Saturday, November 21, 2009

Veteran's Day: No sign of Patriotism from Obama

Mark Matheny
November 21,2009

I recieved this this picture via email. Here is Barack Hussein Obama at Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2009. You will notice that everyone in the picture is either saluting or has their right hand over their heart for the ceremony. It's not known whether this was during the Pledge of Allegiance or during the playing of the National Anthem, but what is apparent is that Obama seems to have no allegiance to America! Maybe next time they should raise the UN flag- then maybe he will show his true allegiance!

Mark Matheny, Veteran and Proud American.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Health-Care "Reform": It's All About Power

By Sheldon Richman
Published 11/20/09

 If the politicians who are bent on redesigning the medical and medical-insurance industries really wanted only to curb rising prices and help the uninsured get coverage, they would have zeroed in on the previous government interventions that created those problems. Instead, they are pushing grand schemes to turn our medical decision-making over to bureaucrats. That indicates that the so-called reform campaign is about power. Medical care is too expensive. Prices for services rise faster than other prices, and there's reason to believe much of the money is wasted. Expensive medical care equates to expensive insurance, which prices some people out of the market. This has been called a failure of the free market, but that can't be: There is no free market. I defy the advocates of government control to name one aspect of medicine or insurance that government doesn't dominate.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Continental Congress '09 Now in session

Mark Matheny
November 19, 2009

Editor's note: I had some format problems that might take a while to fix, so please excuse the set up of this article.

The Continental Congress is now in session, and can be viewed at:
When you go to the site, click on the live streaming video.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ADL Calls Tea Partiers Conspiracy Theorists, and Alex Jones the Conspiracy King

Mark Matheny
November 18,2009

The Anti Defamation League has on its website,, a report called Rage grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies in which there are a series of "special reports" about a growing rage in America calling the tea party movement, Birther movement, Oath Keepers, among others- 'Anti-government movements', and Alex Jones (a radio and talkshow host) "the conspiracy King."

In a section of their article Labeled The Tea Parties , they claim "While most people attending Tea Party events claim they harbor no extreme views, many of the ideas they promote fall outside the mainstream, especially the more conspiratorial ones." They go on to say that some of these angry protesters "have frequently made claims ranging from proclaiming Obama's 'socialist' intentions to making explicit Nazi comparisons to suggesting that the President is defying or even subverting the Constitution."

Is it extreme to simply point out the truth of the Obama administration, and their subversion of the Constitution? ( Where in the Constitution does it say the President can have a Cash for Clunkers Program, or Government run healthcare?)

Its also clear to see in the article that the ADL apparently wants to paint the picture of the Tea Party Movement as an angry mob of radical nuts.Yet they wrote Nothing in the article to suggest that the fears of the Tea Party protesters might be well founded, you know, like moving toward a socialist nation run by Oligarchy in light of all the drastic "Change" in the current administration. But they were clear to point out the idea that the Tea Party movement might lead to open rebellion!

In another section of the article titled The Town Hall Meeting Disruptions , The ADL again paints the picture of extremism coming from conservative and far-right organizations saying that these protesters "encouraged people to attend the town hall meetings..." and that  "... Protesters expressed rage at elected officials and many of the meetings erupted into chaos."  Think about it for a moment, our country is tied down in two foreign conflicts in the Middle East at a cost of  $10.9 Billion a month, a loss of around 5,000 precious U.S. soldiers, unemployment in the Nation is at 10.2% (17.2 % if you count the underemployed), The current national debt is over $12 trillion dollars, we have nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in our country, we owe China $800 billion, Homeland Security-FEMA- and all the other agencies are crowding and restricting our lives on a daily basis, government run healthcare is being shoved down our throats with threats of fines and/or imprisenment if we don't get coverage............ AND WE SHOULDN'T BE ANGRY??????

Yet, in most cases, it was not the conservative right wingers who attacked, assaulted and caused most of the chaos at these town hall meetings, but the Leftist Obama loyalists who usually became violent. (Just watch some of the You Tube videos).

You can then check out still another section of the  article called Part Two: Anger on the Fringes - Alex Jones, the Conspiracy King .  In this article the ADL then goes on to say that Alex Jones ( a Texas based radio and talk show host) is the counterpart to Glenn Beck, and that Alex "has engaged in conspiracy mongering virtually his entire adult life, coming of age during the surge of anti-government activities in the mid 1990s."

Were the reports and documentaries made by Alex Jones mere conspiracies, or were they not facts?Around that time we can recall the Randy Weaver tragedy, and the Waco conflagration- both of which were perpetrated by our federal government, and ended in multiple deaths (including children) caused by the 'mishandlings' of the federal government. This is not theory folks. These are the facts. Whether or not you agree with the ways of the Branch Davidians, or the beliefs of Randy Weaver and his family, the fact is that the government in both cases can be characterized as the extremists who went overboard into chaos and ultimately mass killing.

