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Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is ‘Destruction of Our Democracy,’ ‘Gaping Hole’ for Terrorists

November 20, 2014

Matheny's note: the only thing I would like to correct is the portion of the Title which says'Destruction of our Democracy' to say 'Destruction of our REPUBLIC'.... we are a REPUBLIC... not a democracy... "I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS..."!!!!

"Criminals are becoming more emboldened" by Obama's amnesty plan.
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Sheriffs from Maryland to Massachusetts warned of the extreme danger of Pres. Obama’s plan to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.
Speaking out on Monday, they said amnesty would spell the beginning of the end of democracy in America and would embolden both terrorists and violent criminals.
Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, Frederick County, Maryland:
“In my opinion, based on what I’ve seen, every county in America will become a border county. This is absolutely going to worsen the crisis.
What we’re going to see is not only the cost to healthcare, social programs, and education, but the increase in criminals coming into our country, you’re going to see increases in crime, infiltration from transnational gangs, the drug trade and human tracking.”
Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County, Arizona:
“The law applies to you and I as citizens, and yet it appears there is no law when it comes to illegals. The message the President’s action will send is this: if you can get to the border, you’re home free. It completely undermines the rule of law and makes the job of every law enforcement officer – which is already difficult – impossible.
We already have our hands full because the border is not secure: imagine what the situation will look like when the President gives executive amnesty to those already here. It would unleash a tidal wave of illegal border crossings, overwhelming law enforcement. It will be open season for the cartels. Again: the border is not secure now – to give a presidential amnesty would be to make matters dramatically worse for our officers who are trying to do the job the President won’t.”
Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Bristol County, Massachusetts:
“It will dramatically increase the draw for illegal immigrants to come into our country, because you have the President of the United States sending out a message that we have no problem with people ignoring our immigration laws. They’re looking for a wink and nod that says ‘yeah, come on in’ – we’ve seen it with the DACA. It is the worst message you can possibly send. Come in, don’t worry about the laws, don’t wait your turn. You invite people to ignore our laws. We have no knowledge of these individuals’ background or criminal histories. We [have] minors coming in right now who have confessed to murder. We in these communities are left trying to find out: who are these people? If didn’t learn anything else post-9/11, it’s that we need to know who is in our communities and what they’re purpose is. The President’s planned order is a formula for national disaster and public safety.
Every predator who is out to commit crimes is looking for the weakest link in our system. Having large illegal immigrant populations creates a safe haven for criminal activity. Criminals are becoming more emboldened.
I run the homeland security task force in Bristol County. When you start diverting resources with in ICE – this administration has been watering down investigative resources, failing to deport people who need to be deported – you create a very dangerous situation. When the President issues this executive amnesty, you’re going to see people being diverted away from investigating terror threats and towards issuing this amnesty. It’s going to put our communities at much greater risk. The scary part about all of this is that we know that terrorists have been trying to infiltrate the US. It’s opening a gaping hole for terrorists to walk right into the country and strike at innocent people.
When the President of the United States is sending a message that he’s not concerned with lawbreaking, those words are the beginning of the destruction of our Democracy. When you have the President saying you can come in unlawfully without consequence, basically the President is saying to do the world: don’t respect our laws. That’s I worry about: if you don’t protect the framework of Democracy, then you risk losing Democracy itself.”
Sheriff Eddie Guerra, Hidalgo County, Texas:
“We are going to see what I’m seeing here on the border in larger and large numbers, which is a huge increase in illegal immigration coming across our border. An amnesty order is going to create more people an incentive to come into the US. The drug cartel will exploit any opportunity to come into the United States, and this will create the cover for them to continue exploiting our porous border. This will create the opportunity for kidnapping, trafficking, sexual abuse, prostitution, and smuggling. These smugglers have no regard for human life. They destroy private property. They have no respect for law enforcement. They circumvent US checkpoints. It’s a terrible situation.”
Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County, North Carolina:
“Human trafficking, drug trafficking and criminal activity are coming through our borders, but not staying near our borders – it’s getting into every part of the United States. This is a public safety issue – a terrorist or any other kind of criminal may cross our borders. We just don’t know who is coming across.
“If the President issue his executive amnesty, you’ll see a dramatic surge of people coming in from all countries, including Central America– and again we won’t know who’s coming in: gangs, drugs, cartels, public health threats, human trafficking. We’re not catching but a small percentage of those coming across. This will place public safety in our communities in danger, and taxpaying citizens will be left picking up the tab.”

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Widening Gap: The Haves vs. the Have-Mores

The New York Times
November 16, 2014

Other forms of luxury transportation also abounded at the annual event — whether a Bentley or a helicopter perched atop one boat.CreditAndrew Innerarity for The New York Times

Philip Rushton has been selling private jets to the global rich for more than three decades. In just about every economic cycle, sales of small jets and big jets tended to move together — rising and falling with financial markets and fortunes of the wealthy.
Now, however, the jet market is splitting in two. Sales of the largest, most expensive private jets — including private jumbo jets — are soaring, with higher prices and long waiting lists. Smaller, cheaper jets, however, are piling up on the nation’s private-jet tarmacs with big discounts and few buyers.
“The real demand is at the very top,” said Mr. Rushton, the president ofAviatrade, a private-jet brokerage and advisory company. “The big guys, the billionaires, have plenty of money, and they’re buying. But the middle and lower end has been much slower to recover from the crisis.”
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Obama Prepares Avalanche of Executive Orders on “Climate”

