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Reid Rams Through 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' but Dream Act Fails

WASHINGTON – In a landmark vote for gay rights, Sen. Harry Reid and fellow Democrats in the Senate voted Saturday to let gays serve openly in the military, giving President Barack Obama the chance to fulfill a campaign promise and repeal the 17-year policy known as "don't ask, don't tell."

Obama was expected to sign it next week, although the change wouldn't take immediate effect. The legislation says the president and his top military advisers must certify that lifting the ban won't hurt troops' fighting ability. After that, there's a 60-day waiting period for the military.

Earlier in the day, though, another Democratic initiative failed. Senate Republicans blocked a bill to grant hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children a chance to gain legal status if they enroll in college or join the military.

Sponsors of what they call the Dream Act needed 60 Senate votes for it, but fell five short. The House passed the bill last week. It was a last-ditch effort to enact it before it Republicans take control of the House from Democrats in January.

Immigrant advocates viewed the measure as a step toward providing a path to legal status for up to 12 million illegal immigrants by focusing on the most sympathetic among them first. Critics called it a back-door grant of amnesty that would encourage more illegal immigration.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Exclusive: US empire could collapse at any time, Pulitzer winner tells Raw Story

By Nathan Diebenow
Friday, December 17th, 2010

America's military and economic empire could collapse at any time, but predicting the precise day, week or month of its potential demise is unattainable, according to a former New York Times war correspondent who spoke with Raw Story.
"The when and how is very dangerous to predict because there's always some factor that blindsides you that you didn't expect," Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges said in an exclusive interview. "It doesn't look good. But exactly how it plays out and when it plays out, having covered disintegrating societies, it's impossible to tell."
He explained that he learned this lesson as events unfolded around him in the fall of 1989. Then, members of the opposition to the Soviet Empire told him that they predicted travel across the Berlin Wall separating East from West Germany would open within the year.
"Within a few hours, the wall didn't exist," he said.
Hedges was one of roughly 135 activists who participated in an act of civil disobedience that resulted in their arrests outside the White House yesterday, even as Obama was unveiling a new report on progress of the war in Afghanistan.

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Mark Matheny
December 17, 2010

With little notice from the average joe on the street, the plan for complete and total disarmament in a supposedly peaceful world continues its way toward completion. Known as the START Treaty, the agenda to turn over total military control to the United Nations is being carried out by the Obama administration, in cooperation of the Russian government and the United Nations body.

The Senate is expected as early as Wednesday to discuss the ratification of the treaty with the Russian government, as soon as the Tax package is taken care of stated Harry Reid on Tuesday.

And in order to keep the guise of fighting for the American people, the right side of the "two headed- one party" system has their republicans who have stepped up to "oppose" the Treaty. When asked, however, if the 67 votes needed to ratify the treaty were there, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was confident that the 67 votes were assured.

"To have transparency, to understand the rules by which to put structure to that activity, we need START and we need it badly," said General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at a White House briefing.

White House Press Secretary (for the Obama Ministry of Truth) Robert Gibbs said Friday that the chamber would remain in session this year for as long as necessary to ratify the START agreement.

Of course through the years, the United States and Russia has played out the "cold war" operation scaring the hell out of the masses with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation, and with the intent of convincing the nations to sign treaties reducing nuclear stockpiles to almost nothing while at the same time giving more authority to the rogue criminal organization called the United Nations.

According to a little discussed document known as "Department of State Publication 7277, published in 1961 during the Kennedy administration, and titled "Freedom from War : The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World", the real agenda is to bring all national military forces under the control of the United Nations.

The name of this force, according to the document, would be called The United Nations Peace Force, and would be comprised of internal police/military forces of each of the countries of the world.

Under the section DISARMAMENT GOAL AND OBJECTIVES the document states:

  The over-all goal of the United States is a free, secure, and peaceful world of independent states adhering to common standards of justice and international conduct and subjecting the use of force to the rule of law; a world which has achieved general and complete disarmament under effective international control; and a world in which adjustment to change takes place in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.
   In order to make possible the achievement of that goal, the program sets forth the following specific objectives toward which nations should direct their efforts:
  • The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;
  • The elimination from national arsenals of all armaments, including all weapons of mass destruction and the means for their delivery, other than those required for a United Nations Peace Force and for maintaining internal order;
  • The institution of effective means for the enforcement of international agreements, for the settlement of disputes, and for the maintenance of peace in accordance with the principles of the United Nations;
  • The establishment and effective operation of an International Disarmament Organization within the framework of the United Nations to insure compliance at all times with all disarmament obligations. (emphasis mine)
Whenever the START Treaty is mentioned in the news, however, the emphasis has been to refer to the first START Treaty beginning under Republican President Ronald Reagan in Geneva on 29 June 1982, as if to remind us of the fact that it was the Right that started the process of this grand and noble undertaking of ridding the world of war. (This helps Obama in his speeches to gain support from the current warmongering Neocon element of the left-right paradigm).

