Friday, May 11, 2012

Constitutional Convention Hearing in the OhioHouse on May 15th!

Mark Matheny
May 11, 2012
News Alert

“We oppose a Con Con because the subject matter cannot be controlled and we have no guarantee that we can win state ratification fights if changes to the Constitution are offered. We fear, instead that in today’s climate of radical socialism and American ignorance about the Constitution that this is the worst possible time in our nation’s history to start to mess with the greatest governing document of all time. We will continue to oppose any and all attempts to do that, no matter how noble the reason for the call. Our intention is to protect the Constitution.”
           – Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

According to a recent email I received, there will be a "Con-Con" hearing on May 15th. the mail reads:

Dear Friends: The House Con-Con bill (HJR3) will come up for proponent and opponent testimony and possible vote again at the State Government and Elections Committee Hearing this coming Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 1:30pm in Statehouse Room 116.  This is the third hearing and a vote very well may happen this time. The bill is being promoted by and they have flown in State legislators to speak on behalf of the legislation.  Attached is the agenda.
WAYS YOU CAN TAKE ACTION: 1.) Testify at the committee hearing:  If you would like to testify before the committee hearing in opposition to this resolution, you can show up early and fill out a testimony form.  
If you want to submit written testimony along with your verbal testimony, you will need to either bring 50 copies or email it in advance to Chairman Ron Maag’s legislative aid: Samantha Cotton at  Please do not send her anything other than the written statement you will be using in your testimony. You can get a wealth of information for ideas on what to say in your testimony using the Dangers and Resources pages at  2.) Call the committee members: and request that they vote no at the upcoming vote.  Attached is the text of the legislation as well as the contact information for the members of the committee.

Along with the email were PDFs of the Committee notice:

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Here's how to take action:
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Go to  to educate yourself on the dangers of a constitutional convention, then contact your representative at .

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