lieberman was unusually harsh in his assessment of the Iranian threat. There is a broad consensus in Congress that military force can be used if necessary to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, he said.

Lieberman cited a recent set of sanctions Congress passed against Iran as a potential deterrent. But he insisted that the goal of keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power will be accomplished "through diplomatic and economic sanctions if we possibly can, through military actions if we must," according to The Associated Press.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The $5 Trillion Debt Bomb
by Sean Brodrick on July 6, 2010 at 8:30 am

Governments around the world are suddenly focused on cutting debt when the global economy looks like it needs stimulus. It’s almost like they’re afraid of something. What could it be? In this video, I explore one potential problem that may have governments running scared.

Monday, July 5, 2010

FEMA Profits From Gulf Oil Crisis By Selling Toxic Trailers For Cleanup Crews

Mark Matheny

'Tea party' goes back to school on Fourth of July

'An understanding of the Constitution can lead to electing people who will uphold it'

by Amy Gardner

The Washington Postupdated 7/5/2010 3:57:01 AM

BEALETON, Va. — "Tea party" activists across the nation tried to put the "independence" back in Independence Day this weekend with festivals and other gatherings focused on the Constitution — and how to use it for political gain.

Coupled with an upsurge in organized classes and book clubs, the trend reflects a growing effort among conservatives to teach supporters how to do political battle using an inviolable weapon: the nation's founding documents. It's a change in emphasis for a movement that rose to prominence with spirited and sometimes unruly protests across the nation.

But it's one that organizers hope will yield real political results by arming supporters with the detailed knowledge to back only those candidates who are loyal to their ideals.

"The rallies were a start, but the goal now is to get people to stop and really think about things," said Kerry Scott, an organizer of the Alexandria Tea Party, one of several hundred conservative activists who attended "An American Event," a Fourth of July festival for "God and country" staged by a local farmer on rolling farmland in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend.

Amid Civil War reenactors, a reading of the Declaration of Independence and booths selling Native American artwork, Scott handed out strips of white paper, each printed with quotations from such American luminaries as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington.

"With knowledge, there is power," she said. "And having an understanding of the Constitution can lead to electing people who will uphold it."
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emergency S.O.S. America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover - 4th of July


July 03, 2010

Alex Jones breaks down the takeover by offshore banking powers-- newly empowered by Congress' banking "reform," expanded taxes worldwide, as well as accelerated moves towards ending the Dollar's reserve status, including urging from a recent United Nations report.

This Fourth of July, the United States is indeed in peril; it is not only the Gulf Oil Spill, Russian spies and threats of war with Iran which Americans must worry about. Instead it is the quiet but deadly conquest by private, central banks, who lobbied Congress to once again vest new powers in the Federal Reserve and, by all indicators, further weaken the U.S. economy through its future actions.

The financial crisis has indeed been developed in such a way that no nation can ever repay all the debt, and control by global economic forces is all but inevitable.

"This is as big as World War I or World War II," Alex Jones warns.

"What is happening now is bigger than the banking takeover of 1913... it is a worldwide financial coup d'etat."

Was The John Birch Society in 1958 a forerunner of the Tea Party movement today? Staff
In this video Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are similar to Tea Party positions today.


Learn More about the John Birch Society Here

Obama aims to jump-start immigration reform

In first speech on the issue, he pledges not to 'kick the can down the road'


updated 7/1/2010 9:52:35 AM

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday blamed immigration policy gridlock on "political posturing and special interest wrangling."

In a speech, Obama took Republicans to task, in particular 11 GOP senators who supported recent efforts to improve the immigration system. He did not name any, but told his largely supportive audience at American University that those lawmakers had succumbed to the "pressures of partisanship and election-year politics."

Seeking to build new momentum on an issue many advocates hoped would be resolved by this point, Obama laid out his rationale for a comprehensive approach to fixing what he and others, Republicans included, say is a broken immigration system.

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TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda
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