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Details of U.S. False Flag Attacks in Iraq Revealed and More
February 17, 2011

From a Wired "Danger Room" article a year ago, on Feb 1, 2010:

The Defense Department just released its king-sized, $708 billion budget for the next fiscal year. Much of the proposed spending is fairly detailed -- noting exactly how many helicopters the Pentagon plans to buy and how many troops it plans on playing. But about $56 billion goes simply to "classified programs," or to projects known only by their code names, like "Chalk Eagle" and "Link Plumeria." That's the Pentagon's black budget. (source)

In other words, for Fiscal 2010, the military was allotted some $56,000,000,000 dollars for programs that would also include the worst of these secretive agendas, Black Ops, black as in criminal, secret, unethical, dangerous or sinister, illegal, beyond the pale, murderous, and on and on semantically. And what might some of these Black Ops manifest as? We can certainly make some educated guesses. Moreover, this huge sum of financial support didn't just spring into being in 2010. "Classified programs" have been handsomely funded for years, so we must ask, what havoc might Black Ops programs have already wrought in the past?

Wayne Madsen may have a bead in his February 17 Report on what all these billions might have been and still are buying around the world. If his sources are believable and reliable, then what they have been funding includes a plethora of False Flag Attacks in various countries with one sole purpose: to create the violent conditions to further the aims of American militarism at home and abroad, be it the Middle East, Central Asia or even South America, to name just a few target regions. Read on:

February 17, 2011 Wayne Madsen Report: Details of U.S. false flag attacks in Iraq revealed

WMR has been informed by a strictly anonymous source that many of the "terrorist" attacks in Iraq that have been blamed on "Al Qaeda" and its allies were, in fact, carried out by CIA-supported Sunni cells. US Special Forces teams seconded to the CIA units provided protection to the Sunni cells as they carried out their terror missions.

The CIA and Special Forces teams ensured that the Sunni terrorist cells hit their pre-determined targets. In some cases, when the certain Sunni teams were thought to be unreliable, the CIA and Special Forces overseers would execute the Sunnis.

In other cases, a remotely-controlled car bomb would prematurely detonate, requiring the CIA-Special Forces units to cleanup the evidence and chalk the terrorist event off as a "suicide bomb." The media would be fed press releases that "confirmed" the bombing as a suicide attack. Our source worked with two different Sunni terrorist cells in Iraq.

On June 24, 2009, WMR reported: "WMR has learned from an intelligence source who served in 2007 at the Tallil Air Base in Iraq, also known as Camp Adder by the U.S. Army and Ali Air Base by the U.S. Air Force, that United States intelligence services imported Afghan mercenaries into Iraq in order to attack Iraqi civilians and military personnel, as well as coalition forces, including U.S. service personnel. The Afghans were recruited from Taliban ranks and were paid for their services in Iraq. WMR has learned that during 2007, Iraqi police stopped a truck hauling a 40-foot trailer on the Kerrada Bridge in Baghdad. When the Iraqi police officers checked the truck's trailer they were amazed to discover between 30 and 40 Afghan Taliban. They said they were brought into Iraq by the United States and were tasked with stirring up trouble in Iraq., much of it ascribed by U.S. military commanders as the work of the dubiously-named Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers) or, more commonly known as 'Al Qaeda of Mesopotamia.'"

The case of Raymond Davis, the so-called U.S. diplomat arrested in Lahore, Pakistan after shooting two Pakistani men, indicates that the CIA is carrying out similar false flag terrorist attacks in that country. Pakistani police recovered from Davis's car a pistol, facial make-up, ATM cards from five different banks, a Global Positioning System device, a telescope, two mobile telephones, maps, a wireless radio, a passport, photos of different possible target locations in Multan, Sargodha, and Lahore. Concerned that Davis may spill the beans to Pakistan about CIA false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the Obama administration is demanding Davis's immediate release and repatriation to the United States, citing the CIA officer's diplomatic immunity. The Davis case has opened a wide rift in U.S.-Pakistani relations.

