Friday, April 19, 2013

FBI Ignores Questions About Drills, Other Suspects At Press Conference
April 19, 2013
It has been a quite a week — We go from a lone wolf suspect to now a dynamic duo and we are told not to look at any other photos of anyone else carrying a back pack. And definitely don’t look at the agent casing the area who we (the FBI) blurred out for part of the video. Only look at the two guys one with a grey backpack. It does not matter that we told you it was a black backpack we have an explanation for that. Just shut up and listen to the FBI we are your gods.

Welcome to Iraq and Afghanistan: Martial Law Lockdown of Boston and Surrounding Areas
April 19, 2013

Officials in Boston have imposed what is being described as a “total lockdown” as police search for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.
ABC News reports:
Across the area, as police cars screamed down streets and helicopters hovered ahead, authorities urged the public to stay inside, their doors locked to anyone but a law-enforcement officer.
“There is a massive manhunt under way,” Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said. “We are asking people to shelter in place.”
The lockdown initially affected more than 300,000 people in Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Brighton, Allston and Belmont, but by 8 a.m., the entire city of Boston was paralyzed, officials said.
Travel in the city of over 600,000 is virtually impossible. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has suspended activity. All schools and public buildings are closed. “All city employees were told to stay in place and not come to work. If they are already at work, they have been asked to stay in place,” NBC Newsreports this morning.
In Watertown, Massachusetts, State Police confirm they are conducting a door-to-door, house-to-house search. “Police will be going door by door, street by street, in and around Watertown. Police will be clearly identified. It is a fluid situation,” Dailybhaskar reports.
According to CBS News, “Shelter in place” is usually used for chemical or biological attack.
The Spectator Sport of Terrorism in Amerika!
Come one come all and witness the great police state of Amerika! Cheer on your favorite SWAT team as they hunt down the terrorist scum. Today we have new participants from the National Guard just back from the IED and terrorist laden warzones of the middle east. Set your DVR's to entertain and make some popcorn we've got a terrorist hunt ON!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Will Gold and Oil Crashes Lead to the Big One?

Mark Matheny
April 18, 2013

Mark Matheny discusses the latest in economic turmoil around the world.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

History Tells Us That A Gold Crash + An Oil Crash = Guaranteed Recession

The Economic Collapse
April 17, 2013

History Tells Us That A Gold Crash + An Oil Crash = Guaranteed RecessionIs the United States about to experience another major economic downturn?  Unfortunately, the pattern that is emerging right now is exactly the kind of pattern that you would expect to see just before a major stock market crash and a deep recession.  History tells us that when the price of gold crashes, a recession almost always follows.  History also tells us that when the price of oil crashes, a recession almost always follows.  When both of those things happen, a significant economic downturn is virtually guaranteed.  Just remember what happened back in 2008.  Gold and oil both started falling rapidly in July, and in the fall we experienced the worst financial crisis that the U.S. had seen since the days of the Great Depression.  Well, a similar pattern seems to be happening again.  The price of gold has already crashed, and the price of a barrel of WTI crude oil has dropped to $86.37 as I write this.  If the price of oil dips below $80 a barrel and stays there, that will be a major red flag.  Meanwhile, we have just seen volatility return to the financial markets in a big way.  When volatility starts to spike, that is usually a clear sign that stocks are about to go down substantially.  So buckle your seatbelts - it looks like things are about to get very, very interesting.
Posted below is a chart that shows what has happened to the price of gold since the late 1960s.  As you will notice, whenever the price of gold rises dramatically and then crashes, a recession usually follows.  It happened in 1980, it happened in 2008, and it is happening again...
The Price Of Gold
A similar pattern emerges when we look at the price of oil.  During each of the last three recessions we have seen a rapid rise in the price of oil followed by a rapid decline in the price of oil...
The Price Of Oil
That is why what is starting to happen to the price of oil is so alarming.  On Wednesday, Reuters ran a story with the following headline: "Crude Routed Anew on Relentless Demand Worries".  The price of oil has not "crashed" yet, but it is definitely starting to slip.
As you can see from the chart above, the price of oil has tested the $80 level a couple of times in the past few years.  If we get below that resistance and stay there, that will be a clear sign that trouble is ahead.

was The boston bombing a Staged Terror Attack?

