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Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Poisoning You

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Food Is a Weapon, and Humanity is Under Siege by Globalists’ Chemical Cocktail
Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
December 29, 2011
Proof that the government is poisoning the population. With their stated goal to reduce population worldwide, the eugenicists who run the world state have resorted to any means necessary to target reproduction and fertility, including the outrageous measures identified in the 1969 Planned Parenthood – World Population memo written by Frederick S. Jaffe.
That memo proposes reducing U.S. fertility via postponement of marriage, discouraging tax incentives for parents, encouraged increases in homosexuality, adding fertility control agents to the water supply and encouraging women to work, as well as measures including forced abortions and payments to encourage abortions. Many of these draconian calls for involuntary fertility control reflect some of the most controversial entries in the 1977Ecoscience volume written by current White House science advisor John P. Holdren & population bomb scare-monger Paul Ehrlich.
From Bisphenol-a (BPA), to GMO cropsfluoride in water and countless other toxins slow killing modern society, the elite controllers have intentionally triggered cancer, disease and sterility while trying to mask their attack through “slow” ambient poisons that gradually drag down the masses as they eat factory-produced foods, drink public water and are bombarded by toxic packaging products of all kinds.
BPA and other synthetic estrogen-mimickers are particularly harmful, and widely used infood-grade plastics, metal food cansrecycled paper & receipts, as well as countless other products– as they interfere with the endocrine system, create gender-bending effects, reportedly cause male infertility, trigger early puberty, contribute to hyper-aging and are linked to breast cancer in adults, prostate cancer in children and numerous other harmful effects.
We participate in our own destruction through the designs of the elite via our own ignorance. Learn the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Read more on how toeliminate and reverse the effects of Bisphenol-A (BPA) and other toxins naturally. Then warn others, and please, share this video with everyone you care about.


Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed – PT 1/2
Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed – PT 2/2 
Genetic Armageddon: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

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DOCUMENTATION & FURTHER RESEARCH:–banned-chemical-coats-40-of-store-receipts–banned-chemical-coats-40-of-store-receipts

Hoodwinked- Interview with an Economic Hit Man


Editor's Note: This program aired back on November 12 , 2009, but is very informative concerning the economic crisis...

Upon the Nov. 10 release of his latest book, "Hoodwinked," Bestselling Author John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Secret History of the American Empire) joins Carl Gibson to discuss the real reason for the global financial crisis, and steps we can do to make the world more sustainable and socially accountable. 

John Perkins was the former Chief Economist for the Chas T. Main Corporation, where he worked to convince heads of state in third world countries to accept massive loans and structural adjustment programs from international banking cartels like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and USAID. In his books, Perkins describes the clandestine process of how Economic Hit Men like him helped further what he calls a "global corporatocracy." If his efforts failed, the CIA's jackals would step and assassinate a leader or stage a coup d'etat. 

Several examples he cites are the assassinations of Mossadegh in Iran and Arbenz in Guatemala (1950s), Pincohet in Chile, Roldos in Ecuador, Torrijos and Noriega in Panama (1970s and 1980s) and numerous others. Perkins says if those steps fail, then the US sends in the military under the guise of "national security," like Panama in 1989, Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003. 

Perkins himself says he was an agent of a global corporate empire until he realized what he was doing was not just nor sustainable, so he has since reformed himself and dedicated his work to getting the truth out. In this interview, he talks all about how what happened in 2008 in the United States is what has been happening for decades in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Perkins' first majorly published book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," stayed on the New York Times Bestseller list for 65 weeks. "Hoodwinked" is set to hit stores on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Don't miss this earth-shattering interview on a controversial subject public schools never taught us!

