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Electronic Pickpocketing
Scott Noll
10:03 a.m. CST, December 3, 2010

It's new technology being used in credit and debit cards, and it's already leaving nearly 140 million people at-risk for electronic pickpocketing.


It all centers around radio frequency identification technology, or RFID.

You'll find it in everything from your passports to credit and debit cards.

It's supposed to make paying for things faster and easier.

You just wave the card, and you've paid.

But now some worry it's also making life easier for crooks trying to rip you off.

In a crowd, Walt Augustinowicz blends right in.

And that's the problem.

"If I'm walking through a crowd, I get near people's back pocket and their wallet, I just need to be this close to it and there's my credit card and expiration date on the screen," says Augustinowicz demonstrating how easily cards containing RFID can be hacked.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

U.S. warned people to avoid mystery missile zone

Officials refuse to explain launch warning where contrail filmed

Posted: December 01, 2010
8:56 pm Eastern

By F. Michael Maloof
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Contrail was recorded in this image by KCBS-KCAL in California
The Department of Defense is slamming the door on questions about the mysterious contrail filmed Nov. 8 by a KCBS television crew near Los Angeles after questions were raised about a warning from the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency that there could be missiles fired in that area at that time.
The official government position has been that the contrail, which appears to have been made by a single source, was from a jet passing by.
And the refusal to provide answers to specific questions suggests a cover-up of potential secret missile testing in the area – contrary to official jet contrail explanation.
For weeks, experts have examined the billowing plume and the single-source white-hot exhaust which they contend was from a missile, not a jet.
It was in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin intelligence report where the story was broken that several experts who examined the video of the mysterious contrail confirmed it was not from a jet but a missile.
The experts who examined the video have had extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems for various sensitive agencies of the U.S. government.

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Republicans Move to Block Ron Paul from Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chair

Kurt Nimmo
December 3, 2010

Ron Paul will not head up the House’s monetary policy subcommittee if John Boehner has anything to say about it.

“Five GOP leadership aides, speaking anonymously because a decision isn’t final, say incoming House Speaker John Boehner has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to keep him on a tight leash if he does,” reports

Bloomberg. “If Boehner, who will help determine who gets to chair subcommittees as early as Dec. 8, rejects Paul, he may have to contend with thousands of grassroots supporters and dozens of younger lawmakers who see Paul as a hero.”

Boehner and the establishment Republicans rode to victory last month on the shoulders of the Tea Party movement. Prior to the election, Tea Party activists in Maine, Colorado, and Utah focused on abolishing the Federal Reserve.

Some predicted that if Republicans were to sweep the House they would become much more confrontational with the Federal Reserve. “The popularity of Tea Party candidates in U.S. elections could spell renewed efforts to curtail the power and independence of the Federal Reserve, which has been cast as an emblem of big government overreach,” Reuters reported in late October.

Many establishment Republicans agree with senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who insists the Tea Party and its vision of less government has no long-term vision or prospects for political viability.
Instead of dismantling the Federal Reserve, establishment Republicans have called for reforming the private bankster cartel masquerading as a government agency supposedly answerable to the American people.
On Tuesday, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn. and Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind. called for Congress to change the Fed’s “dual mandate” now requiring it to promote both price stability and full employment and instead focus on keeping inflation low and not worrying about reducing unemployment.

“It is time that we work to clarify the mandate of the Federal Reserve,” said Corker, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, in a statement announcing his support for the change. “Providing our central bank with a clear and explicit focus on keeping inflation low will serve America better than the broader mandate approach we have today,” the National Journal reports.

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Jobless rate jump casts cloud on recovery

Nonfarm payrolls rose 39,000, with private hiring gaining only 50,000, just a third of what economists had expected, a Labor Department report showed on Friday. The unemployment rate jumped to 9.8 percent from 9.6 percent in October.

The weak report was a surprise given the relative strength of some other recent economic signals, including robust retail sales. Economists had expected 140,000 new jobs and a steady unemployment rate.
While the data raised a warning flag, many analysts cautioned against reading too much into it.

