Saturday, May 29, 2010

FDA Says You Have No Right to Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First

Eating raw unprocessed foods could become illegal
The FDA has finally made its food-rights policy crystal clear. Here’s the agency’s position, made evident in their response to a lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund:

•They believe you have no absolute right to any raw unprocessed food, unless the FDA says it’s okay

•They believe you have no right to good health, except as approved by the FDA

•They believe that there is no right for citizens to contract privately for their food

The Complete Patient reports:

“More Americans appear to be getting the message ... Over the past six months, we’ve had the popular push in Wisconsin, a state where the regulators have gone bonkers to eliminate raw milk, to pressure legislators to approve making it available from the farm ... [and] a firestorm building in Massachusetts over a ... decision by a regulator to restrict consumer access to milk.”


The Complete Patient April 30, 2010

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Will The USD Be Replaced By The SDR Or The CNY As The Next Reserve Currency?

by Tyler Durden

Jim O'Neill, who did not make any friends within the bear community earlier today, has written an interesting paper on the IMF's Special Drawing Rights, and whether this hypernational currency can ever become a reserve currency as is, and/or with the CNY as a constituent member. While O'Neill as usual focuses on the angle of the "next paradigm" BRICs, and how they will increasingly dominate global economics, he does pose an important question: with the dollar likely to suffer the side effects of either hyperdeflation, hyperinflation, or hyperstagflation, will the next reserve currency be a diluted melange of other flawed fiat constructs (i.e., the SDR), or the currency of the one country, which for all its flaws, still has the cleanest balance sheet backing its own fiat construct. On the other hand, the question of whether this analysis is moot to begin with, and the world will revert to the gold standard as the ongoing crisis of confidence in all paper money flares up, is not raised even once... We wonder (not really) what Jim O'Neill would have to say on that particular issue.

Here are the main bullets:

•The issue of the ‘international reserve currency’ and the possible role of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) has moved from obscurity to the centre of discussions about the future.

•Given China’s importance in terms of its share of world trade, the CNY should now be part of the SDR. The case for including it can only become more obvious as this decade progresses.

•However, actually including the CNY as a constituent of the SDR is likely to remain a challenge without the CNY becoming more widely used internationally, including as a reserve asset.

•The case for including other BRIC currencies in the SDR, especially the RUB, is also likely to become stronger over the coming decade.

•Although the Dollar will probably not be as dominant in 2020 as it is today, it is far from clear that it needs to be replaced by the SDR—or by anything else—as the main reserve currency.

•For the SDR to be attractive to private users, it will need to include the CNY and possibly other BRIC currencies. However, this alone would not guarantee that the SDR would be more attractive to private investors.

The paper is a critical follow up to anyone who found Albert Edward’s earlier analysis of collapsing global FX reserves relevant.

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Arizona Law Fractures trust within the State

Friday, May 28, 2010

"A shill By Any Other Name Is Still A Shill"

"A shill By Any Other Name Is Still A Shill"

This is timeless knowledge on how the media shills control information and push the goal of a New World Order. This show originally aired February 4,2010.

Private Corporation Building Detention Camps Across America

Paul Joseph Watson

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The shadowy design firm that was behind the infamous Hardin Montana jail is pushing to build detention camps across America, with the latest proposal centering around a fifty acre, five hundred bed facility in Italy, Texas, part of a program that many Americans fear is based around a plan to intern political dissidents in the event of a national emergency.

Private prison development firm Corplan Corrections, headed up by an individual called James Parkey, is working with underwriter Municipal Capitol Markets Group, along with prison “consultant” Richard Reyes from Innovative Government Strategies, an outfit that works with state and local government, to oversee multiple projects concentrated in different states including Arizona and Texas.

Their latest project is focused around constructing a “detention center for illegal immigrants” based in Italy, Texas. The Italy City Council heard Parkey’s proposals last week to build a “gorilla proof facility with a fence,” that would be used as a “processing center”.