On September 13, 2010, WMR reported: "WMR has learned from a deep background source that Xe Services, the company formerly known as Blackwater, has been conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan that are later blamed on the entity called 'Pakistani Taliban.' . . . it is Xe cells operating in Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, and other cities and towns that have, according to our source who witnessed the U.S.-led false flag terrorist operations in Pakistan. Bombings of civilians is the favored false flag event for the Xe team and are being carried out under the orders of the CIA. However, the source is now under threat from the FBI and CIA for revealing the nature of the false flag operations in Pakistan. If the source does not agree to cooperate with the CIA and FBI, with an offer of a salary, the threat of false criminal charges being brought for aiding and abetting terrorism looms over the source . . . Responsibility for the recent bomb attack of a pro-Palestine Shi'a rally in Quetta that killed 54 people was claimed by the Pakistan Taliban, but it was actually carried out by one of the Xe covert cells in the country, acting in concert with the CIA, Israeli Mossad, and Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The ultimate goal is to destabilize Pakistan to the point where it has no choice but to allow the Western powers to secure its nuclear weapons and remove them from the country. . ."

The CIA's running of false flag terrorist operations may not be confined to Iraq, Pakistan, and other Muslim countries. Last week, Argentinean officials seized an undeclared cargo of weapons and espionage equipment on a US Air Force C-17 transport plane at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza International Airport. The cargo originated with the 7th US Army Airborne Brigade at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The cargo also consisted of brochures with the following statement in fifteen languages, including Spanish: "I am a United States soldier. Please report to my embassy I have been arrested by the country." Also in the military cache was communications interception equipment, encryption gear, GPS devices, high-powered sniper rifles, machine guns, and expired drugs, including stimulants and morphine . The Argentine Foreign Ministry filed a strong protest with the U.S. government.

An indication of the seriousness of the U.S. covert operation was the presence at Ezeiza airport of Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, who personally supervised the confiscation of the weapons and spy equipment cache.

Caught with its pants down once again, the Obama administration's top man on Latin American policy, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela, a noted gusano supporter, called on Buenos Aires to return the military and espionage cargo "without delay." The demand was echoed by State Department spokesman P J Crowley, the CIA's public relations "embed" in Hillary Clinton's top advisory group. It is significant that President Obama is avoiding Argentina on his upcoming trip to Latin America.
For more, visit Wayne Madsen Report, which its publisher, Wayne Madsen, keeps refreshed with more news than any one reporter has a right to.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bill O'reilly: "Will Ron Paul Destroy the Republican Party?"


February 18, 2011

Bill "The Shill " O'reilly is  hell- bent on deriding Congressman Ron Paul, knowing that real reform is in the Congressman's plans if he becomes President of the United States.

The Globalists have always fought hard to keep Ron Paul out of office, and this coming election in 2012 will be no different!!

Support Ron Paul and Put the empire on the run!!!!

Wily Fox News Forced To Apologize On Air Over Ron Paul CPAC Video Deception; Claims "Honest Mistake!"

Fox News
February 18, 2011

Replace the Federal Reserve Altogether

Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster
February 18, 2011

Rather than have designation to what the Fed is doing we believe to a great extent the term quantitative easing will fade from the major media and Fed announcements, probably to be replaced by a term such as accommodation. As time passes more and more professionals and investors will realize that this massive creation of money and credit is destroying the capital structure and the dollar.

Other countries are emulating the Fed in various ways and degrees and that is why the USDX, the dollar index versus six major currencies has not plunged as it should have. It is lower, but it is not a true reflection of what is really in progress. Gold has spent the last 2-1/2 years directly competing with the dollar for supremacy as the world’s reserve currency and hands down the dollar has lost in an accelerating flight to quality to gold and silver.

Over the past ten years versus nine other major currencies the dollar’s loss in value over each of those years has averaged 15-1/4% and versus silver 20-3/8%. If you widen the spectrum to 50 currencies, the currencies value versus gold and silver have had an even greater fall. The longer the Fed, and other central banks continue to work this charade, the worse the final outcome is going to be. Every step that has been taken since 2000 to extend the problems rather than solve the problems has been futile and makes the final deflationary depression more gruesome.

The Fed has done a dreadful job, as has other central bankers and the public has become aware of that over the past few years. In the US polls they show 70% of the public wants the Fed replaced. This is significant because understanding what the Fed does is not easy for most people. We have been trying to expose the Fed Ponzi scheme for more than 50 years with only limited success. Then about 15 years ago along came talk radio and the Internet and they both opened the information spigot, allowing the average person to understand what the Fed was all about.