"The report comes as an unwelcome bucket of cold water," said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts. "We're reluctant to take it at face value and suspect that it is an outlier -- on the downside -- but it does underline that the recovery remains a gradual one."

Stock market investors also appeared to be in disagreement with the weak hiring number, and U.S. shares closed marginally higher. Prices for long-dated U.S. government debt fell while the dollar dropped across the board.

A separate report from the Institute for Supply Management showed service sector activity rose in November, with a gauge of hiring reaching its highest level since October 2007, before the economy tumbled into recession.

Payrolls for September and October were revised to show 38,000 more jobs were gained in those months than previously estimated, taking some sting out of the report. Some economists said November's data was likely distorted by the way it was adjusted for seasonal fluctuations and said they expected a snap back in December.

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The con of the century – Federal Reserve made $9 trillion in short-term loans to only 18 financial institutions. Since 2000 the US dollar has fallen by 33 percent. The hidden cost of the bailouts.

Posted by

The Federal Reserve released a stunning report showing the details of bailouts that occurred during the peak of the credit crisis.  They won’t call it “bailouts” but giving money when others won’t is exactly that. 

What the report shows is that the Fed operated as a global pawnshop taking in practically anything the banks had for collateral.  What is even more disturbing is that the Federal Reserve did not enact any punitive charges to these borrowers so you had banks like Goldman Sachs utilizing the crisis to siphon off cheap collateral.

  The Fed is quick to point out that “taxpayers were fully protected” but mention little of the destruction they have caused to the US dollar.  This is a hidden cost to Americans and it also didn’t help that they were the fuel that set off the biggest global housing bubble ever witnessed by humanity.

A total of $9 trillion in short-term loans were made to 18 financial institutions.  Still think the banking bailout didn’t happen or cost us nothing?  Let us first look at the explosion of assets on the Fed balance sheet.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Government Files on Citizens Safe?

Government files on citizens safe? from The John Birch Society on Vimeo.

Government files on citizens safe? Don’t think so. And, the three major powers are linked together toward a New World Order.


Ron Paul: US “Counterfeit Machine” Will Lead To Political, Social Chaos

Congressman, analysts warn that deficit must be reduced now or globalist sharks will tear America to pieces
Ron Paul: US Counterfeit Machine Will Lead To Political, Social Chaos 021210RP
Steve Watson
Thursday, Dec 2nd, 2010

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, active member of the Committee on Financial Services, appeared on MSNBC today and issued a stark warning to viewers regarding the continuing debt crisis: reduce the deficit now or face mass political and social chaos.

The Congressman began by acknowledging that the country is waking up to the fact that continued spending and an increasing deficit is unsustainable, but noted that this awakening has come “out of desperation” and there is still a long way to go before solutions can be put into place.

The Congressman told Morning Joe that he is “heartened” to see that the Debt Commission is considering his proposal to cut military spending.

However, Paul noted that he remains unconvinced, stating that there is a “need to change the policy, you can’t quit one weapons system and think that’s a solution if you still want to be policemen of the world.”

While making it clear that he does not see welfare spending as a long term solution, the Congressman suggested taking $10 billion that is earmarked for building more foreign embassies and bases and putting half of it into medical or unemployment benefits “to tide us over”, while using the remaining $5 billion “against the deficit.”

Earlier this week, the Congressman emphasized in a commentary piece that Congress should refuse to raise the debt ceiling, a vote that will likely take place early next year, noting that it would act as a litmus test for the new Republican controlled House.

Paul wrote that “You will know that Congress, despite the rhetoric of the midterm elections, is doing business as usual.” if they vote to raise the debt ceiling.

The Congressman elaborated on this issue in today’s interview.

“If the Fed couldn’t monetize debt and the debt limit couldn’t be increased, [Congress] would say oh my goodness, we’re going to have to change policies, maybe we shouldn’t be the policemen of the world, maybe we shouldn’t be the endless welfare state, and it will come to an end.” The Congressman said.

“And when it ends with the dollar crisis, everybody loses… then there’s political chaos. We’re not immune to that. This idea that we won’t suffer the same consequences of other nations…right now we bail out everybody!..But it all depends on trust in the dollar.” he added.

