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ABC News
November 17, 2015

Michigan, Alabama, Texas and Arkansas have become the first states in the country to refuse to take in Syrian refugees amid heightened security concerns following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
Govs. Rick Snyder of Michigan, Robert Bentley of Alabama, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said in separate statements Sunday and today that their states would not be relocating refugees from the war-torn country until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security fully reviewed its screening procedures.
“Michigan is a welcoming state and we are proud of our rich history of immigration,” Snyder said. “But our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents.”
Nearly 130 people died in the coordinated attacks in Paris, and at least one of the attackers was carrying a Syrian passport, which has led authorities to consider he could have entered Europe as a refugee. The alleged mastermind of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is believed to have slipped into Syria this year.


Infowars News
November 17, 2015

In the wake of the devastating attacks in Paris Friday, US intelligence experts have once again issued stark warnings that such terrorism could be imminent on home soil because there is no way to vet refugees coming into the country from the Middle East, and the White House has no strategy to defeat ISIS.
Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, said that “There are a lot of holes — gaping holes,” in US defenses.
“We have hundreds of Americans that have traveled” to Iraq and Syria, he urged. “Many of them have come back as well. I think that’s a direct threat.”
McCaul once again said he has spoken with FBI and Homeland Security officials who say that “We don’t have the databases to vet them.”
“They tell me this cannot be properly done.” the Congressman added.
McCaul has consistently warned that ISIS has planned to use the refugee crisis to get operatives into the US.
“This causes a great concern on the part of policymakers, because we don’t want to be complicit with a program that could bring potential terrorists into the United States,” McCaul said.
In a separate appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the former head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, corroborated McCaul’s sentiments.
“I’m not sure why this shocked everybody,” Rogers said. “There is not a vetting process … that can vet every single individual refugee coming in on the refugee program.”
In testimony before the Senate last month, FBI Director James Comey stated that “gaps” remain in the vetting process, owing to a lack of intelligence on the ground in Syria.
Following the attacks in France, Obama announced that the plan to bring in 10,000+ refugees will not be reevaluated in any form, even as it emerged that some of the perpetrators appeared to have entered Europe disguised as migrants.
In appearances on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” both the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence committees agreed that the US currently has no strategy to defeat ISIS.
We’ve got to have a strategy. We don’t have a strategy in Syria as it relates to ISIL,” Sen. Richard Burr said. “The president talked the other morning about ISIL was contained. America learned within 24 hours that it’s not contained, it’s rampant.” he added.
Rep. Devin Nunes added that “You can’t fight ISIS unless you are willing to put a strategy together that deals with the failure of Libya, the problems in the Sinai, Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan-Pakistan region.”
“Fifty Special Forces [troops], which we’ve just upped in the last two weeks, that’s not enough to make a big impact,” he added.
Nunes also warned about the influx of undocumented refugees.
“There’s no possible way to screen them. It should be stopped immediately,” he said.
“Bottom line, if you don’t want refugees, you have to go into Iraq and Syria and defeat ISIS.”
Also appearing on “Face the Nation,” the former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell, urged that it was time for a re-think on a strategy to defeat ISIS.
“I think it’s now crystal clear to us that our strategy, our policy vis-à-vis ISIS is not working, and it’s time to look at something else,” Morell said.
Morell described the Paris attacks as having “A level of sophistication that we have not seen since the London bombings in 2005.”
He also suggested that rather than going after the Syrian President Bashar al Assad, much as the western coalition did with Gaddafi in Libya, the solution to defeating ISIS may be to work with Assad.
“You know, clearly he’s part of the problem, but he may also be part of the solution, right?” Morell said. “An agreement where he stays around for a while and the Syrian army, supported by the coalition, takes on ISIS may be the best result here.”
Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


November 17, 2015

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, House Freedom Caucus Chairman 
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)
 reveals that conservative House members have received no commitment from Speaker 
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
 that he would in any way try to curb the nation’s importation of Muslims on visas.

By the end of the year, Congress will have to pass a government funding measure to appropriate funds for all federal operations. The Boehner-Obama debt deal, backed by Ryan, established the spending levels— but Congress still has to pass the actual spending bills which contain the money.
Included in this package will be funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement and other refugee-related operations, thus allowing the President to carry out his resettlement plans. In order to stop the President from carrying out these plans, Congress would have to include restrictions in the year-end funding bill that would be advanced by Ryan and 
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Washington Times
November 11, 2015

Are you aware that the American government has been slowly giving away its power to international bureaucrats to determine how its businesses and citizens are taxed?
Most wars do not turn out the way the people who started them intended. Setting aside the hot military wars, look at the consequences of the “war on drugs” and the “war on money laundering and tax evasion.”
The global war on money laundering and tax evasion has failed in the three decades since it began in earnest, and it is now on its way to undermining the rule of law around the world, the legitimate role of financial institutions, and the right of sovereign governments to determine their own tax policies.
The new anti-money-laundering laws and regulations have resulted in millions of Americans who live abroad and others living outside their home countries being unable to get bank accounts and other financial services in the countries where they live.


Daily Mail
November 11, 2015

Vatican-owned properties are being used by priests as brothels and massage parlours, according to the latest claims to emerge from the Vatileaks scandal.
The properties implicated in a report, leaked by a Vatican mole, include premises close to the Italian Parliament and a solarium near Piazza Barberini.
A Vatican department, the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, owns hundreds of exclusive properties in central Rome, was also singled out in the document.
It claimed that Vatican officials were allowing buildings to be leased out at peppercorn rents as favours to powerful colleagues.

Globalists and UN Push Mandatory Biometric ID for All

The New American
November 11, 2015
Globalists and UN Push Mandatory Biometric ID for All
In an effort to bring every last person into the “system,” so to speak, governments, globalist forces, and the United Nations want to make sure that every human being on the planet has a government-issued identification card, complete with biometric data. Indeed, the recently approved UN “Sustainable Development Goals,” also known as “Agenda 2030,” explicitly calls for providing “legal identity” and “birth registration” for “all.” A parallel effort led by the same forces pushing global IDs, meanwhile, hopes to abolish cash and move toward a “cashless” global society in which every transaction can be tracked. And with funding from U.S. taxpayers and various tax-exempt foundations controlled by the establishment, both of those visions could become a reality in the not-too-distant future, at least if humanity does not push back.
The UN's deeply controversial Agenda 2030, marketed as an effort at “transforming our world,” is essentially a recipe for global socialism, as this magazine has documented. Everything from national and international wealth redistribution to targeting children as “agents of change” is explicitly demanded in the scheme, formally adopted by every national government and dictatorship on Earth in September. Buried deep within the massive text, which outlines 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” and 169 specific “targets,” is another key piece of the globalist puzzle. “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration,” reads target 16.9. In other words, the UN and its member regimes are practically putting a bulls-eye on the back of every human being who still exists outside of the globalized economic and political system, such as the hundreds of millions of people who do not have government IDs, bank accounts, government "benefits," permits to exist/build/farm/hunt/procreate/emit CO2, and more.  

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