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Matheny's Note: This is just more justification and propaganda for more printing of Fed Notes here in the U.S.

AP News
January 25, 2014

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) -- The International Monetary Fund's managing director warned Saturday of the risks posed to global economic recovery from the reduction of the U.S. Federal Reserve's monetary stimulus and falling prices in the eurozone.

Despite growing evidence the global economy is faring better than it has for years, Christine Lagarde said policymakers around the world have to be alert to the potential repercussions from the Fed's "tapering," a policy change it decided to embark upon in December.

So far, the move has been minimal - it has reduced the amount of bonds it buys each month by $10 billion to $75 billion - but many economists think that it could end this year if the U.S. economic recovery gains steam.
Over the past few years, the Fed's stimulus, in its various guises has had a big impact on financial markets. As well as shoring up stock markets around the world, the new money created by the stimulus has flown to emerging economies as investors sought out better returns. Currencies, such as the Indian rupee and the Brazilian real, have been beneficiaries. The withdrawal could prompt a reverse in those flows and see their currencies come under pressure.

"This is a new risk on the horizon and really needs to be watched," Lagarde said in a discussion about the global economic outlook at the World Economic Forum.
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Newspaper conglomerate considers building massive database of gun owners

Daily Caller
January 25, 2014

A U.S. newspaper conglomerate has considered building state-by-state databases of people who have the right to carry concealed firearms.
Civitas Media, which owns 88 newspapers in 12 states and more than 100 total publications, is planning to use public records requests to build their databases, according to an internal Civitas email obtained by the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio.
Civitas director of content Jim Lawitz emailed content directors, managers, and producers in a January 19 email, saying that exploring the “explosion” of conceal and carry permits in the U.S. will be one of the company’s short-term objectives.
“We are launching two enterprise projects across our newsrooms this month. The first will deal with the creeping influence of heroin in our communities. The deadly drug has quietly taken over, reaching across all age groups and eclipsing meth as the recreational drug of choice,” Lawitz began.
“The second project examines the explosion of ‘conceal and carry’ gun permits across the U.S. Through public records act requests, we will attempt to build state-by-state databases that list those who have the right to carry a concealed weapon,” Lawitz wrote in the email.
When reached for comment by Buckeye Firearms Association, Lawitz said the news conglomerate currently has no plans to publish the database.

Former IMF Economist Called for "Crisis Initiation" As Way to Provoke War With Iran

Mark Matheny
January 25, 2014

Patrick Clawson, former Economist for the IMF from 1981 to 85, and current Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, suggested back in September of 2012, that the United States possibly consider the use of "Crisis Initiation" to provoke a war with Iran.

" I frankly think that crisis initiation is really rough.. [...] So if in fact The Iranians are not going to compromise, it would be best if somebody else started the war... one can combine other means of pressure with sanctions. I mentioned that explosion on August 17th, we could step up the pressure. I mean, look people, Iranian submarines periodically go down. Some day one of them may not come back up. -Who could know why?"

So basically, he is calling for a type of "false flag" event in order to attack Iran.

During the speech he referred to past examples of crisis initiation, as he called it, such as the Pearl Harbor Attack initiating WWII, the sinking of the Lusitania initiating WWI, the golf of Tonkin False Flag attack initiating the Vietnam war and other examples as well.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Harvard Professors Predict High Inflation, Defaults for U.S.

The New American
January 24, 2014
Harvard Professors Predict High Inflation, Defaults for U.S.
Two Harvard professors are predicting that America will soon be forced to adopt financial measures only previously used by third-world countries in order to control its runaway debt. Economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff gained international attention and applause with their 2009 book, This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, followed by the publication in 2010 of Growth in a Time of Debt.
The first gained international recognition for its analysis of fiscal follies implemented by governments to rein in out-of-control debts and pointing to the similarities to the current environment in the United States. The second book gained the professors notoriety for claiming that too much debt predictably slowed economic growth, especially when government debt exceeded 90 percent of a country’s gross domestic economic output. Keynesians seeing the implications that would come from implementing austerity measures to slow the growth of that government debt discovered some mathematical errors in the book's thesis, and the media then directed all their attention to those flaws instead of focusing on the message: Too much debt slows economic growth.
This time the media have been remarkably reticent to focus on the professors’ predictions. The current study entitled “Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Some Lessons Learned and Those Forgotten” was initially prepared for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) conference back in September 2012 and was only made available by the IMF for public consumption this past December. When it was published, the frontispiece was laden with disclaimers: “The views expressed ... are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the IMF or IMF policy.” And, “[Such] working papers describe research in progress by the authors and are published to elicit comments and to further debate.”
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This article was first posted on January 17, 2014


The Blaze
January 24, 2014

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed disgust, though not shock, that the mainstream media ignored an “earth-shattering” story out of Wisconsin that “should have caused a political earthquake.”
The state of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is “rapidly falling” and the government’s budget ended the year with a $912 million surplus, Limbaugh explained. He says the dramatic turnaround is due in large part to the conservative policies of Gov. Scott Walker. 