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2012: World On the Brink

Kurt Nimmo
December 29, 2011
As we prepare to enter 2012, a number of crucial issues confront us:
Economy: The bankster engineered implosion of the economy – beginning in 2008 with thecollapse of the housing market – will likely reach a crescendo in 2012. The eurozone contagion will spread, taking down global economies. It will diminish national sovereignty across the board. The global elite are positioned to offer their world government and banking scheme as a curative and there will be increased pressure to implement their underhanded plan in the coming year.
War: 2012 will more than likely be the year the globalists make their move on Iran and also take down Syria. In recent weeks, theIranians have awakened from their lethargy and are now making defensive gestures on the world stage. Over the past week Iran has stated in no uncertain terms its military will shut down the Persian Gulf oil trade byblocking the Strait of Hormuz if new sanctions on gas – in effect, a war embargo – are implemented. Iran’s ability to intensify and compound the global economic crisis and get nuclear super powers China and Russia involved in a coming cataclysmic war are all part of the plan to realize order out of chaos.
NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act signals that the global elite are now ready to not only round-up and imprison Americans in internment camps – camps long planned andrecently activated by FEMA – but are also ready to assassinate opponents and attack targets in a widespread cyber war against domestic enemies of the state. This is a new and frightening trend that will play out in the year ahead, especially if war is launched against Iran. Government invariably demands fealty and subservience as it rolls out its predictable us-versus-them narrative under the guise of patriotism during its engineered wars.
Police State: As noted last week, the TSA has officially announced it will move its hands-down-your-pants operation from the nation’s airports to bus stations, mass transit hubs and beyond. DHS boss Napolitano has said the DHS plans to be entrench its Gestapo apparatus at the local mall. By Christmas of 2012, the TSA and its heavily armed VIPR good squads may be forcing citizens through deadly porno scanners at the mall. Expanding roadside checkpoints – collaborative efforts between local cops, the feds, and the military – with deadly radiation scanners will also become normalized features of the American police state. 2012 may also be the year surveillance drones become a routine sight in the skies over many cities as militarized cops soak up DHS grant cash and further implement the global elite’s police and high-tech panopticon authoritarian state control grid.

DHS takes counterterrorism to the NHL

December 30, 2011
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano has recruited hockey fans into counterterrorism efforts, as DHS has expanded the "If you see something, say something" campaign to National Hockey League (NHL) games.
"Through efforts like 'If You See Something, Say Something™', we can engage everyone, including hockey fans, in our homeland security efforts," Napolitano wrote on the DHS blog. Saying that "hometown security is the key to homeland security," Napolitano explained that the DHS public service announcement will debut next week during a hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers.
"Fans at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia will see 'If You See Something, Say Something™' messages and graphics before and during the game," Napolitano said. "Safety messaging will be printed on the back of NHL Winter Classic credentials for staff, players, and volunteers."
DHS statement added that "a Public Service Announcement will be read before and during [NHL] games, and campaign graphics will appear on the videoboard and on ribbon boards." 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

'Idol' Clarkson backs Ron Paul, stirs Twitter tempest
Kelly Clarkson
December 30, 2011

Chart-topping pop star Kelly Clarkson has stirred up a political tempest on her Twitter feed after endorsing Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination ahead of the Iowa caucuses.
"I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance," tweeted the 29-year-old "American Idol" winner (@kelly_clarkson) who, like 76-year-old congressman Paul, hails from Texas.
"If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he's got my vote," she added. "Too bad he probably won't."
Several fans responded by reminding Clarkson of Paul's social-conservative views, with some going so far as to brand the libertarian as a racist and homophobe -- and others tweeting he was not.
"I'm flabbergasted that an artist with such a huge gay fan base would publicly support Ron Paul," wrote Myranda Warden, or @my_warden, in one typical riposte. "Why, @kelly_clarkson, why?!"
"I am really sorry if I have offended anyone," answered Clarkson, whose first single off her recently-released fifth album "Stronger" is titled "Mr. Know It All."
"I do not support racism. I support gay rights, straight rights, women's rights,men's rights, white/black/purple/orange rights," she added.
"I like Ron Paul because he believes in less government and letting the people (all of us) make the decisions and mold our country. That is all. Out of all of the Republican nominees, he's my favorite."

Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus

CORRECTION: The accurate facebook address is - Volunteer there now! -- Our website is -- 

Hear Ron Paul on this short video ask us to help Watch the Vote -- and then volunteer to help Watch the Iowa Caucus vote at our facebook page.

There we can help YOU help us watch the vote as Ron Paul asked us all to do -- Watch the Vote in the Iowa Caucus 2012 for Ron Paul and Everybody Else!

Folks, please focus on doing 1 (or 2) of these 3 actions: 1) Spread the word to watch this video and read the description below the video - anyway you can; 2) volunteer to be a "Watch the Vote" County Leader on our Facebook Page (see above in this description); OR - 3) volunteer to be a Vote Monitor in Iowa on Caucus night if you are an Iowan - or can drive into Iowa for the Caucus. - See Job description for both tasks at top of - or in document section at top of our facebook page.

The R3volution needs you now! We need at least 1 activist for each precinct (1784 total) at every caucus site on January 3, 2012, to document and eye-witness the results. These can be Iowans who are voting at a local caucus, OR out-of-staters who can drive into Iowa that night and witness the results as a Reporter for (you have the same rights as a New York Times Reporter to observe a public caucus).

