Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crimea votes to join Russia

Alissa de Carbonnel
March 6, 2014
Crimea’s parliament voted to join Russia on Thursday and its Moscow-backed government set a referendum within 10 days on the decision in a dramatic escalation of the crisis over the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula.
A map of Eurasia with Ukraine highlighted in green, Crimea highlighted in dark green and Russia highlighted in salmon. (Schwarzorange / Wiki)
A map of Eurasia with Ukraine highlighted in green, Crimea highlighted in dark green and Russia highlighted in salmon. (Schwarzorange / Wiki)
The sudden acceleration of moves to bring Crimea, which has an ethnic Russian majority and has effectively been seized by Russian forces, formally under Moscow’s rule came as European Union leaders gathered for an emergency summit to find ways to pressure Russia to back down.
U.S. President Barack Obama took steps to punish those involved in threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, ordering the freezing of their U.S. assets and a ban on travel into the United States.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reader Warns! Russian Troops Everywhere!

Mark Matheny
March 5, 2014

I don't like to be a sensationalist or a fearmongerer, but this article I came across at "Before It's News" caught my attention with the recent events taking shape in the Ukraine.

I cannot confirm or deny this report by a military officer, but thought that it was worth posting as an "FYI" so to speak.....
Before It’s News just received the following email from a retired American military officer who has agreed to identify himself as SFC Hawkins. We have been requested to republish this email in full. According to SFC Hawkins, he served in the US Army from 97-01. After he got out of the Army, he had a meeting in the Pentagon after which he became a civilian contractor for the military, traveling to different states training defense contractors for the next several years. With a top secret security clearance, he put two and two together to realize what he was REALLY training these contractors for, so he decided he no longer wanted to be a ‘part of their crazy plans’. He has since moved out to Montana where he has met plenty of other Veterans and Americans who are ‘wide awake’ and prepared to defend our ‘once great nation’ once again. This email confirms this previously released Before It’s News story and the newly released video from Susan Duclos below. What ARE Russian troops doing in America, everywhere? The email below is directly from SFC Hawkins unedited.:

 I want to let you and everyone know that there are Russian troops here in Northwest Montana. To be exact they have been spotted all over Flathead, Lincoln, and Lake Counties. I have witnessed the myself and have had people I know tell me they have seen them and I have personally gone to a town called Essex and found where they are located. They have made a base of operation in Essex and when I went to Essex I could only get 1 person to talk to me about it and he told me that they have been there sense 2012 and that they do a lot of training in the mountain areas surrounding the Northwest. He also told me that they have had military vehicles delivered via railroad and his count was 50. I personally have seen military vehicles parked or being driven in the Kalispell, Columbia Falls, and Whitefish area. And when I have asked police officers and even brought it up in a town meeting I was thrown out. I am a military veteran and for someone like me to get treated this way is inexcusable. Not to mention as an American citizen. I know things are getting bad and I have been investigating and looking into what’s been going on with politics, the government, and our military sense 911. It frustrates me knowing what I know and when I talk to people about it either two things happen. I either get a “whatever you say” and “that will never happen in America” or “people know what I’m talking about and are preparing for a total collapse of America”. It is extremely hard to find and purchase ammo in this area. Stores are short on supplies and now with Russia invading Ukraine and Russian, Iran, China, and Japan threatening the US and moving warships to the borders of America it is getting to crazy and the main stream media needs to stop being puppets and get the REAL news out so people can get prepared for what’s coming. Last but not least I really appreciate people like you that get there word out and open peoples eyes.

Webster Tarpley Comments on Ukraine Event

Mark Matheny
March 2, 2014

Webster Tarpley gives his analysis of the situation happening in the Ukraine.

To hear the full show click here:

 Webster Griffin Tarpley is one of the most incisive critics of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist historian he is best known for his book – George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. He is a 9/11 Truth Scholar and activist; AB Princeton 1966, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Scholar at University of Turin, Italy; and MA in humanities from Skidmore College. He is fluent in Italian, German, French, Latin and Russian. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study for the Italian parliament"Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?" (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the "Red Brigades" by NATO’s clandestine “stay-behind” networks.

