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Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things, It’s Not A Conspiracy

Agenda for global centralized control system is public and out in the open

Steve Watson
Friday, Jan 21st, 2011

We have referred many times to the push for a centralized world government control system as the “open conspiracy”. Groups such as Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foreign Relations are kingpins of this agenda, shaping the policies of the politicians and power brokers that they have effectively bought.

A rather bizarre article in The Economist today addresses this power structure and far from dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, simply reaffirms the fact that “the cosmopolitan elite” do indeed “flock together” at such gatherings and elusive clubs to shape the world that the “superclass” wishes to inhabit.

Of course, The Economist is a perfect avenue for the open conspiracy to be flaunted, given that its editor is a regular attendee at the annual Bilderberg conference, an admission the piece proudly discloses in its opening paragraphs.

Tongue firmly in cheek, the piece describes Bilderberg as “an evil conspiracy bent on world domination”, and then goes on to affirm that actually yes, the group really does dominate world events.

It was responsible for the single European currency, it plays host to the world’s most influential aristocrats and business people, as well as a small cadre of journalists, representing the biggest global media corporations, who are sworn to comply with Chatham House rules, meaning they cannot disclose any of the “big ideas” that are hatched at Bilderberg.

“The world is a complicated place, with oceans of new information sloshing around.” the piece continues, “To run a multinational organisation, it helps if you have a rough idea of what is going on. It also helps to be on first-name terms with other globocrats. So the cosmopolitan elite–international financiers, bureaucrats, charity bosses and thinkers–constantly meet and talk. They flock to elite gatherings… They form clubs.”

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Fox News Poll: Most Think Obama Policies Have Failed to Help Economy

By Dana Blanton
Published January 21, 2011

Almost all American voters think the country's economy is in bad shape, and few see benefits from the Obama administration’s economic policies. In fact, slightly more voters think the policies have hurt rather than helped the economy -- and many others think they have made no difference either way.

A Fox News poll released Friday found that more than 9 in 10 voters give the economy negative ratings: 40 percent rate economic conditions as “only fair” and another 51 percent say it is in “poor” shape.
Current views are almost identical to those held a year ago, when 39 percent said “only fair” and 52 percent said “poor” (January 2010).

The bright spot for the Obama administration is the large drop in the number rating the economy as “poor.” The week before he took office in January 2009, some 74 percent said it was in “poor” shape and now that’s down to 51 percent.

Still, only 8 percent of voters rate the current economy positively: 1 percent says it is in “excellent” condition and 7 percent says “good.” These ratings match those from a year ago exactly.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Obama and Hu's Talks Won't End U.S.-China Tensions

The reason Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao went to such great lengths during Wednesday's White House lovefest to declare that the U.S. and China can get along in peace and prosperity for years to come is that neither man is convinced they will. In fact, the U.S. and China are entering a dangerous two-year period during which the pressures for confrontation are as likely to build as they are to abate.

It was partly in the hope of defusing already mounting pressures on both sides that Obama and Hu went to such lengths of civility. Major power centers on both sides want a more confrontational policy. The Chinese military, driven by nationalism and self-interest, has accelerated its push for a blue-water navy and expanded its claim to the South China Sea. State-run industries, and their protectionist backers in the State Council, have sought to tighten access to China's manufacturing contracts. And the propaganda department of the Chinese Communist Party has heightened the rhetoric of confrontation. (See pictures of Hu Jintao's day at the White House.)

At the same time in the U.S., calls for economic punishment of Beijing are growing louder - and more politically popular. In September, the House passed by 348 votes to 79 a bill that would slap tariffs on China's exports in retaliation for it manipulating its currency value, which the bill's authors believe drives up the price of U.S. products and costs Americans their jobs. That legislation came close to passing the Senate in the final days of the lame-duck session, when Senators from both parties tried to "hotline" it straight to the floor of the chamber where it could pass without a vote while no one was looking. A GOP Senator called the cloakroom hours before the bill was to reach the floor and put a hold on it.

The Administration has been eyeing the mounting tension with concern. "It's very dangerous because at the moment you have both in China this deeply nationalist, insecure, fear-ambition-arrogance thing going on," says a senior Administration official, "and you have a bunch of Americans who are scared and angry and feel it's all unfair."

