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The Future is Being Written Right Now

Daniel Taylor

Old-Thinker News
July 29, 2010

The world, it seems, is reaching a critical juncture in history. Current trends are pointing towards dramatic changes in government and society. Long standing institutions are scrambling to stay afloat as new rivals challenge old ideas. Meanwhile, the global elite, foreseeing these changes, is fighting to retain control over a global system that is being torn apart by economic meltdown and a global political awakening. As top global strategists like Zbigniew Brzezinski have admitted, cracks are forming in the many bases of establishment control.

Global Political Awakening

Global governance has been a long term goal of elites for decades. However, a global political awakening is taking place that is proving to be a major stumbling block under the feet of the world’s elite. During a recent Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Montreal, Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that, “Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring,” stating that a fractured elite “…makes it a much more difficult context for any major power, including currently the leading world power, the United States.”

In an earlier speech in 2009, Brzezinski elaborated further, saying, “…in early times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….”

An example of Brzezeinski’s lamentations can be seen in the failing European Union. The EU, an admitted brainchild of the Bilderberg Group, is a globalist pet project that was to be a model for global governance. Today however, the EU is suffering an economic meltdown and discord that is bringing a backlash against the collectivist ideology behind the union. Global and regional governance faces an additional problem, specifically the fact that without the perception of an outside threat the coherence of the system falls apart. Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization and frequent attendee of Bilderberg meetings, stated in a November 2009 speech that,

“The anthropological dimension of supranationality has probably been underestimated. Once the imminence of the menace of a new war has disappeared from our horizon, it is as if the glue that holds Europe together as a community will also disappear. As if there were no common myths, dreams and aspirations.”

Lamay further stated that “…We are witnessing a growing distance between European public opinions and the European project.”

Indications of a fractured and apprehensive elite were abundant during the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Sitges Spain. Public awareness has spread significantly enough for several Bilderberg attendees to decline invitations to the annual meeting this year, fearing reprisal upon returning home.

While the global political awakening is breaking methods of control that have worked in years gone by, the current financial crisis and the resulting power grab by global banks presents another problem for free peoples world-wide.

Dinosaur media bites back

A brief look at the failing mainstream media will unveil one of the top trends indicating this historical time period. Sensing the rise of alternative news sources, government is moving to tax news websites in an attempt to stifle competition. At the same time, several newspapers are moving to online content and charging for the service.

In the 21st Century, Online media and news websites have become the dominant provider of information. China has blocked a large portion of the internet from its citizens for this reason, seeking to maintain control. The future of the internet world-wide, according to author and “web critic” Andrew Keen, will be monitored by “gatekeepers” to verify the accuracy of information posted on the web. The “Outlook 2009″ report from the November-December issue of The Futurist reports that,

“Internet entrepreneur Andrew Keen believes that the anonymity of today’s internet 2.0 will give way to a more open internet 3.0 in which third party gatekeepers monitor the information posted on Web sites to verify its accuracy.”

Blogger Andrew Steele writes, concerning a recent incident involving Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina, “Because cameras are more widely available to the average consumer and because of the popularity of user fed sites like YouTube, citizen journalists have become abundant in America over the past decade.” Steele continues, “This phenomenon has weakened the controlled media’s power to influence and shape reality, as well as the power of politicians to control their exposure through that media.”

The current consensus among the intelligentsia in government – Obama regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein for example – is that information must be filtered in the new media age. “Conspiracy theories” are becoming too prolific, and an intellectual elite must guide society toward “right ways” of thinking. This type of social engineering is the driving philosophy behind many of the current initiatives coming from the Obama White House.

While the mainstream media will attempt to hold its position and stifle the growing juggernaut of alternative media, its growth has proven too explosive to be contained. Bloggers and alternative news websites continue to break stories of significance across all spectrums of society. An example; BP’s recent attempt to use photoshopped images to give an exaggerated impression of its oil cleanup efforts was exposed by a blogger.

Looking to the future

During the past few years, several reports have been released from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, the Washington Post, the U.S. Army War College, and the Rockefeller Foundation in conjunction with the Global Business Network that outline potential futures for humanity. Ominously, they all carry strikingly similar dystopic themes.