If we go back in time however, we can see the beginnings of this treaty actually starting under Democratic President Kennedy. In a speech Kennedy gave in front of the United Nations delegates, he stressed the importance of the United Nations' role saying:

"For in the development of this organization rests the only true alternative to war...."

The "only true alternative" he was referring to is for the complete disarmament of all nation-states with the exception of a military force controlled by the U.N., comprised of internal "police" forces from all countries.

Also in publication 7277, it further states under the section titled GOVERNING PRINCIPLES:

  • As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations must be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security.......
  • Disarmament must proceed as rapidly as possible, until it is completed...........(emphasis mine)
Since 1967, the total amount of Nuclear weapons between the U.S. and Russia combined has went from
60,000 nuclear weapons down to the U.S. having only 1,900, and Russia having 2,000. That breaks down to about a reduction of 1,322 nuclear weapons per year over the last 43years. I would consider that a rapid process in the scheme of things.

The document describes a total of three stages to be carried out while at the same time strengthening international institutions. This is also being accomplished in such institutions as the United Nations, NATO, the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Bank of International Settlements, and through many Non Governmental Organizations.

In STAGE I, some of the objectives are:

  • The reduction of strategic delivery vehicles
  • The reduction of arms and armed forces
  • The strengthening of U.N. Peace-keeping powers
In stage I, the document proposes reducing the United States and Russian Armed forces to 2.1 million per each country. The amount of weapons of all descriptions would correspondingly be reduced as well. Currently the U.S. has about 2.5 million troops, while Russia has about 21.5 million troops.

STAGE II describes the establishment of a permanent international peace force within the United Nations, as well as
  • the dismantling or conversion of certain military bases and facilities wherever located......(emphasis mine)
I believe this can be considered another step that has been accomplished here in the U.S. under the REX 84 program and HR 645 with the conversion of certain U.S. military bases into civilian inmate labor camps.

Given the fact that there are around 20 countries in the world that currently have little to no military forces, that leaves about 175 country that do have forces. If you add together the current combined numbers of all 175 countries' military forces (with Russia, US, China, India, Vietnam, North and South Korea, and Iran at a top out of 2.1 million) then we come to a total force of  47,354,590[1] troops. These troops from all 175 countries would be under the control of the United Nations.

  • States would retain only those forces, non-nuclear armaments, and establishments required for the purpose of maintaining internal order; they would also support and provide agreed manpower for a U.N. Peace Force.
  • The U.N. Peace Force, equipped with agreed types and quantities of armaments, would be fully functioning.
  • The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.(emphasis mine)
At the completion of this stage, the U.N. will in effect be the henchman and enforcer for the New World Global Regime, posing as "Peace Keepers". Here in the U.S. we have the completed part of this stage that mentions forces that would keep "internal order" in their respective countries. Our internal force is called the Department of HOMELAND (Internal) Security. All of the other departments and agencies have been combined through the Patriot and Military Commissions Act etc.

To bring home the point of the power of the United Nations at the completion of Stage III the document asserts:
In stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles  and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge  the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to the agreed principles of international conduct. (emphasis mine)
If you consider the fact that there are approximately 6.5 billion inhabitants on the earth, this would then mean that only about 7% of the world's population would be armed. Or to put it another way, about 93% of the world's population would be UNARMED! This would then be the ideal position for the population reduction measures that have been talked about by the likes of Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and every other globalist criminal!

The current START Treaty being pushed by Barry Seotoro and the Politburo Senate -House- Congress Regime is one that definitely needs to be the STOPPED Treaty!!!

You will not hear anyone else telling this story, especially the main stream media Ministry of Truth.

[1]This has been calculated from the total number of the 175 country's troops combined at giving Russia, US, China, India, Vietnam, North and South Korea, and Iran 2.1 million each as a cut off according to the publication 7277 proposal

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The red queen race of debt – US public debt set to pass US annual GDP. The 100 percent GDP to public debt threshold is quickly approaching.