“One day people will wake up and say ‘why are we trusting this counterfeit machine.’ We’re the biggest counterfeit machine in the history of the world.”

MSNBC’s Jim Cramer re-emphasized the Congressman’s points by noting that if something is not done now to reduce the deficit, the consequences could be irreversible.

“This is too close, this is not thirty or forty years if we don’t do something, this is ten years. It’s way too close and we have got to reach some agreement.” Cramer said.

“IMF comes here if we don’t do this deficit reduction.” Cramer added. “The IMF is really pretty powerful, and you don’t want them in your country. But that’s who comes in when you can’t pay your debts.” the analyst warned.

Ron Paul added that he has spent a long time warning that we are dumping huge amounts of debt on our children and our grandchildren, but “I don’ t think that’s true anymore, it’s here, we’re in the midst of the crisis.”

Watch the full interview:

Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor at Alex Jones’, and regular contributor to He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.


Mark Matheny
December 2, 2010




Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inside Story - Modernising China's military

AlJazeeraEnglish | August 16, 2010
On this episode of Inside Story, we ask if China is attempting to become a major global military power and whether following the example of the US military would help it to achieve this.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Despite massive protests, US Senate passes S 510 Food Safety Bill

Mike Adams
November 30, 2010

The new Food Tyranny Act — called the “Food Safety Modernization Act” in the U.S. Senate — has been passed by the senate today. It would give the FDA vast ew powers to criminalize and imprison farmers and food producers while doing absolutely nothing to address to real root of the food contamination problem: Factory animal farm operations (which are regulated under the USDA, not the FDA).

The bill passed 73 to 25, with Sen Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) emerging as the greatest “voice of reason” in the debate. His last-ditch amendment to reduce the scale of the bill was defeated this morning.
Here’s the official vote record:…
Notably, there wasn’t a single Democrat who opposed the bill.

This bill, as originally written, would have outlawed most nutritional supplements through “harmonization” with European laws. It also would have authorized ten-year prison sentences for farmers selling raw milk to their neighbors. Both of those provisions were eventually stripped out of the bill thanks to some last-minute amendments, but it gives you an idea of the outright police state mentality of the original bill authors who attempted to put in place complete government control over food, gardens, raw milk and more.

To give you an idea of how clueless U.S. Senators are about food, the New York Times is reporting that when Senate staff members met to discuss this bill, they would eat Starburst candies and jellybeans. As the NYT reports, “In the midst of negotiations, the negotiators — nearly all women — took a field trip to a nearby food market so that a Republican staff member could teach the Democrats how to buy high-quality steaks.”

So what we have here is a new food tyranny law that was essentially negotiated by a group of women who eat dead foods, animals products and candy.

No wonder they still don’t get it. The contamination of lettuce and other fresh produce is caused by factory animals farms, not by produce farms. (E.coli can only thrive in the digestive tracts of animals, not plants.)
The “small farms” exclusion will soon be meaningless

The Tester Amendment of the bill did manage to exclude some smaller farmers from the more tyrannical provisions of the bill. As currently stated, this would exclude small farms that sell less than $500,000 worth of food and which sell most of their food locally.

However, Senators failed to consider what’s going to happen when the Federal Reserve keeps printing counterfeit money, devaluing the dollar and causing massive food price inflation. A farm that right now produces merely $100,000 worth of food (which could be a small, two-person farm) will soon find itself producing $500,000 worth of food (or more) due to the rapidly falling value of the U.S. dollar.

This is how the Federal Reserve’s money counterfeiting actions will further destroy America and place small family farms under the tyranny of the FDA.