As Old-Thinker News reported in March, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense published the Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2040 report. This report was an update to an earlier 2006 MoD report – DCDC Strategic Trends 2007-2036 – which extended its strategic vision to 2036, depicting flash mobs, brain chips and revolution.

The updated Out to 2040 report covers a wide swath of societal and technological issues, and anticipates an exaggerated rift between haves and have nots. The MoD also saw “…the emergence of a global elite, a powerful network of individuals and institutions that sits above the level of individual states and influences the global agenda…”

Analysts writing in the 2008 U.S. Army War College paper “Leadership in the Era of the Human Singularity: New Demands, New Skills, New Response,” portray a future in which multiple scenarios are possible. One sees a new renaissance and unprecedented human development aided by technology, the other a new dark age of world-wide high tech totalitarian control.

In the Human Singularity paper, Dr. Barton Kunstler documents the impact of ESI’s (Enhanced Singular Individuals), as well as the profound effect on society that human-enhancing technologies may have. Kunstler states,

“This is the crux of power and also a focus of much futurist thought. Technocracy has long been depicted as uniform and oppressive, with social control the primary aim. In broadest terms, ESIs will influence social organization to reflect and favor the expression of their outsized talents. This shift could imply a commitment to creativity and innovation, with society organized to favor artists, visionaries, scientists, and inventors… Or it could result in 1984-like scenarios due to the power endowed by invasive, body -and psyche- penetrating technologies.”

Kunstler continues, foreseeing a possible scenario of “…absolute totalitarian global control.”

“The level of intelligence and physical well-being ushered in by the human singularity could lead to another type of singularity, a “historical singularity.” It could turn out to be a condition of absolute totalitarian
global control. Or we may witness its opposite: a dramatic rise in collective wisdom…”

Yet another recent report released in May 2010 from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network presents a disturbing future. Among the many issues raised, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” outlines a world in which low level conflict spreads world-wide while,

“The global have/have-not gap grew wider than ever. The very rich still had the financial means to protect themselves; gated communities sprung up from New York to Lagos, providing safe havens surrounded by slums. In 2025, it was de rigueur to build not a house but a high-walled fortress, guarded by armed personnel.”

On April 27, 2008 the Washington Post printed a lengthy report titled “Washington’s Future, a History“. The article is the product of a collaborative effort of various experts from governmental and business positions. The report outlines two future scenarios played out over the next 17 years. One of them features an America in which national ID cards have been adopted; citizen journalists are monitored and censored by round the clock internet police; cities have become locked down zones riddled with checkpoints (which can be breezed through by those who have the proper electronic implant), and the standard of living for the majority of the population has dropped dramatically while a wealthy elite flourishes.

The Post article follows the footsteps of various fictional characters in a future dystopia, one of whom is Victor. This particular character is responsible for monitoring citizen journalists. He is

“…assigned to monitor and massage bloggers and citizen journalists who wrote about and took shots at the feds. Just as the work of journalism had devolved to a ragtag crew of volunteers working out of their cars and bedrooms, now the government was outsourcing much of its effort to communicate with voters, and Victor was supposed to be on round-the-clock patrol to catch any opinion wildfire that might be threatening the policymakers in his assigned sector.”

Elsewhere, security clearance implants allow “officials” to move freely through checkpoints. The Post article continues,

“The privatization of the roads and transit lines Paula would have to use to get to Konterra, the nation’s burgeoning satellite capital in northwestern Prince George’s County, made a commute from Washington all but impossible. Only the top ranks in her agency could possibly afford a long commute during premium-priced rush hour, and Paula could hardly switch to all-night work hours with the kids at home. The drive from Washington to Konterra took long enough; now, the checkpoints at the gateways that controlled movement in and out of the inner District could stretch any workday by two or three hours, especially for people like Paula who still had no security clearance implants and little prospect of being able to afford any.”

The report further describes this society in collapse as energy rationing and “cyber meltdowns” spark protests. The poor and lower classes are effectively walled off from wealthy elites living in high tech cities.