The New American
November 14, 2014

Faced with his party’s loss of the Senate and growing public skepticism surrounding man-made “global warming” theories, Obama is plotting to unleash an avalanche of unconstitutional “executive orders” to impose his “climate” agenda on the American people by decree. From signing radical “climate” deals with communist dictators and lawlessly pledging billions of taxpayer dollars for unsavory regimes, to forcing Americans to pay drastically more for electricity by ordering power plants to reduce emissions of the “gas of life” carbon dioxide, the president shows no intention of stopping — or even slowing down. Politico described the anticipated surge of executive orders as the “coming climate onslaught.” Ironically, perhaps, much of the nation is currently experiencing an onslaught of record cold. 
Of course, the GOP and its leaders in Congress have been lashing out at Obama’s “pen and phone” scheming in public — andpolls show a majority of Americans reject discredited global-warming theories advanced by the United Nations and Obama. It remains to be seen, though, whether Republican lawmakers will appropriate funds for Obama to implement his executive decrees. GOP leadership in the House and the Senate have both lambasted the administration’s “climate” plans, and alarmist Democrats were crushed in the mid-term elections despite heavy establishment backing. Still, no concrete plans to refuse funding for Obama’s schemes have been announced.
The White House, meanwhile, falsely claims the American people’s elected representatives can do nothing to stop Obama. “There are too many Republicans in Congress who even deny the basic scientific fact that climate change is occurring and something that policymakers should be concerned about [sic],” claimed White House spokesman Josh Earnest, though it was not clear whether there was actually a single lawmaker who denies that the climate changes naturally and probably always will. “So the president will use his executive action to take some additional steps.” The Constitution Obama swore to uphold, of course, grants all legislative powers to Congress and none to the executive branch.     

The Reason Small Businesses Are Disappearing, As Explained By A Small Business Owner

Zero Hedge
November 14, 2014

Confused why despite endless daily propaganda that the US economy is getting better - after all "just look at the record high S&P 500" - fewer and fewer Americans believe the narrative, as the Democrats and Obama found out the very hard way in last week's midterm elections? Then the following explanation written by the owner of a small business - the segment of the US economy that has historically led every single recovery but this time was left behind - should help answer some questions.
The reason small businesses are disappearing written by a small business owner.
I want to start out by saying that i am a 27 year old male with a small business in Sacramento CA. I started this business a few years ago with savings of 15k. With a lot of hard work and determination i have succeeded, but it sure as hell was not easy. I am a long time lurker and have never seen anyone go in depth about what its like to own a small business and the reason why they are disappearing. Without going into to much detail, i own a furniture store so obviously things are different then other businesses but a lot of the things are the same. I wanted to begin with the things that are killing small businesses. Also only my opinion.
  1. Small Business Loans - Although they are not killing small business they sure as hell don't help anyone. Unless you are opening a unique small business you are not going to get any funding. By unique i mean something along the lines of creating solar panels. According to a recent investigation by the SBA Inspector General (ill post the article if you would like), over 75% of SBA loans went to large businesses. So basically if you want to open a normal business you need a ton of collateral and a miracle to get a loan.
  2. Permits and Licensing - In opening my specific business the first year totaled about $2000.00.
  3. Advertising - Many small business's cant afford to take out pages or flyers in the news paper or TV ads so they only have a few choices such as Yelp or the Penny-saver. (Don't get me started in Yelp).
  4. Street Advertising - While this used to be a good portion of how you get business it is now off limits. Code enforcement will not allow you to put anything outside. No balloons, signs, anything with your store name, window paint more than 50%, or any mattresses. Also delivery vehicles can not be closer than 50 feet from the curb. In my case that means behind the building.
  5. Board of Equalization - Cant go into to much detail here but they sure as hell aren't here to help.
  6. Health Insurance - Now obviously with the people that have a large work force working full time they will be hit hard by obamacare, but i wanted to give you a perspective on a single person. The cheapest rate for myself and me only, and believe me i have looked around, is $250.00/month. Some might say oh that's not bad, but let me explain what that covers, NOTHING lol. Basically if something happens to me i have to shell out 6K before insurance gets involved. Also 100 dollar co pay every time i go.
  7. The economy - While many know that when the President comes on TV and says the economy is doing great, we all know it is not, some people don't. Every month more people drop out of the Labor Force and the number of families on food stamps is sky rocketing. So for those of you who don't know the economy is terrible because of all the top stories of Kim Kardashian and whoever else, lots of people in america are struggling.
  8. Merchant Fees - This is for credit card processing machines. The machine itself costs 600.00 plus the percentages on sales and cards. Companies such as BofA charge once a year on top of the regular fees $150.00 to protect you from fraud (which they can't even stop) and yes its mandatory. Paypal or Square seem to be the best options these days.
  9. Fire Department - Yes even the Fire Department wants a piece. Starting last year you must do your own visual inspection and send them a check for 150! Basically if you don't they will come to your store and give you a million violations for wasting there time.
Something to watch out for is people who check fire extinguishers in business's. This is a huge scam where they come in without permission to inspect your extinguisher, get you a new one and bill you like 200 the following month. They have no right or permission to enter your business and jump all over you. You can simply tell them politely to get out. They dress like they are fire fighters but they are not.

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