People may not even realize that during the Great Depression, US Federal debt as a percent of GDP did not even reach 40 percent.  Part of this was because the size of government was much smaller in military, public services, and entitlements.  The only time in history that the US as a whole spent more than it produced was during World War II. That is the only time but we are now quickly approaching the 100 percent range of federal debt to GDP as a percentage.  The US Treasury and Federal Reserve are aiming to pull the economy out of the Great Recession by going into further debt.  Think about this for a few minutes.  What led the US into a major financial crisis were banks allowing people to go into too much debt buying homes, cars, and other things they clearly were not able to afford.  While the banks were bailed out courtesy of taxpayers, the central banks are aiming to go deeper into debt just to create additional bubbles.  Bankers are loving this and their profits reflect this change.  Yet as many chastise economies around the world for going too deep into debt it is likely we will hit the 100 percent threshold next year.

Take a look at the amount of debt relative to our nation’s production:
us public debt vs gdp
Does the above even look healthy to you?  Starting in the 1970s the US government thought it would be smart to simply “deficit spend” and put all expenses on the US credit card.  So for a few decades this worked but now what?  If debt was the solution to everything then why not give every American an open ended credit card with $1 million dollars pre-loaded?  It would be simple given most Americans already have a credit card.  Yet wealth is reflected by what can actually be produced and the Federal Reserve simply printing money dilutes the currency of the US.  Common sense would tell you this.

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TSA Lies Again Over Capture, Storage Of Body Scanner Images

Steve Watson
December 16, 2010
TSA Lies Again Over Capture, Storage Of Body Scanner Images 071210TSA
The TSA has once again denied that the crisp naked images produced by x-ray imaging machines can be captured and stored, a claim already shown to be false by documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.
In response to reports that former “Baywatch” star Donna D’Errico’s body scan image may be leaked into the public domain, a TSA spokesman told AOL News that it would be impossible:
“The scanners that we use are not equipped to save the images,” Nico Melendez insisted.
“There are similar scanners used by the U.S. Marshals’ office, but not the TSA.” Melendez added.
This claim has been repeated several times by TSA officials, as well as by Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano.
“The imaging technology that we use cannot store, export, print or transmit images.” Napolitano wrote in a propaganda piece last month.
As we have previously detailed, the images that show in detail the naked genitals of men, women and children that have passed through the scanners can indeed be transmitted and printed.
As reported by Declan McCullagh of CNET earlier this year, “The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that it had surreptitiously saved tens of thousands of images recorded with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint of a single Florida courthouse.”
The proof comes in the form of a letter (PDF), obtained by The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), in which William Bordley, an associate general counsel with the Marshals Service, admits that “approximately 35,314 images…have been stored on the Brijot Gen2 machine” used in the Orlando, Fla. federal courthouse.
EPIC says it has also obtained more than 100 images of electronically stripped individuals from the scanning devices used at federal courthouses. The disclosures come as part of a settlement of an EPIC Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the U.S. Marshals Service.
Brijot, the manufacturer of the body scanning equipment in question, also admits that its machine can store up to 40,000 images and records.
EPIC, has filed two further lawsuits against the Department of Homeland Security over the scanners, claiming that the DHS has refused to release at least 2,000 images it has stored from scanners currently in use in U.S. airports.
EPIC’s lawsuit argues that the body scanners violate the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits “unreasonable” searches, as well as the Privacy Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, referencing religious laws about modesty.
The group points to a further document (PDF) it has obtained from DHS showing that the machines used by the department’s TSA are not only able to record and store naked body images, but that they are mandated to do so.
The TSA has admitted that this is the case, but claims that it is for training and testing purposes only, maintaining that the body scanners used at airports cannot “store, print or transmit images”.
This was confirmed in a letter sent to Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security,  at approximately the same time the government initially claimed the machines are safe and cannot save images. In fact, this ability is a government requirement.
“TSA requires AIT machines to have the capability to retain and export imagines (sic) only for testing, training, and evaluation purposes,” states a Homeland Security letter dated February 24, 2010 and signed by Gale D. Rossides, Acting Administrator.

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Emergency Call to Congress: Stop the Destruction of Social Security by Wall Street Puppet Obama!

Webster Tarpley
Webster G. Tarpley
December 12, 2010

Dear Senator/Congressman –
American voters are shocked and outraged by Obama’s latest betrayal of the FDR New Deal heritage. Most alarming in his dirty deal with the Republicans is the proposed sabotage of Social Security.