Netanyahu, Obama Discuss Israel-Palestine Peace Agreement

The New American
March 5, 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Obama at the White House on March 3 and the main topic on the agenda was the U.S.-drafted framework for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. 
Just prior to the meeting, the two leaders made statements that are posted on the White House website.
Obama stated, in part: 
It's a pleasure to welcome once again Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Oval Office. There’s nobody I’ve met with more or consulted with more than Bibi. And it's a testimony to the incredible bond between our two nations. I’ve said before and I will repeat, we do not have a closer friend or ally than Israel and the bond between our two countries and our two peoples in unbreakable. 
And Netanyahu replied, in part:
Mr. President, you rightly said that Israel, the Jewish state, is the realization of the Jewish people’s self-determination in our ancestral homeland. So the Palestinians expect us to recognize a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people, a nation state for the Palestinian people. I think it’s about time they recognize a nation state for the Jewish people. We’ve only been there for 4,000 years. 
Reports from Reuters News, USA Today, Fox News, and AP soon after the meeting noted that the president had assured Netanyahu that the United States remains committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Obama also asked Israel and the Palestinians to compromise to reach a U.S.-brokered peace framework, stating: “It is still possible to create two states, a Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine, with people living side by side in peace and security. But it's difficult. It requires compromise on all sides.”
Addressing Netanyahu’s concerns that the United States might soften it position on Iran’s nuclear fuel enrichments program, Obama pledged “my absolute commitment that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon.”
Upon arriving in Washington on Sunday, Netanyahu told reporters that he was committed to negotiations for a peace settlement, but he wanted to see proof that the Palestinians were committed as well.

Ratcheting Up the New Cold War: US Sends F-15s to Poland

Poland, a former Soviet satellite state, is closely aligned with the United States
Kurt Nimmo
March 5, 2014
Following the dust up in Ukraine the United States has announced it will send warplanes to Poland and expand NATO’s air patrols over Baltic countries.
Currently there are four F-15 fighter jets on patrol. The Pentagon will send an additional six and also one KC-135 aerial refueling tanker. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Currently there are four F-15 fighter jets on patrol. The Pentagon will send an additional six and also one KC-135 aerial refueling tanker. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
“This morning the Defense Department is pursuing measures to support our allies,” Pentagon bossChuck Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee. He said it is “time for all of us to stand with Ukrainian people in support of their territorial integrity.”
The U.S. has suspended military cooperation with Russia. All scheduled training exercises and other exchanges have been cancelled.
Currently there are four F-15 fighter jets on patrol. The Pentagon will send an additional six and also one KC-135 aerial refueling tanker.
The Defense Department collaborates with Poland on aviation training with F-16s and C-130 transport planes. Officials say they may add more aircraft and personnel to the mission.
Poland, a former Soviet satellite state, is closely aligned with the United States. It borders the Russian exclave Kaliningrad in the north and Ukraine to the southeast.
“Traditionally, Polish security policies are strongly oriented towards the US. Poland constantly tries to underline its special relationship with Washington,” Otfried Nassauer, head of the Berlin-based Information Center for Transatlantic Security, told Deutsche Welle.
In December, Russia deployed Iskander missiles within a hundred kilometers of the Kaliningrad exclave. In response to a question about the missiles, Russian President Vladimir Putin said putting Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad would be a logical response to American plans to build a missile defense system in Europe.
The United States decided against placing a European Interceptor site in Poland and the Czech Republic following opposition to the plan.
The United States initially said the missiles were intended to protect against future missile plans by Iran. It was noted at the time Central Europe is beyond the range of Iranian missiles such as the Shahab-6.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Russia And China 'In Agreement' Over Ukraine

Sky News
March 3, 2014

Russia has said China is largely "in agreement" over Ukraine, after other world powers condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country.
Hundreds of Russian soldiers have surrounded a military base in Crimea, preventing Ukrainian soldiers from going in or out.
The convoy blockading the site, near the Crimean capital Simferopol, includes at least 17 military vehicles.
Military personnel, believed to be Russian servicemen, walk near the territory of a Ukrainian military unit in the village of Perevalnoye outside Simferopol
Russian soldiers surround Ukrainian military units in Perevalnoye, Crimea
Russian troops are also reported to have taken control of a ferry terminal in the city of Kerch on the eastern tip of Crimea, which has a majority Russian-speaking population.
Ukraine's defence ministry said two Russian fighter jets violated the country's air space in the Black Sea on Sunday night and that it had scrambled an interceptor aircraft to prevent the "provocative actions".
And reports claimed pro-Russian protesters had occupied a floor of the regional government building in Donetsk. The 11-storey building has been flying the Russian flag for the last three days.
People watch a Russian Navy ship enter the Crimean port city of Sevastopol
A Russian navy ship enters the port of Sevastopol
Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk has insisted his country "will never give up Crimea to anyone" and urged Russian forces to withdraw.
Mr Yatseniuk said: "I was and am a supporter of a diplomatic solution to the crisis, as a conflict would destroy the foundations for stability in the whole region." 
In an interview with Sky News, Foreign Secretary William Hague said the crisis is likely to take some time to resolve.
He said: "I think we probably are looking at a long period of very active diplomacy and looking for solutions to this since there is no sign of a change in the Russian position on this.

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