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

27 of 50 States Now Challenging Constitutionality of Obamacare in Court
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

( - More than half of the states—27 out of 50—are now challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare in federal court.

Maine Atty. Gen. William Schneider
Atty. Gen. William Schneider of Maine announced that his state has joined a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)
Six additional states--Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming--petitioned in federal court on Tuesday to join Florida’s law suit challenging the constitutionality of the health care law President Barack Obama signed last March.

 Nineteen states had previously joined with Florida in this suit, making the total number of states that are now a party to the suit 26.

Virginia, which has filed its own lawsuit against Obamacare, is the 27th state challenging the constitutionality of the health-care law in federal court. (A complete list of all 27 states appears at the bottom of this story.)

Florida’s suit challenges the constitutionality of Obamacare on two grounds, arguing that the law’s mandate that individuals must buy health insurance exceeds the legitimate power granted to the federal government to regulate interstate commerce under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and also that the mandates the law imposes on state governments to expand their Medicaid programs violates the 10th Amendment, which limits the federal government to the powers delegated to it by the Constitution.

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What’s Good for G.M. Is Good For Homeowners

We have been fully conditioned by now to expect that the rich and powerful will get the biggest slice of whatever pie is being served, while those less fortunate — and less well connected — will get the crumbs. But it still rankles when we witness time and time again how big corporations get deals the little guy can only dream about, especially when a little creative thinking could alter the status quo.

Take for instance the incongruity between what banks (and other creditors) are willing to do to allow troubled companies to avoid paying back money that should never have been borrowed in the first place versus what banks are willing to do for distressed homeowners who can no longer afford to make their mortgage payments. Why are banks willing to wipe out billions of dollars of the principal on loans made to corporations but — in most cases — give financially strapped homeowners the binary choice of either making the contractually agreed-upon monthly mortgage payments or face foreclosure and the loss of their home? Why do banks have a willingness to negotiate with corporate debtors but have shown only extreme reluctance to modify mortgages for struggling homeowners?

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Blackwater Founder Said to Back Mercenaries

WASHINGTON — Erik Prince, the founder of the international security giant Blackwater Worldwide, is backing an effort by a controversial South African mercenary firm to insert itself into Somalia’s bloody civil war by protecting government leaders, training Somali troops, and battling pirates and Islamic militants there, according to American and Western officials.

The disclosure comes as Mr. Prince sells off his interest in the company he built into a behemoth with billions of dollars in American government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, work that mired him in lawsuits and investigations amid reports of reckless behavior by his operatives, including causing the deaths of civilians in Iraq. His efforts to wade into the chaos of Somalia appear to be Mr. Prince’s latest endeavor to remain at the center of a campaign against Islamic radicalism in some of the world’s most war-ravaged corners. Mr. Prince moved to the United Arab Emirates late last year.

With its barely functional government and a fierce hostility to foreign armies since the hasty American withdrawal from Mogadishu in the early 1990s, Somalia is a country where Western militaries have long feared to tread. The Somali government has been cornered in a small patch of Mogadishu by the Shabab, a Somali militant group with ties to Al Qaeda.

This, along with the growing menace of piracy off Somalia’s shores, has created an opportunity for private security companies like the South African firm Saracen International to fill the security vacuum created by years of civil war. It is another illustration of how private security firms are playing a bigger role in wars around the world, with some governments seeing them as a way to supplement overtaxed armies, while others complain that they are unaccountable.

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Franklin Graham: Spirit of Anti-Christ Is Everywhere

By David A. Patten

The Rev. Franklin Graham says just mentioning the name Jesus Christ in the public square is increasingly frowned upon and warns: "The spirit of anti-Christ is everywhere."

The Samaritan’s Purse founder and son of beloved evangelist Dr. Billy Graham voiced his dismay at the rapid secularization of society Franklin, Graham, Jesus, Christ, spirit,anti-Christduring a Tuesday chapel service at John Brown University, a private Christian university based in Siloam Springs, Ark.

Graham, who was banned from a Pentagon national day of Prayer event last year for expressing his opinions about Islam, told students: “Even in our government today, you can't pray to Jesus in many public meetings. You can pray to God or a god. You can mention Buddha or the name of Muhammad -- but you can't pray to Jesus Christ.”