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Pentagon to launch blimps to guard against cruise missiles

January 24, 2014
THE PENTAGON -- The Pentagon has discovered a gap in the defenses of Washington, D.C., and it's about to test a solution.
But depending on your point of view, the solution is either vital for national security or a threat to American privacy.
Starting this fall, two blimps will float at 10,000 feet over the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in an attempt to develop a defense for the nation's capital against cruise missiles fired from ships offshore.
Two blimps will float over the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland
Russia already has a large arsenal of cruise missiles - essentially low-flying unmanned aircraft - and other countries like Iran are developing them.

"As it stands today, we have practically zero capability to detect it, much less defend against it," one military officer said of the cruise missile threat.
The blimps carry radars that can search for hundreds of miles to detect the launch of a cruise missile and relay the data to interceptor missiles which have been positioned around Washington since Sept. 11, 2001.
Iran is developing cruise missiles
But those same blimps can also be outfitted with radars capable of tracking vehicles on the ground and with cameras that can watch people, much like blimps already do at U.S. bases in Afghanistan and along the border with Mexico. That would give government the ability to follow American citizens as they go about their daily lives.

Officials insist they have no plans to put cameras on the blimps, but Christopher Calabrese of the ACLU points out there's no law against it.
The blimps carry radars
 "Right now there are no rules," he said. "There's nothing that bars us from having high-powered cameras monitoring our every public movement."

Blimps are an old-fashioned technology, but this is a modern-day dilemma, much like the controversy over NSA eavesdropping. Government efforts to make Americans safer also have the potential to invade their privacy.

Emergency: Obama Launches Purge

Holder Justice Department now arresting political enemies and members of media
January 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Pentagon Giving 13,000 Armored Vehicles Primarily to Law Enforcement Agencies, Right Here in the U.S.

Mark Matheny
January 24, 2014

The Pentagon is giving away armored vehicles that have been used in foreign operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are giving them away for free!

The lucky recipients of these Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles will primarily be law enforcement agencies across the United States.

The vehicle is called MRAP, and is $500,000 brand new.

According to msn money, these trucks will be used by Police agencies to "project a show of force at hostage incidents, civil disturbances and other situations where SWAT officers with military-grade weapons, uniforms and helmets are deployed."

The article also states that these vehicles will not be available to private citizens or businesses.

Although many foreign military agencies are shy about wanting these vehicles due to the wear and tear on them from the rough Afghanistan terrain, many police agencies here in the U.S. are salivating over the thought of adding these monster vehicles to their inventory.

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP/ˈɛmræp/ em-rap) vehicles are armored fighting vehicles used by various armed forces, whose designed purpose is surviving improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and ambushes. The first development in armored vehicles designed specifically to counter the land mine threat were initiated during the Rhodesian Bush War; existing technology was subsequently inherited (and matured) by the South African Defence Force after 1980.[2]  -Wikipedia

These vehicles were used in Afghanistan to protect U.S. soldiers from small arms fire and from IEDs primarily, so why do law enforcement agencies need these "Military" vehicles for? 

In a Forbes article from March 10, 2013, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security was purchasing  2,717 MRAP vehicles as well as '1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, along with 7,000 fully automatic 5.56x45mm NATO "personal defense weapons" plus a huge stash of 30 round magazines.'

It is apparent that our police and sheriff agencies are being militarized....... welcome to the Police State.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Documents Reveal Obama's Plan to Destroy Capitalism

Mark Matheny
January 23, 2014


Obamacare: Hundreds in Ohio Lose Their Doctor

The Weekly Standard
January 22, 2014
Hundreds in Ohio are losing their doctor due to Obamacare, a local news outlet finds:

“With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, some area medical facilities saying, they’re no longer able to use some insurance companies,” says the anchor.
The local reporter adds, “Hundreds of people in the Mahoning Valley can no longer go to their trusted doctors, and local officials say the Affordable Care Act is to blame. Doctors from the Mahoning county medical society sat down with U.S. representative Bill Johnson today, discussing their concerns with United Health Care’s decision to drop local doctors, including the Eye Care Associates in Beaver Township, from their Medicare Advantage plans. That means patients either have to change doctors or pay out of their own pockets.”