We will work hard to defeat any politician of any party who loots or drains the Social Security trust fund, including Obama’s diabolical trick of a payroll tax holiday. Tell Obama HANDS OFF OUR SOCIAL SECURITY! Any problems with Social Security can be easily solved by removing the cap on the FICA payroll tax and making rich parasites and economic royalists pay their fair share — not rewarding them with tax bonanzas. We can already see the GOP vultures led by Ryan, DeMint, & Co. getting ready to destroy Social Security if this measure goes through.

We demand that you use your position and influence actively, to beat back this sinister ploy by Obama.
In the Senate, any senator who does not filibuster Obama’s plan deserves to be primaried first, and then defeated at the polls.

If this rotten sellout is not stopped, House members must dump Pelosi as minority leader, rather than become parties to such monstrous treachery.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Martial Law: UK Police Chief Mulls Banning Protests

Despite police being behind provocations that enraged demonstrators, Metropolitan commissioner considers using Public Order Act to kill free speech

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
UK police chief Sir Paul Stephenson is considering whether to ask the British government to ban protest marches altogether in response to last week’s student riots, a move that would place Britain under a de facto state of martial law.

“It is one of the tactics we will look at and something we will keep under review, and if we think it is the right thing to do then we will do it,” said the Metropolitan Police commissioner.
NUS president Aaron Porter responded: “Peaceful protest is an integral part of our heritage and it is the responsibility of the police to help facilitate that.”
Although the establishment media in Britain dutifully blamed the protesters for the violent scenes witnessed during the demonstrations, it later emerged that police had been behind a number of provocations that caused the running street battles, including pulling a disabled man out of a wheelchair and dragging him across the street, as well as repeatedly beating protesters on the head with batons.
The use of “kettling” to confine protesters into a tight area has also been heavily criticized for only heightening rage amongst the demonstrators.
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Members Strip Controversial Items from Defense Bill -- Abortion, DADT, Alternate Engine Gone

In a last ditch effort to save a crucial defense spending bill, known as the Defense Authorization Act, Fox has learned that the chairmen and Ranking Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committee have agreed to strip out controversial items from the bill, including the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, federal money for abortions at military facilities, and money for an alternate engine for the F-35, a provision that engendered a White House veto threat.

"We have stripped out all the controversial language," Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said Wednesday, adding that he is "confident" the bill will be considered in the lame duck session.

A senior Senate GOP aide tells Fox, "The (bipartisan group) all signed on to the slimmed down bill. We plan on putting out a statement soon."

The legislation must pass with the unanimous approval of every member in the Senate due to the abbreviated legislative calendar, a move that the chairman called "tough," but with the bipartisan approval of the top four members of the defense panels, the chance of passage increases.

Congress has, for 49 years, passed a defense authorization bill, a popular piece of legislation that contains a pay raise for troops, money for the Armed Services Retirement Home and the Defense Health Program, and funds for education and training, among many items.

A stand-alone measure to repeal the 1993 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law, the military's ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces, is expected to pass the House Wednesday and should then be taken up by the Senate in the lame duck session. That bill appears to have the 60 votes needed for passage, though the dwindling time on the calendar could affect support. Republican supporters of repeal, like Sen. Susan Collins, R-Me., have said they support repeal but want to have time for debate and consideration of amendments by opponents of the measure.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Russian Armed Forces on High Alert Over North Korea

(MOSCOW) -- Russia announced Tuesday that its armed forces in the east are on high alert.  This comes in light of what it calls an "inadequate situation" on the Korean peninsula as tensions have increased in recent weeks between the North and South.

The head of Russia's military said they continue to follow what is happening and have taken measures to raise the forces' combat readiness.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov welcomed his North Korean counterpart to Moscow.  In the meeting, Lavrov expressed concern with North Korea's ongoing uranium enrichment activities.  He also condemned North Korea's attack on the South's Yeonpyeong Island, which has been the source of the recent increased tension.

South Korea's top nuclear official is on his way to Moscow to discuss the disclosure of North Korea's newest uranium enrichment facility and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island.

Russia joined the U.S. and others in condemning the November attack, which killed four people and brought about the highest tension on the peninsula in years.

The growing chasm between rich and poor in America

The shrinking of the American middle class is painful to watch.  Shopping at the grocery store I’ve noticed more and more people with unique debit cards that don’t look like your typical debit or credit card.  These are actually the modern day food stamps and help to take away the stigma of pulling out a pile of paper coupons.  My anecdotal observations are confirmed by the data.

