Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brewer to Countersue Federal Government Over Immigration Enforcement
February 10, 2011

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced Thursday that her state will file a countersuit against the federal government, claiming Washington has failed to enforce immigration law along the southern border. 

The governor said the federal government hasn't secured the state's border with Mexico and has stuck Arizona with the costs tied to illegal immigration. 

"Because the federal government has failed to protect the citizens of Arizona, I am left with no other choice," Brewer said. 

The announcement is the latest swipe in the ongoing legal dispute between Arizona and the U.S. Department of Justice over the state's tough immigration law. After the Obama administration challenged that law, a judge last year blocked key portions of it from going into effect. While the case is on appeal, Brewer said the countersuit will be filed as part of the federal government's challenge. 

"It's outrageous the United States Department of Justice sued the people of Arizona to stop Senate Bill 1070," Brewer said. "Our message for the federal government is very simple -- use federal resources to combat the cartels who are breaking the federal law." 

Obama Energy Secretary Promises “Massive” Coal Plant Closures

Paul Joseph Watson
February 10, 2011
Obama Energy Secretary Promises Massive Coal Plant Closures 100211top4
Image: Department of Energy
Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu has launched the next phase of the White House’s publicly stated agenda to bankrupt the coal industry via EPA regulations after announcing the prospect of “massive” coal plant closures even as Texas and other states suffer rolling blackouts as a result of maxed-out power plants that cannot cope with demand.
The Obama administration’s strict enforcement of draconian EPA regulations has led to new clean-burning coal-fired plants being mothballed and other existing ones being shut down, which has in turn led to Texas and other states becoming energy-dependent, leading to shortages and blackouts exacerbated by freezing temperatures.
Despite White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer’s brazen lie in claiming that the blackouts are solely a result of “mechanical failures,” the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the agency that oversees the state’s power, confirmed this morning that the threat of blackouts was ongoing as a result of a “maxed out grid”.
This “maxed out grid” is a consequence of federally enforced EPA restrictions that have led to the delay, mothballing and closing down of coal-fired plants. In Texas, approval for the much-needed Las Brisas Energy Center has been delayed for 3 years as a result of EPA meddling in Texas’ energy policy.

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Food Crisis 2011? 14 Disturbing Facts That Make You Wonder If The Coming Global Food Shortage Has Already Begun

The American Dream
Feb 10, 2011

Will 2011 be the year that we point to as the beginning of the great global food crisis?  Food prices are soaring, supplies are very tight and already we have seen some very intense food protests flare up around the globe this year.  When people don’t have enough to eat, they tend to become very desperate, and unfortunately it looks like the global food situation is not going to improve much any time soon.  Right now the world is really struggling to feed itself, and with each passing day there are even more mouths to feed. 

It is being projected that the population of the world will reach 9 billion people by the year 2050.  There are already way too many people starving to death around the globe, and unfortunately starvation is only going to become more rampant as food supplies get even tighter.  Some of the key food producing provinces in China are facing their worst drought in 200 years.  Flooding has absolutely devastated agricultural production in Australia and Brazil this winter.  Russia is still trying to recover from the horrific drought of last summer.

Global weather patterns have gone haywire over the past 12 months, and this is putting immense pressure on a global food system that was already on the verge of a major breakdown.

Food stockpiles all over the world are disturbingly low at this point.  If a major global famine broke out not even the United States would be able to last for long.  The U.S. government is supposed to be keeping a lot of food stockpiled in the event of an emergency, but that is just not happening.

Right now a desperate scramble for food is beginning.  Quite a few nations that used to be huge food exporters are now importing a lot of their food.  Prices for staples such as wheat, corn and soybeans are absolutely soaring, and the UN is projecting that they will continue to rise rapidly throughout 2011.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

China’s poor treated to fake rice made from plastic: report

COMMENT: What do you expect, they’ve already been caught putting plastic in American food, and the FDA does nothing.

David Edwards
Raw Story
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

China’s history with food safety is a rocky one, but even in the annals of robbery and abuse, this will go down in infamy.

Various reports in Singapore media have said that Chinese companies are mass producing fake rice made, in part, out of plastic, according to one online publication Very Vietnam.

The “rice” is made by mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic. The potatoes are first formed into the shape of rice grains. Industrial synthetic resins are then added to the mix. The rice reportedly stays hard even after being cooked.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Egypt Riots and Global Chaos" - WE'RE HIT!!! TELEVISION February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011

Mark Matheny covers the Latest events happening around the Globe in light of the globalist push toward a New World Order.

A Call To All Who Love Freedom

Mark Matheny
February 8, 2011

This is a call to all who love freedom!!!!

As I sit in my tiny corner of this vast universe, I am full of awe and wonder - wonder at the fragility of humankind that thrives upon a speck of dust called earth.

A mere grain in the scheme of all that is.

And yet tonight, as I work in my little corner of that speck of sand, I am filled with such boldness - and courage.

Courage to stand up and to declare to all the earth, the victory that the righteous shall inherit!!!

I am humbled by the Nature of miracles that are beset around me. The beauty which only He can create and maintain.

I am filled with the Fire of His words and His Might!!!!
I am ready for the coming conflagration!!!!
I am ready for the deciding fight!!!!

I call to all with a heavy heart and a contrite spirit, I call to you to be lifted up and to prepare for the time ahead!!!

I call to all who love freedom and hate oppression!!

I call to all who love humanity - those created in the Image of the Unseeable One!!!!