SEAL: Nobody Who Wears A Navy SEAL Trident Is A Fan Of Obama Or Hillary

Western Center for Journalism
January 21, 2014

The discussion moved into Benghazi cover-up where Heben made it clear the administration is positioning Hillary for her 2016 presidential run. This is when he made a very clear statement that we the people can be thankful to hear!!

Bachmann: Obama’s Legacy Is ‘Establishment of Lawlessness in United States’

Matheny's Note: I have said that I believe Obama can correctly be called the "man of sin or lawlessness" ...
2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin (lawlessness) be revealed, the son of perdition;

Michael W. Chapman
January 22, 2014
Because he did not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and now unilaterally adjusts the Obamacare law as it unfolds, President Barack Obama is sending a signal to liberal federal judges to mirror him and, as a result, the president’s long-term legacy will be “the establishment of lawlessness in the United States,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

The congresswoman made her remarks during a Jan. 15 “Conversations with Conservatives” meeting at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. In response to a question about federal judges in several recent cases ruling that state bans against homosexual “marriage” were unconstitutional, Bachmann said this was part of a pattern set by the White House and the U.S. attorney general, which liberal federal judges were copying.

Income Inequality:Top 85 Richest People's Wealth equal to 3.5 Billion of the Total World Population

Mark Matheny
January 22, 2014

For those of you who doubt that a few Elites are in control of the world, here is some proof.

Real Unemployment? - Try 37%!!!

Mark Matheny
January 22, 2014

Mark Matheny discusses the REAL unemployment rate in America, and the lawlessness of the President that claims to follow the Rule of Law. He follows a "rule of law", but which one? That and more breaking news.......

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Americans Indifferent About Destruction of Fourth Amendment

Surveillance state is a done deal
Kurt Nimmo
January 21, 2014
Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said over the weekend NSA surveillance is not going anywhere despite Obama’s less than lukewarm assurance last week there will be reforms.

“The president has very clearly said that he wants to keep the capability” to surveil Americans without court-issued warrants, Feinstein said on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. “So I think we would agree with him. I know a dominant majority of the — everybody, virtually, except two or three, on the Senate Intelligence Committee would agree with that.”
“A lot of the privacy people, perhaps, don’t understand that we still occupy the role of the Great Satan,” she continued. “New bombs are being devised. New terrorists are emerging, new groups, actually, a new level of viciousness. We need to be prepared. I think we need to do it in a way that respects people’s privacy rights.”
Feinstein, Rep. Mike Rogers, the Michigan Republican who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and others in Congress continue to spread the debunked claim that giving the NSA a blank check has stopped terrorist attacks. ABC NewsCNN and the New York Times have repeated the falsehood.
If we can believe corporate polls, the American people have tuned out the debate over the destruction of the Fourth Amendment and the Bill of Rights.
“The latest evidence comes from a new Pew Research Center poll showing that half the public said they had heard nothing at all about President Obama’s speech Friday outlining new restrictions on the National Security Agency. Only 8% of those surveyed said they had ‘heard a lot’ about Obama’s plans,” the Los Angeles Times reports.
Polls also indicate a majority of Americans believe the whistleblower Edward Snowden is a criminal who should be prosecuted.
“Overall, the public is divided about whether Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information, which brought the program to light, has served or harmed the public interest: 45% say it has served the public interest while 43% say it harmed it,” Pew Research reported on Monday. “Nonetheless, a 56% majority wants to see the government pursue a criminal case against Snowden, while 32% oppose this.”
Defenders of the Fourth Amendment place hope in a positive ruling by the Supreme Court. Following rulings by lower courts, however, this appears unlikely.
Last month, U.S. district Judge William Pauley of New York ruled in response to an ACLU lawsuit that the NSA surveillance is reasonable, a “vital tool” in the battle against terrorism and less intrusive than the data people “voluntarily surrender” to “trans-national corporations.”
“Given the Justices’ preference for percolation in the lower courts,” writes Orin Kerr, a prominent Fourth Amendment scholar at George Washington University, “they may want to wait until the lower courts work through them.”
“I think a lot of commentators overestimate the chances that the Supreme Court would step in,” he added. “It’s certainly possible, but it’s not at all a sure thing.”