Since September of 2009 we have added a stunning 6,000,000 Americans to the nationwide food assistance program.  In fact, even as some are touting how great things are in the last month we added 521,000 more Americans to the food assistance program.  Let me reiterate, we added half a million Americans to the food assistance program in the latest month of data.  Is this really what we have in mind as a recovery?

The latest data shows 43,000,000 Americans now receive food assistance.  When we chart this data out it is rather startling.

You will notice that from 2000 onward the growth in food assistance participation has shot directly up:

food stamp chart

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Wikileaks : Right or Wrong?

Mark Matheny
December 14, 2010

There is still much speculation on the reasons for Assange's arrest, the intent of wikileaks' release of thousands of classified documents, and the U.S. role in the ongoing saga of  the Wikileaks subject.

You Tube
Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly updates you on the latest developments in the situation surrounding WikiLeaks.

Senator Joe Lieberman puts the heat on Amazon

Does Wikileaks have 1st Amendment case against Lieberman?

Amazon kills Wikileaks Account

Over 1000 Mirrored sites:

Bank Freezes Julian's assets

Widespread Call for His Murder

Facebook Not removing any Wikileaks Content

Anonymous attacks PayPal in 'Operation Avenge Assange'

PayPal says State Dept Told us To.

Wikileaks defended by Anonomous Hacktivists

Operation Payback

4chan rises to defend

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Declassified Papers Show U.S. Recruited Ex-Nazis

The Nazi officer Klaus Barbie escaped to Bolivia; he and others got American help.
Sam Roberts
The New York Times
December 12, 2010
After World War II, American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped, according to thousands of newly declassified documents.

With the Soviet Union muscling in on Eastern Europe, “settling scores with Germans or German collaborators seemed less pressing; in some cases, it even appeared counterproductive,” said a government report published Friday by the National Archives.

“When the Klaus Barbie story broke, about his escaping with American help to Bolivia, we thought there weren’t any more stories like that, that Barbie was an exception,” said Norman J. W. Goda, a University of Florida professor and co-author of the report with Professor Richard Breitman of American University. “What we found in the record is that there were a fair number, and that it seems more systematic.”

In chilling detail, the report also elaborates on the close working relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who later claimed that he sought refuge in wartime Germany only to avoid arrest by the British.

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‘Huge’ stock decline — but not yet

Commentary: Adens say near term looks good, but ‘mega trend’ looks grim

Dec. 13, 2010 

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — An apocalyptic hard-money letter says party on — for now.
When I last checked with the Aden Forecast, the well-argued service edited by Costa Rican-based sisters Pamela and Mary Anne Aden, they were making one of their periodic tacks in the face of market conditions. ( See Oct. 18 column.)

The Adens expect a hyperinflationary collapse — but they also have great respect for the Federal Reserve’s ability to stave off the end, short-term. And they concluded that market action was telling them the Fed has succeeded, again.

This combination of strategic insight and tactical flexibility has worked. Over the past 12 months, the Aden Forecast is up 17.9% by Hulbert Financial Digest, versus 12.6% for the dividend-reinvested Wilshire 5000 Total Stock Market Index. Over the past three years — which includes the Crash of 2008, remember — the letter is up 6.55% annualized versus negative 5.86% annualized for the total return Wilshire 5000.
And the Adens’ success is sustained. Over the past ten years, the letter was up an annualized 9.79%, versus 1.95% annualized for the total return Wilshire 5000.

Recently, the Adens explained their thinking on market signals. They began conventionally enough:
“It’s important to remember that the markets lead. They look ahead. They’re not reacting to what’s currently happening, but to what lies ahead and for now they’re telling us that better times are coming.”
Then they took an unusual twist:
“Also important, the markets usually take a more near-term view, looking out to the next few quarters or so. And they often don’t focus on the underlying fundamentals, especially when it comes to the very long mega trends, which overpower the near-term trends. But megatrends take years or decades to evolve. In the meantime, other factors will come to center stage, as we’re currently seeing [with Fed stimulation]”.

Read the entire report

Sunday, December 12, 2010

WikiRebels: The Documentary

SVT Play
December 12, 2010

Daniel Ellsberg defends Ron Paul's statements concerning Wikileaks

Mark Matheny
December 12, 2010

It appears that our government is using Wikileaks as the skapegoat for the next phase of shutting down the internet alternative media, by accusing Julian Assange of espionage for simply uncovering information that may be more of an embarrassment to our government, than it is a threat to national security.(Here's just one of several examples and here)

Appearing on Countdown with Keith Olberman, Daniel Ellsberg, the man responsible for the release of the Pentagon papers agreed with Ron Paul's statements about Wikileaks, saying

" by the way, that's a fascinating clip you just did.. I agree with everything he said, he said it very well, I couldn't say it better, It's not the first time with Ron Paul. I often disagree with him on domestic policy... on foreign policy, on the constitution, on homeland security or invervention he speaks very well and I think what he just said was exactly right."