The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association criticized the recent memorial service for the Tucson shooting victims.

Unlike the memorials held after the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11, he said, the Tucson program did not include an official prayer or mention of God. Graham noted gratefully, however, that President Barack Obama did quote scripture from the biblical book of Job.

The one religious dedication on the program came from a member of the Pascua Yaqui tribe, who delivered a peroration that among other things called out to “"Father Sky, where we get our masculine energy" and "Mother Earth, where we get our feminine energy.”

Earlier this week, Graham penned an op-ed in the Washington Times saying it was “a shame” that the University of Arizona had failed to put God anywhere on its program.

“How sad,” the Graham op-ed stated. “Father Sky and Mother Earth can do nothing to comfort Capt. Mark Kelly, who had been at the bedside of his wife, Rep. Giffords, wondering if she'd ever leave her bed. Or Mary Stoddard, who was only alive because her husband sacrificed his life by shielding her with his body. Or the family, classmates, teammates and friends of little Christina, whose life was snuffed out before she could play another season of Little League.”

Graham told the university students what was missing from the memorial: “There was no call for God to put His loving arms around those who were hurting,” said Graham. "Why did they leave him out? They scoff at the name of Jesus Christ."

Graham predicted the persecution of Christians will get worse in coming years, and he encouraged students to use the new media and the Internet to spread the gospel.

"I'm going to build an army of young people," Graham said, according to "We're going to find out how do you infiltrate every language of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do it on the Internet."

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Ron Paul: Gun control push after Tucson massacre is ‘despicable’
By Sahil Kapur
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 -- 9:00 am
'Guns and violence are a fact of life,' Texas Rep. insists
ronpaulupclose Ron Paul: Gun control push after Tucson massacre is despicableTexas Republican Rep. Ron Paul assailed as "nonsensical" the recent attempts at stiffening gun control laws in the aftermath of the shooting rampage in Arizona that killed six and left thirteen injured

In an op-ed for The Hill published Monday, Paul sharply denounced the violence in Tucson last Saturday, but said that "some have attempted to use this tragedy to discredit philosophical adversaries or score political points. This sort of opportunism is simply despicable."

Members of both parties, in response to the shootings that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) critically wounded, have introduced legislation that would outlaw the selling of high-capacity ammunition magazines, close the "gun show loophole," and people from carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of lawmakers.

"This always seems to be the knee jerk reaction to any crime committed with a gun," Paul wrote. "Nonsensical proposals to outlaw guns around federal officials and install bulletproof barriers in the congressional gallery only reinforce the growing perception that politicians view their own lives as far more important than the lives of ordinary citizens."

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Dangerous Anti-government Revolutionaries

Milo Nickels
Activist Post
January 19, 2011
Anti-government sentiment is not cause for fear, a sign of insanity, or a precursor of tragedy.  Quite the contrary.  Anti-government sentiment signifies attentiveness, understanding, and a love of liberty.  If you truly value freedom, then you absolutely must distrust and despise government with every fiber of your being.  Why?  Government has no ability, whatsoever, to give freedom to anyone.  Government can only take freedoms away.  Our founding fathers fully understood this fundamental truth.  They did not view government as a potential source of good, but as a necessary evil.  Although they understood that limited government would be necessary to protect individual citizens from each other, they also understood that the Constitution would be necessary to protect all citizens from the government.  Our founding fathers knew that if they did not restrain the government with the constitution, then nothing would stop it from taking all of our liberties away.  This is simply the nature of the beast.
Our founding fathers did not view government as a potential source of good, but as a necessary evil.
Many people mistakenly believe that the first Amendment grants us freedom of speech.  This is dead wrong.  The first amendment tells the government that they are not allowed to take that freedom away.  Many people mistakenly believe that the second amendment exists only to protect hunters so that they can feed their families.  They are dead wrong once again.  Our founding fathers expected our government to overstep its bounds, and the second amendment was intended to be our insurance policy to rise against those encroachments.  The second amendment is a direct extension of the Declaration of Independence where it states:
…to secure [our unalienable] rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…
How do we abolish a government without arms?  Our founding fathers were not liberal, government-loving, boot-lickers; they were revolutionaries.  They completely and necessarily distrusted the government and hated tyranny.  They expected that government would always try to steal freedom, and they expected people to rise up against the government whenever that happens.  Indeed, our government was founded on the expectation that it couldn’t be trusted.
Look at where we are now.  Our government wants to pass laws where we can’t speak out against it, wants to limit our second amendment rights, and they use the mainstream media to convince the masses that hating the government makes people crazy.  If our founding fathers were alive today, they would be labeled as dangerous, extremist threats to our national security.

