Thursday, May 10, 2012

DHS Signs in BMV Call for Reporting "Suspicious Activity"

Mark Matheny
May 10, 2012

While going to the BMV yesterday, I got to see signs from the DHS calling for Americans to report "suspicous" activity while waiting on their new drivers license, or new plates perhaps.

This BMV is located on Broad Street, Columbus Ohio, and also happens to be where a Fusion Center is located. The Fusion Center is called SAIC ( Strategic Analysis Information Center). According to, SAIC
serves as a secure central fusion process for the collection, filtering, analysis anddissemination of terrorism-related information. The SAIC integrates existing local, state, federal,public and private sectors. 
The resulting analysis is distributed not from the point of view of anyone agency, but from a neutral homeland security perspective.

The theme on the upper portion of the poster is that of the 19 supposed hijackers of the false flag operation carried out on 9/ 11/ 2001.

The real purpose behind these posters and programs such as "See Something-Say something" is to instill fear and paranoia among Americans, and to deter them from becoming active against the corruption in government.

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