GOP Blocks One-Year Unemployment Extension, Wants Spending-Cut Offsets
November 30, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

On Tuesday afternoon, Democrats called on the Senate to pass the Unemployment Insurance Stabilization Act under the expedited unanimous consent procedure. As expected, Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA], acting on behalf of all Republicans, objected and will force a full-fledged debate on the issue that will likely last several weeks and be rolled together with unrelated tax issues. Federal unemployment benefits expire today for millions of long-term unemployed workers.
The bill Democrats tried to pass today would extend federal unemployment benefits until January 3, 2012. Because its costs (approx. $54 billion) are not offset, there was never much of a chance that the Republicans would allow the bill to go through so easily. Republicans have repeatedly said they want to pay for unemployment benefits with corresponding spending cuts (something that’s never been done) before they’ll vote for it, and because the Democrats don’t have a filibuster-proof majority they have a god deal of leverage for enforcing their position.
Immediately after objecting to unanimous consent, Sen. Brown turned the table and called for unanimous-consent passage of a one-year unemployment extension that is fully paid for by rescinding unspent non-security appropriations. Democrats objected.

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S. 510: A Clear and Present Danger

Mark Matheny
November 30, 2010

These videos explain some of the dangers behind S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act which has now passed in the Senate "Lame Duck" session.

 San­dra Eskin of the Pew Char­i­ta­ble Trusts talks about the food safe­ty prob­lems ad­dressed by S. 510: Food Safe­ty Mod­ern­iza­tion Act


US Senate Votes to End Food Freedom! PUSH BACK Moves to the House!
November 30, 2010

The US Senate just passed S.510 voting 73 to 26 to end food freedom – now the action moves on to the House where the NY Times reports the “lame-duck” House “leadership” will try for quick approval.
100 people a minute are emailing their Congresspeople to tell them “No! to S.510!” — through our system; please do so often!
Action Item:
More info here:
Thank you!
Health Freedom USA

11/29/2010 Peter Schiff: DOLLAR DECLINE: China And Russia Drop Dollar


November 29, 2010

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Zonolite; a Lurking Killer among Homes and Businesses

By Amanda Doherty
November 30, 2010

Many homes across the nation are insulated with zonolite, which contains lethal asbestos-tainted vermiculite. Zonolite insulation can destroy or end the lives of the residents in America. Millions of people have been or are exposed to Zonolite insulation that is in homes or businesses. The government knows about the lethal asbestos that lurks around causing millions to have lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other lung disorders. Ultimately it is generally the older homes and businesses that contain this type of insulation. Miners generally are the ones who are more prone to being exposed to asbestos and some construction workers. Asbestos is the general term for a group of minerals exhibiting characteristics long, thin fibers that separate from each other (Zonolite Insulation and Asbestos Lung Diseases, n.d). Since the government has failed to let Americans know about the deadly asbestos.

“The Government has steadfastly refused even to issue widespread warnings to the public about the dangers of a product that became a popular insulation in the 1940’s and continued to be installed in U.S. homes through the 1990’s. The tale of this confirmed killer includes political intrigue, White House intervention, industry meddling and failure of three Environmental Agency administrators to act on their promises” (Schneider, 2010).

Children are usually more prone to getting the asbestos-contaminated dust into their lungs. because they spend their time playing on the floor with ornaments toys, and other non play items that has come from the attic. The exposure is usually the highest around the holiday season, because of the decorations sitting and collecting the dust year round.

“70 percent of the worlds Vermiculite have come from the Grace Mine about six miles from Libby Montana. Geologists say almost all of it has been heavily contaminated with an exceptionally virulent type of cancer-causing asbestos” (Schneider, 2010).

There is a tremendous amount of information the government has kept from the citizens that is harmful to everyone. Most likely the information has not been leaked out by anyone linked to the government due to the fact they may be afraid to notify the public of the situation. As long as the public is unaware, the government can continue keep it a secret.

Many of the colleagues from the Environment Protection agency (EPA) have worked closely with victims of Vermiculite and their survivors. The EPA and other Governmental Scientists collected more evidence than they wanted showing that exposure to the asbestos in the insulation can trigger a 20 year or longer path to eventual disease and death for those who disturb and then breathe in the cancer-causing fibers” (Schneider, 2010).

If you may think zonolite or any other vermiculite insulation maybe in your home or business leave it alone. Scientist say as long it is completely undisturbed and is not releasing fibers in to the air it is not harmful. However the slightest disruption will send a cloud of invisible asbestos into the air and, some authorities say the inhalation of a single fiber from the mines in Libby Montana, can fester into cancer (Schneider, 2010).
This is just another killer among many others that the government does not want us to know about!