If there were ever a time for activism and involvement in the direction of society, it is now. While the future may not look exactly like the picture painted here, there is a reason that multiple reports over several years carry such similar language. Will the internet remain uncensored? Will the press remain free? Further down the road – but not very far in the distant future – how will we deal with technologies that will intrude into our bodies and minds? Will a tyrannical global elite – as envisioned by papers published by the Ministry Defense, Army War College and others – dominate the globe in a technocratic scientific dictatorship? We face complex and multifaceted issues that need to be addressed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FDIC flashes SOS – 1,000 bank failures before recession is over – FDIC not too far away from tapping into U.S. Treasury $500 billion taxpayer lifeline. Georgia leads the pack with 40 bank failures since 2008.

Posted: 28 Jul 2010 04:14 PM PDT
By the end of the recession, there will be approximately 1,000 bank failures. Does this sound extreme? It should but the numbers don’t cover the entire story. Since 2008 the number of bank failures has reached 269 and this doesn’t include consolidations done through the FDIC where bigger banks ate up smaller banks before they officially failed. Last week, 7 banks failed. At that pace, we are looking at 364 bank failures per year and the actual number of closings per week has consistently gone up. The FDIC is in a precarious situation. The Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is technically speaking, broke. They have added additional cash reserves by front loading premiums on surviving banks but this can only stunt the financial bleeding for so long. The problems in the banking system run deep and many of the smaller regional banks are failing because of commercial real estate loans going bad.

Read the entire report

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Off the Wall And Downside Up

Catherine J Frompovich
July 27, 2010

If anyone would have predicted a few years back that I would be writing an article like this, I would have said, “You are off the wall!” But here I am—a journalist who wrote for newspapers in the metropolitan Washington, DC area—pounding out an article that certainly will garner many gasps of disbelief plus resounding shouts of incredulity, e.g., “How dare you!” “Where did you get that ‘information’?”

I must confess this article has been “brewing” for many years and has been under construction in my consciousness for at least the last ten years, perhaps more. Only now have I gathered enough intestinal fortitude to put it down on paper because the proof is overwhelming in scope, frequency, and determination by those involved. Why do I say that? Well, because this article will document how our beloved country, the United States of America, now is operating from the downside up. We just “ain’t” what we used to be! See if I’m not mistaken.

One World Government

For starters, let’s take a look at the claim for a One-World Government. Certainly this must sound preposterous to anyone who may not have heard about it, but this claim has been around for a very long time, if not a century or more! Instead of my telling you what I know, let someone else share his thoughts about it. Please read this link .

One of the key choreographers of the One-World Government dance is the World Health Organization (WHO) with tentacles of power reaching everywhere. One unfortunate misstep WHO took in that dance was declaring the H1N1 Swine/Mexican flu a pandemic in 2009. That was the pandemic that didn’t pan out. However, they are gearing up for another dance session this coming flu season. It seems many BIG pharma players influenced nation states to squander billions of their money on vaccines that eventually were discarded and not used! What does that say about corporate influence? Check this out if you question the validity of the 2009 pandemic.

Corporate Governance

We now have corporate governance running the federal government that, in my opinion, was instituted by President Ronald Reagan when he decided to privatize many government agencies. Even though that may have been regarded as the way to go then, it turned out to be a sleeper that gave corporations a stronghold in running federal agencies because of their lobbying interests and input, plus the revolving door policy that exists within and between many federal agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration, and pharmaceutical and toxic chemical companies.

A classic example of that revolving door strategy is how Monsanto, a chemical company, now has become the premiere developer of genetically modified foods, which USA consumers are eating without their knowledge or consent. The chief Capitol Hill lobbyist for Monsanto is now the assistant FDA commissioner. Additionally, farmers now cannot plant seeds that they save from a previous year’s harvest because of Monsanto’s legal and contractual hold on them and farmers’ ultimate indenturedness to Monsanto because of planting its GMO seeds. Furthermore, a Monsanto corporate lawyer has been a member of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1991!

Getting back to President Reagan, we have him to thank for getting aspartame—that most dangerous chemical artificial sweetener—allowed in U.S. food and beverages as a result of Reagan’s appointing… Well, I’ll let someone else tell that intriguing story. Please read this link .