Mark Matheny
April 17, 2013

It looks more and more like the attack which took place in Boston on April 15th is turning out to be a staged terror attack aimed at taking more liberties from Americans.

This information from Infowars shows compelling evidence that we are being set up by our own government and pushed toward a police state.....

Infowars : 4/17/13 - Unlike Oaklahoma City the FBI cannot confiscate all of the surveillance, cell phone, and thousands of cameras that were at the finish line of Boston Marathon. 4Chan posted dozens of photos showing Navy Seal or Private Security personnel carrying the same black back packs which are the same style backpacks showed in FBI photos. It's becoming crystal clear. Get these articles and this video out to everyone you know.
Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks? ---

Obama to Use Boston Tragedy to Destroy 2nd Amendment

Prison Planet TV
April 17,2013

Rahm Emanuel's call to "never let a serious crisis go to waste" is really going to come to the fore this week if yesterday's Boston Marathon attack is blamed on Barack Obama's political opposition, with Democratic operatives having previously urged the President to exploit terror in order to reinvigorate his presidency.
Suggestions that the bombing could have been the work of Tea Partiers or anti-tax protesters have swirled despite the fact that the only suspect being questioned in response to the attack is a Saudi national.

Numerous establishment media outlets have also savaged Alex Jones for suggesting that the federal government could have been complicit in the bombing. Jones' logic is based on a fact that the New York Times reported on last year, that many of the recent domestic terror plots in the United States "were facilitated by the F.B.I.," a history that goes back until at least 1993 when the FBI gave terrorists real explosives with which to conduct the first WTC bombing.

Showdown in the U.S. Senate as hunt for gun-control votes intensifies

Washington Times
April 17,2013

Gun control supporters scrambled Tuesday to find 60 votes to pass expanded background checks on firearms purchases, hoping to sway reluctant senators ahead of a showdown vote.

After spinning its wheels for most of the day Tuesday, the Senate set up a series of gun votes for Wednesday, including what has become the critical fight — a proposal to expand background checks to include all sales at gun shows and over the Internet, though it would exclude person-to-person private sales.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has scheduled votes on eight other amendments to underlying gun legislation, including bans on certain types of guns and magazines.
He told reporters earlier Tuesday that gun control supporters were still searching for support, but he felt they had momentum.

“Am I saying it’s all over with, done, we got the votes? No, but we certainly feel we have the wind at our back,” he said.

Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: ’2nd amendment must go’

Caroline May
Daily Caller
April 17, 2013
Actor and comedian Jay Mohr waded into the gun debate on Twitter after Monday’s deadly terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon.
“What bothers me most about today is that we’re getting used 2 it. ENOUGH. 2nd amendment must go. Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change,” the Jerry Maguire actor tweeted Monday night.

Obama Signs Law Gutting Insider Trading regulations For Congress

Mark Matheny 
April 17,2013

More corruption from the Obama Regime....,

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Boston Attack :What Does it Mean for America?

Mark Matheny
April 17, 2013

Mark Matheny discusses the recent attack at the Boston Marathon and the consequences it will have on our liberties and freedoms

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Reid: 'Anti-Gun Legislation Before the Senate’ -OOPS

Mark Matheny
April 17, 2013

It is apparent what the real agenda is coming from the mouth of Harry Reid on behalf of his gang on the Left in the White House. You can hear Reid refer to "anti-gun legislation" in this clip.

"..on the anti-gun legislation before the Senate, we're making good progress in the effort to schedule a series of votes on amendments to the anti-gun violence legislation before the Senate..."