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Geithner: US, Europe broadly agree on reform

Associated Press

Associated Press Writer

updated 3:24 p.m. CT, Thurs., May 27, 2010

BERLIN - The United States and Europe broadly agree on the need for reform of the financial system, but global cooperation is needed, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday. He also said countries are working together to balance cutting back deficits with supporting economic growth.

Geithner met German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble during a two-day visit to Europe that also took him to Britain and to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

The trip comes amid ongoing market volatility following European nations' agreement this month on a €750 billion (nearly $1 trillion) loan backstop for governments in danger of defaulting on debt — coupled with efforts to cut budget deficits.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama sending 1,200 U.S. troops to U.S. Mexican Border to assist in law enforcement in spite of Posse Comitatus Act

Mark Matheny
Updated May 26,2010 at 12:17pm est.

The Obama administration has decided to send 1200 U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexican border after pressure from Americans to take action against the massive flow of illegals into the U.S. This move by Obama pre-empts a Republican effort to force a congressional vote for troops to guard the border.

Perhaps the Arizona decision to enforce immigration laws has put Obama and the administration in a difficult position, therefore pushing them to take action, only is this action right for America? Arizona Senator John McCain spoke in congress asking for 6,000 troops saying "the guard troops on the border in the past, have had a very salutory effect, and that's why we need 6,000 of them until such time as we can train up additional border patrol and customs people to address this issue."

The National Guard Troops "will work on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support, analysis and training, and support efforts to block drug trafficking. They will temporarily supplement Border Patrol agents until Customs and Border Protection can recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the border," according to a letter Tuesday from top administration security officials to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich. (Huffington Post)

Once again it seems we are being duped through fear and intimidation to slowly give up our liberties under the guise of "security". In spite of the law of Posse Comitatus, Obama and all of Congress whether Democrat or Republican, are expecting us to accept the idea of allowing for the violation of the 132 year old law, which protects us from tyrannical rule, in order to protect us from illegals crossing the border. If given the choice between the two, I would rather take my chances with the illegals who are crossing!

The Law of Posse Comitatus was passed  in 1878 with the intention of substantially limiting powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement.

The Act prohibits most members of the federal uniformed services (today the Army, Navy, Air Force, and State National Guard forces when such are called into federal service) from exercising nominally state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that maintain "law and order" on non-federal property (states and their counties and municipal divisions) within the United States. -Wikipedia

It seems the establishment media in concert with the monster with two heads(Democrat-Republican), has pushed us once again into a situation where both parties are giving the same choice, only in two degrees - poison, or double dose of poison! Using Hegelian dialect they have once again used conflict to bring about a further step in establishing a third world police state move here in our country - Military troops on the border - only the troops are on our side of the border and not on the Mexican side!

Although we are certainly being overrun by desperate Hispanics who want to escape a despotic form of government in Mexico, they are not a military force, and therefore do not need the U.S. Army at the border to greet them. This is just another stage in the desensitization of the American people to accept the presence of the military in Law enforcement positions here within our borders!

Whether it be 6,000 or only 1,200 U.S. troops, it is definitely against Posse Comitatus and should not be happening. We cannot let fear overide good judgement and constitutional rule. I do believe however, that we should have properly trained border patrol agents on the border to keep out Illegals, only, this should have happened long before now.

Poland welcomes arrival of US soldiers with Patriot missile battery; Russia criticizes move

The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. It is manufactured by the Raytheon Company of the United States.
MORAG, Poland (AP) — The Polish defense minister has welcomed the arrival of an American Patriot missile battery in Poland. He says the presence of U.S. soldiers and equipment strengthens his country's security and its relationship with the United States.

Defense Minister Bogdan Klich also urged U.S. soldiers to respect Poland's laws and customs during the two-year training mission. He spoke at a welcome ceremony Wednesday at the base in Morag, which is 37 miles (60 kilometers) from the Russian border.

Earlier Wednesday, Russia's Foreign Ministry criticized the arrival of the Patriot battery, saying "such military activity does not help strengthen our general security, develop a relationship of trust and predictability in the region."