Pharmaceutical companies are now the carts driving the horses in healthcare issues. Their omnipotent presence and power overarches every aspect of life and living to the point that medical doctors seem to be their pawns running the show for them with total impunity. Consider this: You cannot be born; go to school; get married; or die without a note from your doctor!

Vaccine Issues

Before I leave the vaccine issue, I’d like to acquaint you with the downside of vaccines safety and effectiveness. A British journalist discusses how vaccines really haven’t eradicated any disease they were intended for. Read this eye-opening link.

Furthermore, in the USA a vaccine court was established to free pharmaceutical vaccine makers of legal and financial responsibility for damages their vaccines cause.

According to Wikipedia,

Vaccine court is the popular term which refers to the Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which administers a no-fault system for litigating vaccine injury claims. These claims against vaccine manufacturers cannot normally be filed in state or federal civil courts, but instead must be heard in the Court of Claims, sitting without a jury. The program was established by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA…

It seems the U.S. taxpayer is ponying up for pharmaceutical corporations’ legal problems.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Another reason I think the feds are being run by corporations is what has happened with the unfortunate Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The British corporation BP mandated that journalists could not fly over the spill area to report on the damage and if they photographed it, they were subject to a $40,000 fine and up to five years imprisonment. If you don’t believe that, please read this link .

Who would have ever thought that citizens of the world do not have a right to know, see, read, and hear about what’s going on, on their planet that has been damaged by a corporation? Unbelievable? Or, is that the downside of things?

U.S. Presidential Politics

Now to something I never thought I would be talking about or reporting on in the USA: Socialism! That word is worming its way around the Internet and social circles. Interestingly though, the media will not report on it. Why? A new political group, the Tea Party, is emerging vociferously to counteract socialism’s political ideology, as they perceive under Barack Hussein Obama and his minions of socialist-leaning friends he’s placed as “czars” or overseers. Maybe they have something to be concerned about. Socialism has been around for many years in various hybrid forms. Hard socialism includes Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and Totalitarianism. Many of these forms of government are alive and “well” in today’s world. The official USA government political policy is to oppose them and help people in those countries seek freedom. If the Tea Party folks are correct, who will help Americans? Maybe we have to help ourselves before it’s too late.

According to the American Thinker:

Soft socialism is better, but it certainly isn’t the American ideal. Britain springs to mind as the perfect example of soft socialism. Britain’s socialist medicine is a disaster, with practically daily stories about people being denied treatment or receiving minimal treatment. Invariably, the denials arise because the State’s needs trump the individual’s: Either the treatment is generally deemed too costly (and there are no market forces at work) or the patients are deemed unworthy of care, especially if they’re old.

A key phrase about soft socialism in the above paragraph is Invariably, the denials arise because the State’s needs trump the individual’s, which I think will be applied to every aspect of life and living, just not healthcare. Mr. Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, made this statement, which is particularly chilling, if one thinks of the possibilities that can be appended onto “…you could not do before.”
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

According to Wikipedia, In an article in The New York Times, Emanuel was characterized as being perhaps the most influential chief of staff of a generation.

Before we leave Mr. Obama, let’s consider this: Who would have ever thought we would be asking and/or debating if a sitting president really met the U.S. Constitutional qualifications to be president? Furthermore, that his eligibility would revolve around something as mundane as a birth certificate, which seemingly is in question as to its validity since two have surfaced with both stating different hospitals. OMG!

Perhaps one cannot question those who question the birth certificate issue because Obama’s very first executive order was No.13489 of January 21, 2009 [the day after he took office] Presidential Records that, in essence, sealed any information about him being made public. . One has to wonder, doesn’t one? And, who would have ever thought the nation would be embroiled in such a tragedy as possibly not having a legitimate president according to the U.S. Constitution. Isn’t that off the wall?

Maybe readers ought to realize that they are subject to many rules, regulations, laws, and unrelated issues and taxes via Presidential Executive Orders that are made by a sitting president and don’t have to be approved by Congress. That power is the most frightening of any, I think, because it gives one person total power over all citizens. We should be shaking in our shoes to think that just one person can have that almighty power while Congress or no one seems to be concerned. Well, I am! What happens if that person is not benevolent? Or, perhaps, wants to do in the country? Ever think of that? Isn’t that off the wall? See this link for more information about Presidential Executive Orders.