If you go to the section at the top of the ADL website about ADL , it states in part:

 The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913....
That's odd, so was The Federal Reserve! We all know that the Feds are out there to help stablize the economy and keep us out of the boom and bust cycles- and what a job they've done!

...Now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.
You will notice they defend "democratic ideals". Don't they mean democrats and their ideas? It seems to me that they support the idea of "democracy" and with those ideals, all the great social change that Obama Politburo can muster from the dusty pages of  The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels.

The next movement on their list to discredit is the Birther movement . About the movement, the ADL states in part:
  In addition to the anger against the Obama administration, there has been an attempt by a wide range of  Obama opponents to delegitimize him by claiming that he is not an American citizen. This conspiracy theory started even before Obama became President and its believers have become part of what is known as the "Birther" movement.
They name Philip Berg, Orly Taitz, and Jerome Corsi as conspiracy theorists. Philip Berg is an Attorney out of Pennsylvania who first filed a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility as President contending that Obama was not born in the United States. Orly Taitz is a lawyer out of California who has also challenged Obama's eligibility as President, and has petitioned to see a true birth certificate to verify Barack Obama's place of birth. If Obama was born in Hawaii, on U.S. soil, then why won't he simply produce a long form version of his birth certificate and put the whole ordeal to rest? Instead, Obama has spent at least $1.7 million to keep the birth certificate question out of the courts, according to World Net Daily News.

My whole take on this series of articles titled 'Rage Grows in America: Anti- Government Conspiracies' is met for one purpose only- to defend Obama's policies, and to discredit the Constitution, the idea of our country as a Republic, and to make those into terrorists who would defend the two principles just mentioned!
I think I will renaim their organization - ODL - Obama's Democratic Lynchmob.

Obama vows to seek climate action, if not treaty

In China, he talks of accord with 'immediate operational effect'

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao attend a state dinner reception at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday

updated 5:58 p.m. PT, Tues., Nov . 17, 2009

BEIJING - President Barack Obama, with China's leader at his side, lifted his sights Tuesday for a broad accord at next month's climate conference that he said will lead to immediate action and "rally the world" toward a solution on global warming.

Obama and President Hu Jintao talked of a joint desire to tackle climate change, but failed to publicly address the root problems that could unravel a deal at the 192-nation conference in Copenhagen: how much each country can contribute to curb greenhouse gases and how the world will pay the billions of dollars needed to fight rising temperatures.

Hu said nations would do their part "consistent with our respective capabilities," a reference to the now widely accepted view that developing nations — even energy guzzlers like China, India and Brazil — should be required only to set goals for reining in greenhouse-gas emissions, not accept absolute targets for reducing emissions like the industrialized countries.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Swedish Member Of Parliament: Leading Politicians Support 9/11 Truth Movement

Political leaders for 9/11 Truth growing in numbers

Steve Watson

Monday, Nov 9, 2009

A Swedish Member of Parliament has pledged support for a new investigation into the events of 9/11, adding that prominent political figures support the view that elements of the U.S. government were involved in staging the attacks.

An article headlined “The U.S. was part of the attack” in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, highlights comments made by MP Egon Frid of the country’s “Left Party”.

“The U.S. administration knew of the terrorist attack before and was a part of it,” Frid said in an interview with Swedish TV network TV4 on it’s “Kalla Facts” (Hard Facts) programme.

“My curiosity has once again led me in new ways and to top it all, I have new theories about what really happened 9/11″ Frid writes on his blog.

Frid, who was elected to parliament as a full member in 2006, also stated that he knows there are several leading politicians in Sweden who are interested in the Truth Movement’s message, but they will not go public with their views “because it is an impossible debate.”

Frid also revealed that he has joined the “Political Leaders For 9/11 Truth” group, to which other notables have pledged support, such as Andreas von B├╝low, former German State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, Yukihisa Fujita, Japanese Member of Parliament, Michael Meacher, Minister of the British Parliament, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Ventura, and many other political luminaries from all corners of the globe.

The group was founded earlier this year, joining the growing ranks of professionals calling for a new independent investigation into 9/11, including the groups:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

Journalists and Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

Veterans for 9/11 Truth

Palestinians seek EU support for independence

 RAMALLAH, West Bank – The Palestinians have asked the European Union to support their plan to ask the U.N. to recognize an independent Palestinian state without Israeli consent.

The plan appears to be largely symbolic, given that the U.S., Israel's chief ally, would likely veto such an initiative at the United Nations. The move, however, reflects growing Palestinian frustration with the deadlock in peace efforts.

That state would be made up of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and have east Jerusalem as its capital.

Israel captured those territories in 1967. It pulled out of Gaza in 2005, but has annexed east Jerusalem and maintains a military occupation in the West Bank.

Palestinian official Saeb Erekat says the request to the EU was made Monday.

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