Schneider. A, (2010). Government Refuses to Act on Cancer Causing Insulation. Retrieved November 30, 2010 from

Zonolite Insulation and Asbestos living Diseases, (n.d). Retrieved November 30, 2010 from

Russia Positions Warheads Near NATO Allies, Fueling U.S. Concern

Mark Matheny
November 30, 2010

This is Mark Matheny with a WE'RE HIT!!! TELEVISION news update

The U.S. believes Russia has moved short-range tactical nuclear warheads to facilities near North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies as recently as this spring, U.S. officials say, adding to questions in Congress about Russian compliance with long-standing pledges ahead of a possible vote on a new arms-control treaty.
U.S. officials say the movement of warheads to facilities bordering NATO allies appeared to run counter to pledges made by Moscow starting in 1991 to pull tactical nuclear weapons back from frontier posts and to reduce their numbers. The U.S. has long voiced concerns about Russia's lack of transparency when it comes to its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, believed to be many times the number possessed by the U.S. - Wall Street Journal

This information comes forth at a time when Russia and China have been building relations between their two countries, including a decision to dump the U.S. Dollar in favor of bilateral trade.

Also we have had a disturbing missile sighting off the coast of California recently, in what some experts believe is a show of force coming from China, and directed at the U.S. In protest to the latest QE2 measures taken by the Fed under the guise of strengthening the economy, because China claims it drives up its export prices.

It looks as though the plan coming from the IMF and world leaders to collapse the U.S. Currency in favor of a World Currency, is slowly running its course.

The Washington Times noted on Oct 7 2009, that both China and Russia expressed their belief that a new 'global supercurrency' similar to, but larger than the Euro should replace the U.S. Federal Reserve Note as the world's reserve currency.

In Jeffrey Grupp's book, Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order, he states

"There is a very interesting repeating pattern within the business cycle over the past 100 years: there are repeated stock market crashes, and while the market is down, a false flag terrorist event occurs, and then a war follows, and often a plague accompanies the war. This is a pattern repeated through history"

The most recent pattern has followed closely to Mr. Grupps' hypothesis only in a slightly different order.

In 2001, the United States experienced a False Flag on September 11, followed by an economic recession in 2007 and still ongoing into what looks like total collapse.

Two out of the four steps in Jeffrey Grupps hypothesis have now come to pass, with war and plague being the only stages left.

It looks as though the Start Treaties beginning with Kennedy and followed by Reagan, and other
Presidents upto and including Obama are measures taken to weaken America's defenses setting the stage for Jeffrey Grupps' four stage hypothesis: War . Will that war be the U.S. Against China and Russia?

Which makes one also wonder if the coffins ordered by FEMA, and the mass buildup of vaccines to fight bird flu are in preparation for the last stage of plague that is left to come.

Let's hope he's wrong.....

This is Mark Matheny reporting for WE"RE HIT!!! TELEVISION




Monday, November 29, 2010

Report warns Obama about 'new' Dark Ages

'Airplanes would fall from sky, cars would stop, networks fail'

Posted: November 28, 2010
6:09 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Two national-security experts have issued a report through the Heritage Foundation that warns Obama administration officials to start working now to prevent – and mitigate the damage from – an electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States because of the potential for "unimaginable devastation."

"Not even a global humanitarian effort would be enough to keep hundreds of millions of Americans from death by starvation, exposure, or lack of medicine. Nor would the catastrophe stop at U.S. borders. Most of Canada would be devastated, too, as its infrastructure is integrated with the U.S. power grid. Much of the world's intellectual brain power (half of it is in the United States) would be lost as well. Earth would most likely recede into the 'new' Dark Ages," states the report by James J. Carafano, the deputy director of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies and director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, and Richard Weitz, senior fellow and director of the Center for Politial-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute.