Ideally you need is a camera, cell phone camera, or video camera and to hang out at your precinct for approximately 30 min to one hour after the caucus is over. -- As the final count is announced take a clear high resolution photo of the results, IF YOU CAN. -- (If no camera, eye-witness the results, write them down, and send the results as explained below.)

Then send the results you witness to these places:

1. post it on our "WatchTheVote2012" Facebook page

2. Contact Your assigned "Watch The Vote 2012" county leader (find that on under the videos) -- hopefully you will have made contact with your assigned County Leader BEFORE the night of the Caucus, -- AND

3. send the results and a picture of the tally sheet if you have one -- to as a back up.

Here's the form in which the results must be posted:

with your exact caucus location which includes:

precinct name AND physical address where your caucus is meeting -- which can be found here:

(example for how to identify your precinct:)
South Central Calhoun Middle School
Precinct Name: Butler Williams
Precinct Code: BUWM (not absolutely necessary)
1000 W. Tonawanda Avenue
Rockwell City, IA 50579

Then, again, post a picture of the tally sheet (if you have one) on our Facebook page in the photo section with the complete description 
(see above) -- and post a comment with the results you witnessed at your precinct, as well as what caucus you were at (example above) in the comments at our Facebook Page.

-- Again, if you don't have a camera, -- at least upload the results in written form that you eye-witnessed, and identify at least by email who you are. WE MAY NEED AFFIDAVITS AT SOME POINT, if they try to cheat. The reason for the duplication to - That way, if anyone messes with our faceback page -- we have "backed-up" your efforts by also recording it at / which will post on -- and also you are "backing up" your efforts by also contacting your "WatchTheVote2012" County Leader, as listed at the link on below the videos.

We have all worked too hard to get this far and be in clear striking distance to get Ron Paul elected and watch all our efforts go up in smoke if WE THE PEOPLE do not keep them honest. 

Egypt raids foreign organizations' offices in crackdown

Egyptian security forces raid a nongovernmental organization in Cairo on Dec. 29, 2011. Troops and police officers swept into offices, interrogated workers and seized computers in what was seen as a bid to intimidate international organizations. (Mohammed Asad, Associated Press / December 29, 2011)

Egyptian security forces on Thursday raided the offices of 17 nongovernmental organizations, including three U.S.-based agencies, as part of a crackdown on foreign assistance that has drawn criticism from the West and threatened human rights groups and pro-democracy movements.

The move appeared to be part of a strategy to intimidate international organizations. The ruling military council has repeatedly blamed "foreign hands" for exploiting Egypt'spolitical and economic turmoil. But activists said the army was using the ruse of foreign intervention to stoke nationalism and deflect criticism of abuses.

The military's actions angered Washington at a time the White House is pressuring Egypt to respect civil liberties. But the Egyptian military has been increasingly agitated by democracy advocates and protests that have gripped the nation. Clashes last week between demonstrators and soldiers ended in the deaths of at least 15 people.
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Lee County Deputies Tied Suspect to a Chair, Gagged Him, and Pepper-Sprayed Him to Death

From Fox 13 in Tampa comes the horrifying story of Nick Christie, a 62-year-old Ohio man who was detained by the Lee County Sheriff's Office for being publicly intoxicated. While Christie's wife asked that he be taken to the hospital, Lee County cops decided instead to strip Christie naked, tie him to a chair, cover his face, and then pepper spray him repeatedly, until he died:
The District 21 Medical Examiner ruled his death was a homicide because he had been restrained and sprayed with pepper sprayed by law enforcement officers. But to this day, nobody has ever been charged with a crime, and the Lee County State Attorney cleared the sheriff's office of any wrong doing.
It's been more than two and a half years and his wife still can't accept what happened.
"I was shocked. This was something out of a horror movie," says Joyce Christie. She said her husband was depressed and was showing signs of erratic behavior a few days before leaving for Florida.
She called authorities and pleaded with them to take her husband to a hospital and be given his medications. Instead, he was taken to jail for disorderly intoxication.
Her lawsuit alleges he was pepper sprayed 10 times over a 48-hour period, at times while in a restraint chair.
Monshay Gibbs was a deputy trainee at the jail at the time. In a video deposition, she testified that she thought the way Nick Christie was treated was excessive.
"He had a spit mask on and was naked," she said on the video while under oath. Gibbs testified that Christie pleaded with guards to take off the spit mask because he couldn't breathe.
Link via Radley Balko 

The Nation: Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul?

Exposing the Globalists' Lies about Ron Paul

Mark Matheny
December 29, 2011

I will discuss the lies being put out by the mainstream media shills concerning Ron Paul as well as other important events around the globe....

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