During this learning process people are outraged at what the Fed have been doing for many years. The owners of the Fed are always in possession of inside information because they create such information, thus, in an ongoing basis they can never be losers. As a trader for 25 years we know you cannot have three months of trading without a daily loss and produce unbelievable profits without this information.

These banks and brokerage houses simply cannot lose and you get to pay the bill one way or another. People now understand and that is one of the prime reasons Rep. Ron Paul just won 30% of a Republican-conservative straw pool. Romney in 2nd place pulled 24%, one of the main elements of Mr. Paul’s platform is to end the Fed, so that had to be a strong element in his victory.

Read the rest of the article

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Jobless claims tick back above 400,000

Ben Rooney
February 17, 2011

The number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment benefits edged up last week, the government said Thursday.

There were 410,000 initial jobless claims filed in the week ended Feb. 12, according to the Labor Department. That was up 25,000 from the week before, and slightly more than the 408,000 claims economists surveyed by had expected.

Continuing claims — which include people filing for the second week of benefits or more — rose by 1,000 to 3,911,000 in the week ended Feb. 5, the most recent week available.
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Filthy FOX NEWS Swaps CPAC Straw Poll Footage

February 16, 2011 | |

This just in. FOX news channel has just been caught in a blatant attempt to distort the perception of the 2011 CPAC Straw Poll results. On the February 15th broadcast of America's Newsroom Fox Reported the results of the win. when they opened the report they played the recording of the 2010 results rather than the actual 2011 recording. A clear difference is seen in the crowd reaction and in the attire worn by Tony Fabrizio who read the results to the audience.

The crowd reaction was remarkably different even though Ron Paul won in both cases. In the 2010 recording you could hear more booing and groaning from the audience [FOX CLIP] Now in the 2011 recording you can hear a truly excited crowd. [CPAC CLIP]

This is a clear attempt to persuade America that Ron Paul is not accepted by the majority even though he truly is.

Fox is no stranger to minimalizing Ron Paul's wins. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Fox ignored their own polling data from text Message polling and online Polls where Ron Paul was the clear winner. This, however, is the first time they have been caught SWAPING footage in an attempt to sway public opinion of a Presidential contender.

The first shot of the 2012 election season has been fired by the spin masters at FOX news against Ron Paul and it is time for you to act now and demand a full retraction, explanation, and apology for the false reporting.
Call FOX news by
Phone: (212) 301-3000
Fax: (212) 301-4229

Judge Napolitano one of the only true advocates for Freedom and Liberty at the fox news channel needs to be contacted too. Contact Judge Napolitano and demand that he expose the FOX network. How the Judge reacts to this will be a true test of his allegiance to to Ron Paul.

Contact the judge via email at:
Or on his facebook page @
Or on his twitter page

Do not delay take action now, share this video!

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World Bank: Food prices at "dangerous levels"

ST. LOUIS – Global food prices have hit "dangerous levels" that could contribute to political instability, push millions of people into poverty and raise the cost of groceries, according to a new report from the World Bank.
The bank released a report Tuesday that said global food prices have jumped 29 percent in the past year, and are just 3 percent below the all-time peak hit in 2008. Bank President Robert Zoellick said the rising prices have hit people hardest in the developing world because they spend as much as half their income on food.

"Food prices are the key and major challenge facing many developing countries today," Zoellick said. The World Bank estimates higher prices for corn, wheat and oil have pushed 44 million people into extreme poverty since last June.

The report comes a day before Finance ministers and central bank chiefs from the Group of 20 leading economies meet in Paris. Zoellick said he's worried some countries might react to food inflation by banning exports or implementing price controls, which would just aggravate the problem.

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Tea Party Caucus Leader Bachmann Votes for PATRIOT Act

Kurt Nimmo
February 15, 2011

Now that establishment Republicans have managed to steer the Tea Party into the political Borg Hive and run off the real patriots, it is time to get the neocon total war agenda back on track.

Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann, like Alaska’s Sarah Palin, likes to pretend she is at the center of the Tea Party movement. She talks loud and long about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Last week Bachmann voted for an extension of the Constitution-busting PATRIOT Act.