Record 20% of Households on Food Stamps in 2013

CNS News
January 21, 2014

( -- A record 20% of American households, one in five, were on food stamps in 2013, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
The numbers also show there was a record number of individuals on food stamps in 2013 and that the cost of the program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), was at an all-time high.
The USDA says that there were 23,052,388 households on food stamps in the average month of fiscal 2013, an increase of 722,675 from fiscal year 2012, when there were 22,329,713 households on food stamps in the average month.
Households on Food Stamps
Those numbers were compared with the Census Bureau’s estimates for the total number of U.S. households in the last month (September) of each fiscal year to determine the percentage of all U.S. households in that fiscal year that were on food stamps.
In 2013, according to the Census Bureau, there were 115,013,000 households, which means the that the households on food stamps--23,052,388 households--equaled 20.0% of all households.
In the past five years alone, the number of households on food stamps has greatly increased. In fiscal year 2009 – Oct. 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2009 -- the number of households on food stamps was 15,232,115. Five years later, in 2013, that amount had increased by 51.3%  to reach 23,052,388 households.
individuals on food stamps
Not only have households seen a major increase in food stamps’ participation, but so have individuals.
In 2013, the monthly average for individuals on food stamps hit an all-time-high of 47,636,084, according to the USDA, an increase of 1,027,012 over the  46,609,072 individuals who were participating in the program in 2012.
That number has dramatically increased from five years ago. In fiscal year 2009, the number of individuals participating in the food stamp program was 33,489,975. In 2013, the number was 47,636,084, an increase of 42.2%.
food stamps
Furthermore, the cost of food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), has reached an all-time high.
For fiscal year 2013, the SNAP program cost $79,641,880,000, which is a 164% increase over the past decade. When adjusted for inflation, the cost of the SNAP program was $30,153,090,000 in fiscal year 2003.
During the last five years, the SNAP program grew by 36.8%, from $58,223,790,000 in 2009 to $79,641,880,000 in 2013.
The business and economic reporting of is funded in part with a gift made in memory of Dr. Keith C. Wold.

It Only Took This Army Veteran 2 Minutes To Silence All Liberals In The Room

Western Center for Journalism
January 20, 2014

We have heard a lot of speeches defending the 2nd amendment, but none come close to what this Army Veteran and Chaplain has to say…

Wall Street adviser: Actual unemployment is 37.2%, 'misery index' worst in 40 years

Washington Examiner
January 21, 2014

Don't believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the realunemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud.
In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed, and the Misery Index at over 14, not the 8 claimed by the government.
Marotta, who recently advised those worried about an imploding economy to get a gun, said that the government isn't being honest in how it calculates those out of the workforce or inflation, the two numbers used to get the Misery Index figure.

Vatican monsignor arrested for money laundering

msn News
January 21, 2014

Police say Monsignor Nunzio Scarano's Vatican bank accounts had been used to transfer millions of dollars in fictitious donations from offshore companies. Police said millions in euros had been seized and that other arrest warrants were issued.
VATICAN CITY — A Vatican monsignor already on trial for allegedly plotting to smuggle $26 million from Switzerland to Italy was arrested Tuesday in a separate case for allegedly using his Vatican bank accounts to launder money.
Financial police in the southern Italian city of Salerno said Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, dubbed "Monsignor 500" for his purported favored banknotes, had transferred millions of euros in fictitious donations from offshore companies through his accounts at the Vatican's Institute for Religious Works.
Police said they seized 6.5 million euros in real estate and bank accounts Tuesday, including Scarano's luxurious Salerno apartment, filled with gilt-framed oil paintings, ceramic vases and other fancy antiques.
A local priest was also placed under house arrest and a notary public was suspended for alleged involvement in the money-laundering plot. Police said in all, 52 people were under investigation.
Scarano's lawyer, Silverio Sica, said his client merely took donations from people he thought were acting in good faith to fund a home for the terminally ill. He conceded, however, that Scarano used the money to pay off a mortgage.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sen. Leahy on NSA spying: We need to stop government from controlling American people

Daily Caller
January 19, 2014

Sen. Patrick Leahy says the American people are at risk of being controlled by their government due to the expansive surveillance powers of the National Security Agency.
Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” the Vermont Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee told host Chris Wallace that the nation’s lawmakers must act to return control of the government to the people.
“I think that we are going to maintain our ability to protect the United States,” Leahy began. “That’s extremely important.”
“The concern everybody has is allowing our government to have such a reach into your private life, my private life, and everybody else’s, that we are, we have the government controlling us instead of us controlling the government.”
“And that’s what both Republicans and Democrats are joined together on the Hill to try to change,” Leahy concluded.

Jack Van Impe Praises Catholic Church

Mark Matheny
January 20, 2014

Jack Van Impe's Episode on the Pope:

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