You'll notice he cleaned up by referring to it as the "anti-gun violence legislation" in the second part of the sentence, but we know what it really is.......  ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Report Calls Evidence of U.S. Torture "Indisputable"

The New American
April 16, 2013

New Report Calls Evidence of U.S. Torture "Indisputable"
A two-year-long non-partisan study has concluded it is "indisputable" that the United States engaged in the practice of torture in the years following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The 577-page report by the Constitution Project also makes clear that the highest officials of the U.S. government were responsible. The policy is unprecedented in the United States, the report said, in "the kind of considered and detailed discussions that occurred after 9/11 directly involving a president and his top advisers on the wisdom, propriety and legality of inflicting pain and torment on some detainees in our custody."
The study, by an 11-member panel convened by the Constitution Project, a legal research and advocacy group, was to be released on Tuesday morning, the New York Times reported, though by Tuesday noon, it still had not been posted on the organization's website. The panel was co-chaired by former Congressman Asa Hutchinson, a Republican from Arkansas, and James R. Jones, a Democrat and a former ambassador to Mexico.
Both former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney have admitted authorizing waterboarding of high-ranking al-Qaeda prisoners, a process that simulates drowning for a detainee who is tied to a board while water is poured down his nose and throat. The report says the CIA also slammed detainees into walls, chained them in uncomfortable positions for hours, stripped them of clothing, and kept them awake for days on end. A series of memos from the Office of Legal Counsel from the U.S. Department of Justice during the Bush administration claimed the methods, officially known as "enhanced interrogation techniques," were legal under certain conditions. While human rights organizations and some news commentators denounced the measures as "torture," most major news organizations shied away from the word. As the Times acknowledged Tuesday: "News organizations have wrestled with whether to label the brutal methods unequivocally as torture in the face of some government officials' claims that they were not."
Even the International Committee of the Red Cross, after an internal debate over whether to speak out publicly about the abuses, decided not to, the report found, delaying public exposure of violations of international as well as U.S. law. The panel found the United States also violated international law with "enforced disappearances" and secret detentions of suspected terrorists. Much of the information obtained through coerced testimony or confessions was unreliable, according to the report, which concluded that any valuable information that was obtained through illegal interrogation methods could have been obtained by legal, nonviolent means.
There is "no justification" for relying on torture, the report says, and doing so has "damaged the standing of our nation, reduced our capacity to convey moral censure when necessary and potentially increased the danger to U.S. military personnel taken captive."
The task force traveled to several detention sites as it studied the treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and at the CIA's secret prisons. Staff members interviewed dozens of former American and foreign officials, as well as former detainees, the Times reported. The panel did not have access to classified material, including a 6,000-page report on CIA activities by the Senate Intelligence Committee, based only on CIA records.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bill Maher:" The Second Amendment is Bull sh*t"

Mark Matheny
April 15, 2013

It's really bill Maher who is full of you know what...........

Bill Maher and several others in the media who are against the second amendment are also those who have 24 hour armed guards who protect them!

Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

Michael Snyder
American Dream
April 15, 2013
Does Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single banner?  Will he be instrumental in establishing a single global religion for the glorious “new age” that the global elite believe is coming?  After he was elected, the cover of Time Magazine declared Pope Francis to be the “New World Pope“, and since his election Pope Francis has made it abundantly clear that he is going to make ecumenical outreach a top priority.  He has spoken of his “determination to continue on the path of ecumenical dialogue“, and he has already held a number of very high profile ecumenical meetings.  Not only has he worked hard to reach out to leaders from various Christian traditions, he has also made it a point to try to acknowledge the mutual bonds that he feels with all other religions.  For example, in one recent address he made it a point to say that he believes that Muslims worship and pray to the “one God” that he also worships.  This “all roads lead to the same God” philosophy is a hallmark of the one world religion that the global elite have been slowly building toward for decades.  The global elite know that even with a one world economy and a one world government, humanity will never be truly united until there is a single global religion.  Unfortunately, this one world religion that they are seeking to establish is diametrically opposed to the Christianity that we find in the Bible.  By throwing out Biblical truth for the sake of “friendship between men and women of different religious traditions“, is Pope Francis fundamentally betraying the faith that he claims to represent?
If there is going to be a one world religion, there will have to be a bond formed between Roman Catholicism and Islam.  They are the two largest religious traditions on the planet, and so any truly “global religion” would definitely require the participation of both of them.
That is one reason why what Pope Francis has already had to say about Islam is so noteworthy.  The following comes from remarks that he made during his very first ecumenical meeting
I then greet and cordially thank you all, dear friends belonging to other religious traditions; first of all the Muslims, who worship the one God, living and merciful, and call upon Him in prayer, and all of you. I really appreciate your presence: in it I see a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperation for the common good of humanity.
The Catholic Church is aware of the importance of promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – I wish to repeat this: promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – it also attests the valuable work that the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue performs.
But are “Allah” and the God of the Bible the same thing?
Of course not.  For example, Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God.  Muslims deny this vehemently.  For much more on why “Allah” and the God of the Bible are not the same, please see this article.
So either Pope Francis is denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, or he is exhibiting a frightening ignorance of basic Christian theology, or there is some other agenda at work here.
During that same ecumenical meeting, Pope Francis also made it a point to state that he feels “close” to those that belong “to any religious tradition”…
In this, we feel close even to all those men and women who, whilst not recognizing themselves belonging to any religious tradition, feel themselves nevertheless to be in search of truth, goodness and beauty, this truth, goodness and beauty of God, and who are our precious allies in efforts to defend the dignity of man, in building a peaceful coexistence among peoples and in guarding Creation carefully.
It is one thing to love people and to seek to build friendships with them, but it is another thing entirely to throw out the most basic beliefs of the faith that you supposedly represent in order to promote a specific agenda.
And Pope Francis definitely appears to have an agenda.  On another occasion, Pope Francis declared that it was time “to intensify dialogue” with other religions, and that he was “thinking particularly of dialogue with Islam.”
But this affinity for Islam did not just begin recently.  The truth is that Pope Francis was working hard to build bridges with Islam even when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires
“His humility drew my attention,” Sheik Mohsen Ali, an important Islamic leader in Argentina, told the Buenos Aires Herald. He “always showed himself a friend of the Islamic community.”
And Pope Francis has a reputation for being a cleric that really “knows Islam“…
Sumer Noufouri, secretary-general of the Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina, told the Buenos Aires Herald that the new pope is a “respectful, pro-dialogue person who knows Islam.”
But of course Pope Francis is not just reaching out to the Islamic world.
He has also been working hard to “intensify dialogue” with other Christian traditions.
In particular, he seems quite interested in improving relations with the Orthodox churches of the east…
Before his address, the pope had a private meeting withEcumenical Patriarch Bartholomew from Istanbul, who attended Francis’s inaugural Mass on Tuesday.
It was the first time the spiritual head of Orthodox Christians had attended a Roman pope’s inaugural Mass since the Great Schism between western and eastern Christianity in 1054.
At Wednesday’s meeting, Francis called Bartholomew “my brother Andrew,” a reference to the apostle who was the brother of St. Peter and was the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium.
Francis also held a private session with Metropolitan Hilarion, the foreign minister of the Russian Orthodox Church, the largest in the Orthodox world.
It won’t happen tomorrow, of course, but could Pope Francis be the Pope that brings the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox back together?
And of course a one world religion will not appear overnight either.  There are far too many differences to overcome right now.
But as the world becomes increasingly unstable, people are going to be looking for answers.  After the world is ravaged by economic collapse, food shortages, nightmarish pandemics, unprecedented natural disasters and horrifying wars, will it finally be ready for a one world religion that promises “peace and friendship” among all of the religions of the globe?
This is something to watch for in the years ahead.  The global elite desperately want a single global religion, and they will keep moving things in that direction.
For now, Pope Francis just seems to be laying the groundwork for the one world religion that is coming.  There is a 900-year-old prophecy that indicates that Pope Francis could be the last Pope.  If that prophecy is true, then it will be very important to watch the actions of this Pope very carefully.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Push for a New World Order

Mark Matheny
April 14, 2013

I reported on the rapid push for what is called a "New World Order" by the Elites of this world back in 2010. Their goal is domination of all resources, and the elimination of approximately 80% of the world's population. They are Hell-bent on creating a Post-Feudalistic form of world government through means of a scientific-technocratic Dictatorship ran by a few Nihilistic Elite Families who have money and power beyond the average person's comprehension.

In this episode I explain their goals and a few of the men behind this ominous plot....

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