The report, which is described by the Heritage Foundation as a "backgrounder," is titled "EMP Attacks – What the U.S. Must Do Now" and was released just days ago, says what is needed right now is for the government to "prevent the threat," by pursuing "an aggressive protect-and-defend strategy, including comprehensive missile defense; modernizing the U.S. nuclear deterrent; and adopting proactive nonproliferation and counterproliferation measures."

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

6 Reasons To Start World War III If You Are A Globalist

Activist Post

The average person can barely imagine why World War III would be anything but a civilization-ending event.  And, yet, we have heard Neocons ramping up rhetoric that suggests a new world war would be a viable option to correct a dying dollar and economy.  Or, perhaps it is simply a sound investment if you are a Globalist.

RAND Corporation documents point to a desire for total war abroad and at home.  The recent reactivation of North and South Korea tensions could be a potential catalyst in an East-West World War scenario possibly involving nukes.  However, the next World War doesn't necessarily need to be a conflagration; it could be a steady, slow, coldly calculated design to plunge the globe into austerity and totalitarian control through regulations such as those proposed by Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21.

So, if one puts on the thinking cap of a sociopath, one might find the following 6 reasons are perfect to start World War III, by nukes or by stealth, and further the agenda of world governance.
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Found-Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama

Patriot Freedom
By Jim Kelly

Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama
Here is the full text of John L. Perry's column on Newsmax which suggests that a military coup to "resolve the Obama problem" is becoming more possible and is not "unrealistic." Perry also writes that a coup, while not "ideal," may be preferable to "Obama's radical ideal" -- and would "restore and defend the Constitution." Newsmax has since removed the column from its website.
Obama Risks a Domestic Military Intervention
By: John L. Perry
There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the "Obama problem." Don't dismiss it as unrealistic.
America isn't the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. That it has never happened doesn't mean it wont. Describing what may be afoot is not to advocate it. So, view the following through military eyes:
# Officers swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Unlike enlisted personnel, they do not swear to "obey the orders of the president of the United States."
# Top military officers can see the Constitution they are sworn to defend being trampled as American institutions and enterprises are nationalized.
# They can see that Americans are increasingly alarmed that this nation, under President Barack Obama, may not even be recognizable as America by the 2012 election, in which he will surely seek continuation in office.
# They can see that the economy -- ravaged by deficits, taxes, unemployment, and impending inflation -- is financially reliant on foreign lender governments.
# They can see this president waging undeclared war on the intelligence community, without whose rigorous and independent functions the armed services are rendered blind in an ever-more hostile world overseas and at home.
# They can see the dismantling of defenses against missiles targeted at this nation by avowed enemies, even as America's troop strength is allowed to sag.
# They can see the horror of major warfare erupting simultaneously in two, and possibly three, far-flung theaters before America can react in time.
# They can see the nation's safety and their own military establishments and honor placed in jeopardy as never before.
So, if you are one of those observant military professionals, what do you do?
Wait until this president bungles into losing the war in Afghanistan, and Pakistan's arsenal of nuclear bombs falls into the hands of militant Islam?
Wait until Israel is forced to launch air strikes on Iran's nuclear-bomb plants, and the Middle East explodes, destabilizing or subjugating the Free World?
What happens if the generals Obama sent to win the Afghan war are told by this president (who now says, "I'm not interested in victory") that they will be denied troops they must have to win? Do they follow orders they cannot carry out, consistent with their oath of duty? Do they resign en masse?
Or do they soldier on, hoping the 2010 congressional elections will reverse the situation? Do they dare gamble the national survival on such political whims?
Anyone who imagines that those thoughts are not weighing heavily on the intellect and conscience of America's military leadership is lost in a fool's fog.
Will the day come when patriotic general and flag officers sit down with the president, or with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a "family intervention," with some form of limited, shared responsibility?
Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.
Military intervention is what Obama's exponentially accelerating agenda for "fundamental change" toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.
Unthinkable? Then think up an alternative, non-violent solution to the Obama problem. Just don't shrug and say, "We can always worry about that later."
In the 2008 election, that was the wistful, self-indulgent, indifferent reliance on abnegation of personal responsibility that has sunk the nation into this morass.
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