Monday, February 25, 2013

High Crimes – Corporate Rule, 9/11, and the Death of Chris Dorner

Global Research
February 23, 2013

 “The tactics that he [Dorner] employed are straight out of a special operations warbook. What special operations people have done for the CIA ….they have compiled enormous amounts of information, largely done by the CIA on the family members of political targets that the agency or the United States government wanted to influence and/or control or neutralize and he employed exactly those same tactics, he fought the way he was trained and that’s another reason why he was so dangerous. He probably would have talked about that had he gone to trial.”  -Michael C Ruppert
Christopher Jordan Dorner died February 12 during a deadly exchange with police in the Big Bear Forest in the San Bernadino Mountains of California.
The cabin he was in at the time had erupted in flames.
Officials, after recovering his charred remains, identified the cause of death as a single bullet to the head.
Questions have surfaced about the circumstances of his death, and particularly the fire which engulfed the cabin he was in. While the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department denies setting the blaze, there exists on police scanners audio in which officers can distinctly be heard calling for the ‘plan’ to be implemented and to ‘burn the f—ing house down.’
A highly decorated, honorably discharged naval reserves officer, Dorner put up an online manifesto explaining his one man war against the LAPD.
He had explained the culture of racism, sadism, and extra-judicial killings and other criminal behaviour that infests the department. He himself was fired after attempting to report the brutal behaviour of a fellow officer only to be accused of lying about the incident. He maintains that he was basically fired for “being an honest cop.”
One individual who finds Dorner’s allegations of injustice in the LAPD credible is investigative journalist, author and radio host Michael Ruppert. Ruppert, a former LAPD narcotics officer tried to expose the CIA trafficking of drugs in 1977 only to be forced out of the LAPD in ’78. Ruppert notes that he had high ratings reports at the time and no pending disciplinary actions against him.
Ruppert correctly predicted that Dorner would likely not be apprehended alive.
In this interview with Global Research News Hour, discusses Dorner’s story, the anomalies around his death and why he thinks the LAPD wanted him dead, and why the Dorner story threatens to crack the foundation of the US police state.

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