Government Activities

There’s much talk and buzz going ‘round the country about FEMA camps. Just what their purpose is may be unclear but there are many hypotheses about them, including internment camps for those who will oppose the government’s directives regarding vaccinations or other issues that are a matter of conscience. Isn’t that off the wall and downside up? Who would have ever thought that a U.S. government agency would be planning/preparing to incarcerate its people? That only happens in communist countries, doesn’t it? Why would a journalist even be thinking or asking such an absurd question?

In early summer 2010 Google map coordinates 29.97213,-81.660047 were showing thousands of white vans and trucks parked on the former Naval Air Station Lee Field outside St. Augustine, Florida, now known as Reynolds Airpark. From some calculations by email buddies there were between five and six thousand vehicles parked on runways and hidden behind forests. They have since disappeared to everyone’s amazement. Is there a white van patrolling your area? Any doubts about this, just check out this link:

Boy, if that isn’t off the wall!

Now here’s one very few people probably know anything about: underground cities built with taxpayers’ money! If one picture is worth a thousand words, well, when you check out this link, you have millions of mind-boggling words!!v=6hdwjuTY3xw&feature=related

What’s the purpose for these underground cities built into mountains? Who is going to live in them and for what reason? Is there an alien race that the U.S. government built these cities for? Has some star seed race come to earth from the cosmos and our government is housing them far away from the public? As you can see, these are very real and not trick photography. Is this off the wall, or what does our government know that it is not telling taxpayers?


If I haven’t blown your mind enough, consider this: chemtrails, similar to jet contrails in the sky but containing toxic chemicals. This, perhaps, is the most bizarre, off-the-wall topic, but for more information see this link!v=6hdwjuTY3xw&feature=related

Could those chemicals being sprayed change climate, rainfall, or, perhaps, seed unknown experiments on unwitting populations? There has been much said about covert CIA testing in USA cities—with one in France—on unwitting townspeople.

The purported experiment occurred nearly a year before a more infamous August 1951 incident in the small town of Pont St. Esprit, in the south of France, when the citizens were hit by a case of mass insanity.

Over a two-day period, some 250 residents sought hospital care after hallucinating for no apparent reason. Thirty-two patients were hauled off to mental asylums. Four died. Mercury poisoning or ergot, a fungus of rye bread, was cited as the culprit. But ergot is also one of the central ingredient [sic] of LSD. And curiously enough, Olson [a U.S. government scientist] and his government pals were in France when the craziness erupted.

Hegelian Dialectic

Then there is the classic case of Hegelian Dialectic that works something like this:

Someone [usually a governing state] creates a problem that it already has the answer for that will prompt its citizenry to request a solution for.

The citizens demand reform, change, and correction—just what was planned for in A.

The government involved implements the pre-planned correction (as in A above) and thereby gets exactly what it intended and precipitated.

Sometimes such covert events are called “false flag” events. There are many ideas about false flag events, which I do not want to write about, as they are upsetting and truly off the wall to think that they may have been pre-planned for political reasons. However, I suggest you check out false flag events for yourself at Wikipedia

Now do you see why I had to write this article? There are too many things that are “off the wall and downside up.” What do you think?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brewer Seeks Dismissal of Obama Challenge to Immigration Law

June 29: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer strongly backs a state law concerning illegal immigration that will go into effect at the end of July.

Published July 27, 2010
Associated Press

PHOENIX -- Attorneys for Gov. Jan Brewer have asked a judge to throw out the U.S. Justice Department's challenge to the state of Arizona's new immigration law.

The governor's lawyers said Monday the federal government hasn't shown it has suffered actual harm from the law and instead bases its claim on speculation.

The federal government says the state law is trumped by federal law and that it has hurt U.S. relations with Mexico. It is scheduled to take effect Thursday.

Attorneys for Brewer say Mexico's disapproval of the law doesn't make it unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is considering requests by the Justice Department, a Phoenix police officer and civil rights groups to put the law on hold.