Ellsberg spoke in reference to Congressman Ron Paul's address on the House floor in defense of Wikileaks, where he stated in part
"The hysterical reaction makes one wonder if this is not an example of killing the messenger for the bad news. Despite what is claimed the information so far released, though classified, has caused no known harm to any individual, but it has caused plenty of embarassment to our government....

The truth gained from the Pentagon papers revealed that lies were told about the Gulf of Tonkin attack...

just as with the Vietnam war, the Iraq war was based on lies. We were never threatened with weapons of mass destruction or Alqaeda in Iraq, though the attack on Iraq was based on this false information....

Do the American people deserve to know the truth regarding the ongoing war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen?...

Why is the hostility mostly directed at Assange the publisher, and not our government's failure to protect classified information?...

Which has resulted in the greatest number of deaths - Lying us into war? or Wikileaks revelations of the release of the Pentagon papers?"
It is not yet certain if the U.S. will indict Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, on spying charges. However, In an article by Media Matters, Post Columnist Larry Burris writes
We’re pretty sure Julian Assange knew exactly what he was doing when WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of secret diplomatic cables. Although he is wrong in his assessment that there is no need for secrecy, the repercussions and confusion have spread far and wide.First, there is little evidence he has broken any laws. The relevant statute, the Espionage Act of 1917, covers unauthorized release by government officials. And most of the cables do not deal with intelligence sources and methods, so that portion of the law doesn’t apply.
What may really be a threat to both our government and the globalists bent on controlling the media in order to usher in a New World Order, however, is the fact that sites like Wikileaks are bringing hardcore and unedited truth to the masses - truth that is embarrassing and damaging to their agenda.

In an interview with Chris Anderson of back in July of 2010, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange gave in almost prophetic tune, what could be the true reason behind the U.S. government's recent decision to shut down Wikileaks:

Chris Anderson: "Julian, welcome. It's been reported that Wikileaks, your baby, has um, in the last in the last few years, has  released more classified documents than the rest of the world's media combined. Can that possibly be true?"

Julian Assange: "Yea, can it possibly be true? - it's a worry isn't it. That the rest of the world's media is doing such a bad job that a little group of activists is able to release more of that type of information than the rest of the world's press combined."

Why this is possible however, is the fact that the media is controlled by elite powers that never intend to release to the masses this type of information so damaging to their plans for world government, population reduction, feudalistic rule, etc.

A famous example of this came from the mouth of globalist David Rockefeller where he stated

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings, and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity." -David Rockefeller, June 5, 1991 speaking at a Bilderberg Meeting in Sand Germany

The problem now facing those who once controlled the flow of information is what to do with the internet revolutionaries who are now exposing their sinister plot of a "Novus Ordo Seclorum".

Even Zbigniew Breszinski has recently admitted that the world is waking up politically.

"for the first time, in all of human history, mankind is politically awakened. That's a total new reality ... it has not been so for most of human history until the last one hundred years ... and in the course of the last one hundred years, the whole world has become politically awakened. And no matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement, and most people know what is generally going on.."
No doubt this has been due to the technology and relative ease by which the truth can be told through sites such as Wikileaks,, Drudge Report,Washington's blog, Activist Post and several other sites and blogs as well.(Too many to be named here)

If Wikileaks can be shut down, and Julian Assange tried as a spy espionage agent, then there will be a door opened for the government to shut down other sites that expose their treachery, under the "cyber security - homeland security - National security" mantra.

I have read reports that say Wikileaks is everything from the greatest patriotic site to one set up by the CIA. I will not try to pretend to know everything about the site or its founder, for I do not.

However, whether we know the full truth behind Wikileak's motives for releasing these documents, one thing is certain. We must defend them in their right to continue unabated - For in defending them, we defend ourselves.

TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda

TERROR CAMPS:The Global Agenda
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Libyan Violence: Globalist Plan for the Domination of Eurasia

Left-Right Paradigm and the Coming Election

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The Obama Catholic Connection

The Globalists Plan for a Coming World Currency

Four Mega Banks Dubbed "The Four Horsemen of U.S. Banking"

New World Order Rising-Documentary

New World Order Rising-Documentary
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My Other Passions

My Other Passions
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