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U.S. economy, inflation, China, euro, gold

Recorded January 14, 2011

Schiff Report Video Blog Jan. 14th 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

China's President: Dump Dollar for Yuan as Global Currency
By Greg Brown
On the eve of a U.S. visit, Chinese President Hu Jintao made the boldest statement yet on the future of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, calling the current global monetary exchange system “a product of the past” while promoting his own country’s currency as a replacement.

In written answers to questions from U.S. media, Hu roundly criticized the U.S. Federal Reserve for unleashing a wave of dollars into the world, prompting sharply rising inflation in places like China and India.

He also rejected the common U.S. complaint that China holds the value of the yuan artificially low to promote exports to support its own rise.

He called on changes to the currency reserve system in place today "to fully reflect the changing status of developing countries in the world economy and finance," reported The Wall Street Journal.

As to the Fed, Hu said that an increased supply of U.S. dollars "has a major impact on global liquidity and capital flows and therefore, the liquidity of the U.S. dollar should be kept at a reasonable and stable level."

The Chinese leader went so far as to suggest an overhaul of the monetary regime in place since the Bretton Woods accord at the end of World War II, creating instead system that is more "fair, just, inclusive and well-managed."

Hu’s stance is a dangerous one to both the United States and to China, considering that a wholesale move by major foreign holders out of U.S. dollar investments would destroy trillions in their foreign reserves while thumping the U.S. economy with much higher borrowing costs.

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Financial trends of the new American economy – Higher educated workforce with harder time finding and keeping jobs, median retirement account for Americans at $2,000, global stock market growth, and housing bust covering up inflation in other areas.

The Great Recession is revealing some fundamental challenges in our economy.  One of those challenges revolves around the exceedingly expensive college degree and its ability to translate into employment.  As a percent many more American’s have a bachelor’s degree today than say in 1992 yet unemployment for college educated Americans is at modern record highs.  Another profound challenge facing American families is retirement savings (or lack thereof which is more likely the case).  Retirement is largely becoming a luxury that only a handful of families can count on.  As we look back at the last decade not all global stock markets were created equal and this is evident when we compare the US stock market to those abroad.  Finally we will examine what areas are seeing major price increases all the while overall inflation appears to be muted to average Americans.

College educated rise but less employment
college degree level
Source:  BLS
In 1992 27 percent of those employed and 25 years of age or older had a bachelor’s degree or higher.  Today that figure is up to 36 percent.  However back in 1992 during another recessionary time those with bachelor’s degrees or higher had an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent while today it is up inching closer to 5.5 percent.
“In other words as a nation our employed workforce is more educated but it is also having a harder time gaining or maintaining employment.  At the same time college costs have far outpaced the overall inflation rate.”
This may seem counterintuitive because in terms of career aspiration a college degree is less likely today to secure you a job compared to 1992 but it is much more expensive in real terms.  So what are you really paying for?  Of course college is not merely a means to a job but a place where students develop into well rounded citizens.  Yet many for-profit institutions sell themselves as job factories and are all the willing to take federal financial aid without any statistics to back up their career placement rates.

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Rockefeller Owned: Chileans tell him he will fail

January 17, 2011

Together with his good-old friend Agustin Edwards Eastman, Mr. Rockefeller takes a quick vacation almost every year in the south of Chile. Both are well known for working with the CIA during the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende and manipulating public opinion through a newspaper called “El Mercurio”. Edwards is also known for being a descendant of (Chilean elitist) Agustín Edwards McClure, who served as President of the League of Nations from 1922-23 and also ran El Mercurio.