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Trump: Obama Not Stupid, Maybe ‘Foolish’

By Hiram Reisner

Billionaire and potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says countries take advantage of the United States, because some in the U.S. government are “either stupid, foolish, or very heavily lobbied.” In an interview Monday with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Trump said although President Barack Obama is not stupid, “he could be foolish” and “he is certainly heavily lobbied.”

trrump, obama, stupid“You go to China, you see these cities rising out of nothing. Of course, it is worldwide money, but it is really this country's money [that] is rebuilding China,” Trump said. “We have either stupid, foolish, or very heavily lobbied people that allows China” to grow, while U.S. infrastructure is crumbling.

Van Susteren asked whether Obama was one of those “people” and is he any different than other presidents.

“He's not a stupid man. He could be a foolish man. And he certainly is heavily lobbied,” Trump replied. “Look, I was never a big fan of a lot of presidents. I've seen them come and go. I've seen a lot of them. The one I liked was Ronald Reagan – he didn't play games.

“When Iran had hostages, Jimmy Carter was defenseless – it was pathetic. It was a sad, bad time for this country. Ronald Reagan got in and said they won't be there for one day,” Trump added. “All of a sudden they were released, gone, and he got them back.”

When asked whether he was impressed by any of the potential GOP 2012 presidential candidates, Trump, who has said he will announce his presidential plans by June, replied: “Look, I know many of them. And they are nice people."

“But can they do the job? Perhaps not.”

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Read more on Trump: Obama Not Stupid, Maybe ‘Foolish’
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Ohio tea parties take stand on collective bargaining legislation

Ohio Liberty Council Contact
Chris Littleton
Direct: 937-499-3594
Ohio tea parties take stand on collective bargaining legislation
Columbus, OH, February 14, 2011. The Ohio Liberty Council, a coalition of over 60 tea party groups and
liberty minded organizations across Ohio, will be standing for pro-taxpayer legislation which addresses
one of Ohio’s most important threats – the prosperity killing public employee unions and collective
As a citizen lobby, Ohio Liberty Council member groups and supporters will be gathering Thursday,
February 17th at 9am on the West lawn of the Ohio Statehouse before attending the 10am hearings.
We believe the bill introduced by Senator’s Shannon Jones and Kris Jordan to eliminate collective
bargaining for public employee unions (Senate Bill 5) is vital to Ohio’s sustainability because public
employee union contracts produced by collective bargaining have resulted in:
• Wages much higher than private sector
• Guaranteed raises (not based on merit or economic conditions)
• Benefit packages including health insurance and pensions far exceeding private sector
• Invulnerability to disciplinary/performance actions over and above civil service protections.
As stated by Ohio Liberty Council Co-founder, Chris Littleton: “In ultimate irony, money from these unions
is then funneled to political advocates and candidates to lobby on their behalf, in order to perpetuate the
level of government spending and bureaucracy from which they benefit. Our tax dollars are used to lobby
against our own belief system.
The waste, the excess and the vicious cycle must end. Unions are protecting entitlements, and the last
time I checked we are a society driven by merit and achievement, not entitlement and extortion.”
Relevant Numbers below from Buckeye Institute:
-Median state worker in Ohio makes 24.6% more than their private sector counterparts
-62,800 government jobs have been netted since 1990, while private sector has suffered severely
A sample of average wages in Butler County including local school district (Lakota):
- Private Sector Employee - $39,231
- State and Local Government Employee - $42,026
- Federal Government Employee - $53,641
- Average Teacher salary: $62,331
State and local government workers make more than private sector counterparts in almost 65% of Ohio’s
About the Ohio Liberty Council - - Twitter: @OhioLiberty
Begun in June 2009, the Council includes over 60 like-minded liberty organizations, and seeks “To unite,
inform, and empower Ohio freedom loving groups and citizens to affect policy in favor of liberty.”
Ohio Liberty Council is considered the nation’s premier state based coalition of liberty minded
organizations and has been featured in: USA Today, Reuters, Yahoo News, Time Magazine, NY Times,
Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times, American Spectator, Politico, Rolling Stone,
The Hill, and many other national, regional and local publications or media.