Read the entire article

Obama's Policies Hurting Small Businesses

July 27,2010

Patriarch Partners CEO Lynn Tilton on why the administration's policies and a lack of lending are hurting small businesses’' ability to grow and hire.

Fred Thompson: 'Catastrophic' If Bush Tax Cuts Not Renewed
Monday, 26 Jul 2010 09:48 PM

By: David A. Patten

Former GOP presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson warns that not extending the Bush tax cuts could have "devastating" and "catastrophic" consequences for the American economy.

"We must urge Congress and the president to renew the Bush tax cuts early, before they expire and before investors lose confidence in the U.S. economy," Thompson stated in a letter he signed on behalf of the League of American Voters, a nonpartisan organization that advocates conservative principles.

Beginning Tuesday, Thompson will be promoting the proposed tax-cut renewal in a national TV ad campaign and petition drive the league is funding.

The former actor is joining forces with the League of American Voters as spokesman for a campaign to pressure members of Congress to renew the Bush tax cuts.

The Bush tax cuts were passed in 2001 and 2003 after the dot-com recession and 9/11. The cuts slashed income tax rates at every level, and later reduced capital gains and dividend taxes.

The Bush cuts will expire en masse on Dec. 31, unless Congress renews them.

"Our nation faces a massive automatic tax increase at the end of this year when the Bush tax cuts expire," Thompson warns in the ad, which can be viewed at

Read the entire story

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H.R. 5741 Slave bill now in Committee

Democrat Charles Rangel.

Rob Dew
July 26, 2010

Slavery has a new name: “Mandatory Service”, introduced July 15th 2010 by Charles Rangle.

H.R. 5741 will give the president the authority “To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.”

Barely a year after introducing H.R. 1444, which was supposed to form a “Congressional Commission on Civic Service to study methods of improving and promoting volunteerism and national service, and for other purposes”, Congress has upped the ante. Anyone between 18 and 42 will be eligible for a two year commitment of civilian or military service. With more college graduates working for the fast food industry, a depression era unemployment rate and less people retiring; the government will have plenty of eligible able bodies to move into the slave ranks.

Read the entire article

Judges evade Obama birth-certificate query

Posted: July 25, 2010

7:51 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Judges on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals suddenly have abandoned plans to assess damages against an attorney whose clients are challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to be president after he argued that if there was to be punishment, he would have the right to know whether the defendants could have mitigated their injury by publicly releasing Obama's birth documentation.

The decision came from Judge Dolores Sloviter in the Kerchner vs. Obama case handled by attorney Mario Apuzzo. The court had ordered Apuzzo to explain why defense costs shouldn't be assessed against him for the "frivolous" appeal.

However, her newest order denied Apuzzo's request to reconsider the case and stated "based on Mr. Apuzzo's explanation of his efforts to research the applicable law on standing, we hereby discharge the Order to Show Cause."

The case was filed against Obama, Congress and others just before Obama was sworn into office, arguing that Obama was a British subject and not a U.S. citizen.

Read the entire story

Gerald Celente: Washington Is Paid Off, Only Ron Paul Has Credibility
July 23, 2010

Will the Dodd-Frank reform bill, recently signed by President Obama, prevent another financial crises? Not according to Gerald Celente, director of the Trends Research Institute.

“The White House lies and the media swears to it,” says the trends forecaster. Celente calls the bill a “whitewash for the white shoe boys on Wall Street” and states it will do nothing to prevent the coming Crash of 2010. He points out that, unlike what the government says, the public will have to continue bailing out the too-big-to-fails when they fail.

To address the real problem, Celente argues, the crooks from Wall Street must be removed from the White House and the Glass-Steagall Act needs to be reinstalled to prevent banks from consolidating.

On politicians in Washington, Celente comments: “They’re not out of touch. They’re in bed and paid off (by Wall Street).” He mentions the only one left with any credibility is Congressman Ron Paul, who has a firm grip on what’s going on.

Reprinted from Bull Source.

Gerald Celente is founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books), and publisher of The Trends Journal. He has been forecasting trends since 1980, and recently called “The Collapse of ’09.”

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