He has called us forth to trample upon the Grapes of His Wrath and to Resist the Inhumane!!!

He has called us to the Final Chapter of the the Fight between the Sons of Light with the sons of darkness!!!

If you refuse the call then We will all fall-

But to deny yourself in this hour of Night,  will be the difference between Liberty or Tyranny!!!

Choose Now or not at all!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

HR Comment: Egypt Exposes Media Hypocrisy

February 7, 2011 
The intense coverage of the uprising in Egypt – covered by nearly every journalist in the region – has revealed a significant double standard in the media’s coverage of Israel. The relative decline in coverage of Israel draws attention to the vastly disproprtionate amount of attention Israel receives in the world press, at the expense of coverage of other parts of the Middle East. As a result, relatively minor events in Israel are reported, discussed and analyzed well beyond their importance, while entire movements in places like Egypt are ignored entirely.

The question needs to be asked – is the mainstream media giving its readers the best coverage of the region?

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Egypt: What's Really Happening? Listen to The Globalists

Protesters unfurl the globalists' demands, verbatim
Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

A great debate is going on amongst honest commentators over what is actually happening in Egypt. The debate stems from the horribly inaccurate information being supplied by the globalist owned mainstream media. A superficial look at AlJazeera, BBC, and CNN reveals that even their concerted efforts to build up public opinion behind the protesters are inconsistent. There is no better example than AlJazeera's 2 million man march, BBC's 100's of thousands man march, and CNN's tens of thousands man march.

Accomplished historian and unparalleled researcher Dr. Webster Tarpley outright calls AlJazeera a British intelligence operation, noting that Hahrir Square had at best 50,000 protesters at the height of the "march of millions." He attempts to point out that the protesters lack any pragmatic solutions amongst their demands.
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Senior US Marine Says "Multiple Platoons" Are Headed To Egypt

Nicholas Carlson
Business Inider
February 7, 2011
A senior member of the US Marine corps is telling people "multiple platoons" are deploying to Egypt, a source tells us.
There is a system within the US Marines that alerts the immediate families of high-ranking marines when their marine will soon be deployed to an emergency situation where they will not be able to talk to their spouses or families.
That alert just went out, says our source.
This senior Marine told our source that the Pentagon will deploy "multiple platoons" to Egypt over the next few days and that the official reason will be ‘to assist in the evacuation of US citizens."
Our source was told that "the chances they were going over there went from 70% yesterday to 100% today."
We're keeping these people anonymous because both would get in trouble for sharing this information with the press.
On Friday, the Pentagon announced it would move "U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary," according the the LA Times.

We've reached out to the Pentagon.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

Editor's Note:I discussed some of these aspects in a series called Behold a Pale Horse with a friend Ron Stone. 

Riot footage shows mysterious horse-like figure floating through crowd

Posted: February 05, 2011
2:20 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

Is this the "pale rider" from Revelation?

A mysterious, pale green figure seen intelevisednewscoverageof the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, "Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?"
Thefootage, provided by Euronews and subsequently seen on MSNBC, CNN and uploaded over a dozen times to the popularvideosharing site YouTube, captures the fiery, violent protests in Cairo this past week … and something else.
Between the crowds of protesters and barricades, thevideoshows a flowing, pale green image that resembles an erect rider atop a horse in Medieval-like barding. The ethereal figure remains for a few moments before floating over protesters' heads and off the screen.
The last of the biblical Book of Revelation's Four Horseman of the Apocalyse, the "pale rider" is said to be the bringer of death and the forerunner of "hell" on earth.

Read more:Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

Egypt Upheaval, Tunisia and Yemen Too?

Egypt Upheaval. Tunisia and Yemen Too? from The John Birch Society on Vimeo.

A coincidence takes a lot of planning. And, lying to the people.

American Warships Heading to Egypt

Washington’s Blog
Feb 6, 2011

 Connecticut’s newspaper The Day noted on January 24th: Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton has mobilized and will deploy to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, to support the Multinational Force and Observers.

The unit left Connecticut Jan. 15 for Fort Benning, Ga., for further training and validation. The unit operates C-23C Sherpa aircraft and has deployed three times in the last seven years in support of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unit will provide an on-demand aviation asset to the Multinational Force and Observers commander to support its mission of supervising the security provisions of the Egypt/ Israel Peace Treaty.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported: The Pentagon is moving U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary, officials said Friday.The Kearsarge, an amphibious assault ship carrying 700 to 800 troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and the Ponce have arrived in the Red Sea, putting them off Egypt’s shores in case the situation worsens. Pentagon officials emphasized that military intervention in Egypt was not being contemplated and that the warships were being moved only for contingency purposes in case evacuations became necessary.

In addition to the Marines, the Kearsarge normally carries around four dozen helicopters and harrier jets that would permit evacuations and other humanitarian operations, the officials said. More than 1,000 Marines from the Kearsarge were sent to Afghanistan last month on a temporary deployment, leaving roughly one-third still aboard, officials said.

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Ron Paul Enters Evidence of Bush War Crimes in Congressional Record

Kurt Nimmo
February 5, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul read the text below into the Congressional Record earlier this year. Paul’s statement provides additional evidence to the established fact the globalist, bonesman, and former CIA director George Bush Senior duped Saddam Hussein, exploited his dispute with Kuwait – accusing Kuwait of slant drilling its oil – and gave Hussein a green light to attack Kuwait.

Ron Paul Enters Evidence of Bush War Crimes in Congressional Record rp

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TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda

TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda
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