Terror Camps: The Global Agenda



Mark Matheny exposes the plan of the Elite to create a New World Order through carefully coordinated agendas of the U.N. disquised as humanitarian and ecological efforts. These plans however, are geared to reduce the total earth population by 80% and bring all nations under an international post-industrial Feudal Military Global Regime. (Originally completed in May of 2009).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Massive CIA Campaign Drives Mubarak from Power; Military Junta of US Puppets Now Rules Egypt; Constitution Shredded at US Behest; Debt Freeze, Minimum Wage Hike, Lower Bread Price, US Food Aid Needed; Will Egypt Accept US Nuclear Umbrella, Join anti-Iran War Front, or will Nationalist Colonels Emerge?

Webster G. Tarpley on The Alex Jones Show
February 11, 2011

Listen to the program here

Quiet military coup was behind Mubarak’s resignation

After Mubarak's Thursday-night address Egyptian military leaders, anticipating the anger of the protesters, told Mubarak that if he did not step down voluntarily the army would force him out.

By Avi Issacharoff and Amos Harel

The Egyptian media were celebrating yesterday after it was announced Friday night that President Hosni Mubarak was stepping down, after what appears to have been a quiet military coup. For the first time in decades, newspapers came out uncensored. The headlines, befitting the day after the fall of a dictator who ruled for 30 years, were dramatic: "The people are victorious" (Al Shorouk ); "The people brought down the regime" (Al-Ahram ); "The January 25 revolution was victorious" (Al Gomhuria ).

On Thursday night Mubarak announced he was transfering his powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman but would not resign. Senior U.S. and Egyptian officials yesterday said that was the turning point for the army. According to sources in Washington, agreement was reached in the middle of last week that the army would take over, but not on whether Mubarak would step down or merely cede his authority.

Read the entire article

Globalists Push SDRs as World Reserve Currency

Editor's Note: See my article concerning this at - Mark Matheny.

Kurt Nimmo
February 11, 2011

Once again the IMF is calling for SDRs, short for Special Drawing Rights, to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

“Over time, there may also be a role for the SDR to contribute to a more stable international monetary system,” said Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the IMF. He said there are some “technical hurdles” involved with SDRs, but he believes they could help correct global imbalances and shore up the global financial system.

In addition to creating a globalist fiat currency controlled by the financial elite and their central banks, the IMF is proposing the creation of SDR-denominated bonds, which would reduce the use of U.S. Treasuries if implemented. The IMF also suggested that assets such as oil and gold, which are currently traded in U.S. dollars, should be priced using SDRs.

The nominal value of an SDR is derived from a basket of currencies – specifically, a fixed amount of Japanese Yen, US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. The IMF cooked up the SDR scheme in 1969. It was originally intended to be the primary asset held in foreign exchange reserves under Bretton Woods, but after the collapse of that system in the early 1970s – a victim of the bankster plan to send the U.S. deficit into the stratosphere – SDRs took on a far less important role.

Following the onset of the engineered global financial crisis in 2008, the so-called BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – led primarily by Russia and China, have called for dumping the dollar and moving into a global currency scheme. The SDR facility stands ready.

Read the entire article

21 Signs That The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted, Neutered, Defanged, Declawed And Deindustrialized

Once upon a time, the United States was the greatest industrial powerhouse that the world has ever seen.  Our immense economic machinery was the envy of the rest of the globe and it provided the foundation for the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.  But now the once great U.S. economic machine is being dismantled piece by piece.  The U.S. economy is being gutted, neutered, defanged, declawed and deindustrialized and very few of our leaders even seem to care.  It was the United States that once showed the rest of the world how to mass produce televisions and automobiles and airplanes and computers, but now our industrial base is being ripped to shreds.  Tens of thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs have been shipped overseas.  Many of our proudest manufacturing cities have been transformed into "post-industrial" hellholes that nobody wants to live in anymore.

Meanwhile, wave after wave of shiny new factories is going up in nations such as China, India and Brazil.  This is great for those countries, but for the millions of American workers that desperately needed the jobs that have been sent overseas it is not so great.

Read the entire article

TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda

TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda
Watch Full Length Movie Here

Libyan Violence: Globalist Plan for the Domination of Eurasia

Left-Right Paradigm and the Coming Election

More White House Propaganda... "The Unemployment Rate is Only 8.25%!!!!"

Defense Cuts Harmful to Economy or National Security?

The Obama Catholic Connection

The Globalists Plan for a Coming World Currency

Four Mega Banks Dubbed "The Four Horsemen of U.S. Banking"

New World Order Rising-Documentary

New World Order Rising-Documentary
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