The Russian statement was carried by the ITAR-Tass news agency.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Report: Kim tells troops to prepare for combat

South Korean soldiers take positions during an exercise in Paju, South Korea, on Tuesday.

Seoul resumes psychological warfare with Pyongyang as tensions mount

SEOUL, South Korea - Tensions on the Korean peninsula soared Tuesday as North Korea's leader reportedly ordered troops ready for combat and the South resumed propaganda broadcasts into the North in retaliation for the deadly sinking of a warship.

A North Korean monitoring group said Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il last week ordered his 1.2 million-member military to get ready for combat, shortly after South Korea officially blamed his regime for the March 26 sinking of its warship Cheonan.

The South's restarting of psychological warfare operations was among measures it announced Monday, along with slashing trade, to punish Pyongyang for the March torpedo strike that sank a navy warship and killed 46 sailors.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Time of Testing Is Here

Richard C. Cook

May 24, 2010

While skeptics mockingly point out that the “end of the world” has been prophesized over and over again for centuries with nothing happening—the latest being Y2K, they say, and another likely bust coming up when the calendar hits 2012—it’s obvious that mankind faces an increasingly unsustainable future.

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AIG Execs Walk Away With Clean Bill of Wealth

Mark Matheny
Editor's Note: Now that the Justice Department has done the "dog and pony show" the AIG "bangsters" get to walk away free, and we get to fit the bill!

NEW YORK--The U.S. Justice Department has dropped a probe of American International Group Inc (AIG) executives involving the credit default swaps that sent the insurer to the brink of bankruptcy and forced a huge taxpayer bailout, lawyers for the executives said Saturday.

The investigation had centered on AIG Financial Products, which nearly brought down the giant insurer after writing tens of billions of dollars on insurance-like contracts on complex securities backed by mortgages that turned out to be toxic.

The U.S. government stepped in with a $182 billion bailout to avert a bankruptcy filing by AIG.

The criminal probe had focused on whether Joseph Cassano, who ran the financial products unit, and Andrew Forster, his deputy, knowingly misled investors about the company's accounting losses on its credit default swaps portfolio.

"Although a 2-year, intense investigation is tough for anyone, the results are wholly appropriate in light of our client's factual innocence," F. Joseph Warin and Jim Walden, Cassano's lawyers, said in a statement.

Forster's lawyers also confirmed the probe had been dropped.

"We were very pleased but not surprised to hear from the DOJ late yesterday that they were dropping the criminal investigation of our client," David Brodsky, one of Forster's lawyers, said in a statement. "In the end, the facts were stronger than the emotions surrounding AIG's problems."

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

CBS News: Most TV Meteorologists Doubt Human Activity Is Causing Global Warming

America’s wealthiest 25 percent of households own 87 percent of all U.S. wealth. How the middle class face growing income inequality in the new era of the psychopath corporatocracy.

A true measure of economic vitality is measured by wealth. We can look at incomes or other measures of productivity but real wealth is measured by net worth. Who controls wealth in the U.S.? According to a study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies the top 25% of U.S. households control 87% of all wealth in the country. That number comes out to a nice hefty sum of $54.2 trillion. If we look even closer at income distribution, we will find that the top 1 percent in our country control 42 percent of all financial wealth. By all measures being able to acquire a piece of financial wealth was the hallmark of the middle class of previous years.

Today we have a society largely in debt to credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and immense mortgage debt. Net worth is measured by looking at assets minus liabilities and many Americans are lucky to break even while many have a negative net worth.

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Obama speaks of an "International Order" With West Point Cadets

"The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times,"
-Barack Obama

By Michael D. Shear

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 23, 2010

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- President Obama on Saturday offered a glimpse of a new national security doctrine that distances his administration from George W. Bush's policy of preemptive war, emphasizing global institutions and America's role in promoting democratic values.

In a commencement speech to the graduating class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the president outlined his departure from what Bush had called a "distinctly American internationalism." Instead, Obama pledged to shape a new "international order" based on diplomacy and engagement.

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