David Rockefeller admits that he's a traitor to the United States

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ex-banker says he's giving Wikileaks files on rich

LONDON – A former Swiss banker on Monday supplied documents to WikiLeaks that he alleges detail attempts by wealthy business leaders and lawmakers to evade tax payments.
Rudolf Elmer, an ex-employee of Swiss-based Bank Julius Baer, said there were 2,000 account holders named in the documents, but refused to give details of the companies or individuals involved.
He has previously offered files to WikiLeaks on financial activities in the Cayman Islands and faces a court hearing in Zurich on Wednesday to answer charges of coercion and violating Switzerland's strict banking secrecy laws.
"I do think as a banker I have the right to stand up if something is wrong," said Elmer, who addressed reporters at London's Frontline Club alongside WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
"I am against the system. I know how the system works and I know the day-to-day business. From that point of view, I wanted to let society know what I know. It is damaging our society," Elmer said.
Assange praised the ex-banker's attempts to expose alleged shady practices in the financial industry. He was making a rare public appearance since he was released on bail on Dec. 16 following his arrest on a Swedish extradition warrant.

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US Senate ratification of New START treaty keeps US-Russia 'reset' on track

Moscow – An almost audible sigh of relief arose in Moscow after the US Senate ratified the New START nuclear arms control accord Wednesday. The vote ends weeks of nail-biting uncertainty and ensures that President Obama's shaky "reset" of US-Russia relations remains on track, at least for now.
President Dmitry Medvedev, currently on a state visit to India, used Twitter to inform the world that he was "pleased" at news of the unexpected bipartisan Senate vote of 71-26, and "expressed the hope" that Russia's parliament would move swiftly to ratify the treaty.
START debate: 3 things nuclear arms treaty would do, 3 things it won't
Within hours of Mr. Medvedev's tweet, the speaker of Russia's State Duma, Boris Gryzlov, announced that parliamentarians would likely ratify the document Friday – as long as the US Senate hasn't inserted any tricky new language into the text.
"There is information that the resolution contains several conditions," Mr. Gryzlov said Thursday. "Unless the conditions concern the wording of the treaty, we may ratify the treaty tomorrow."
The New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) mandate of roughly 30 percent cuts to Russia and US nuclear arsenals is generally conceded to be quite modest – considering that the two former rivals still possess more than 95 percent of the world's atomic weapons – but the political symbolism of the deal is intense. Mr. Obama chose to make strategic arms talks the centerpiece of his calculated "reset" of relations with Russia and any failure to finalize the deal might have plunged the two sides into an instant cold bath.
"We have been asking, 'Is the cold war really over?' The ratification of this treaty tells us, 'Yes, it's over,' " says Viktor Kremeniuk, deputy director of the official Institute of USA-Canada Studies in Moscow. "Clearly we agree that in future we must find the ways to act together. The main question now on the agenda is, what do we do next?"
But the way forward isn't so clear. Most analysts agree there is no more scope for cutting strategic nuclear arsenals, so New START is likely to be the last of its kind for at least a decade. The Russians, in particular, are almost totally dependent on their Soviet-era deterrent of aging intercontinental missiles for external security – as well as their claim to great power status – and would be extremely reluctant to slash beyond the 1,550 nuclear warheads mandated for each side by the new accord.

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Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

David Gutierrez
Natural News
Jan 17, 2011

Bill Gates is promoting a plan to use wireless technology to register every newborn on the planet in a vaccine database.

In a keynote address to the mHealth Summit, which focuses on using mobile technology to improve health care, Gates said that improving survival rates among children under the age of 5 would benefit not just individual families, but societies and the planet as a whole.

“The key thing, the most important fact that people should know and make sure other people know: As you savechildrenunder 5, that is the thing that reducespopulationgrowth,” he said. “That sounds paradoxical. The fact is that within a decade of improving health outcomes,parentsdecide to have less children.”
The number of children who die before their fifth birthday has already dropped from 20 million in 1960 to 8.5 million today, a statistic Gates attributes mostly tovaccination.

“About one-third [of that improvement] is by increasing income,” Gates said. “The majority has been throughvaccines. Vaccines will be the key. If you could register every birth on acell phone– get fingerprints, get a location — then you could [set up] systems to make sure the immunizations happen.”

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