Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Were Threats and Murder Used To Get Obama Elected in 2008

April 10, 2012

Recently, Heather Childers, a TV correspondent for Fox news was reprimanded. It was not because she had uttered a mistake, a falsehood, nor had she enraged any viewers by the use of racial epithets. None of the above. Heather Childers had simply stated, in a tweet, an allegation based upon the testimony of her sources, which is no different than any other reporter does when writing an article or revealing news content in front of a camera. Heather, as a matter of fact, had a very good source with which to quote. Fox has been amazingly quiet on the Obama eligibility scandal. This tends to justify allegations that all segments of the US news media have been complicit in a blackout on this story.
Eligibility A Problem From The Very Start

The story involved the revelation that the Clinton family, back in 2008, had been threatened over revealing the blatant discrepancies in the Constitutional eligibility question on then Senator Barack Hussein Obama. In her bid to seek the presidency in 2008, Hillary Clinton had been campaigning along with the support of former President Bill Clinton. Among many witnesses it was common knowledge at that time that Obama lacked the true qualifications of citizenship that would have disqualified him from having the Constitutional requirements to assume of the office of president of the United States of America.
Media Matters Suppresses Obama Eligibility Issue

Heather Childers got this story from the testimony given by Bettina Sofia Viviano, well known Hollywood producer, who had interviewed many of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers about the 2008 election intimidation. It seems that shortly after tweeting about the controversy so well described by Hillary Clinton’s camp, and documented by Viviano, Heather Childers of Fox, had a complaint which was registered by Ari Rabin-Havt, of Media Matters against her employer; Fox news. Soon an apology of sorts was publicly issued by Sr. VP of Fox Michael Clemente as well as a reprimand of Childers over the tweet.
Death Threats Materialize

The accusations made by those people interviewed by Bettina Viviano indicate that Bill Clinton, who had planned to publicly announce that the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama would not pass Constitutional muster if the public knew that he was not a legal citizen was, in effect, suppressed by a death threat.

First levied against William Jefferson Clinton, who planned to go on with the announcement anyway until another threat was targeted at his daughter, Chelsea. That effectively crushed the attempt at revealing the truth about Obama, and revealed one more tactic drawn from his dirty playbook of bare knuckle style, old fashioned Chicago, dirty politics. Prior to this last tactic of intimidation, Clinton had already been making innuendos and cracking little jokes about Obama’s questionable eligibility. Of course, Bill Clinton’s motives weren’t purely patriotic, he was trying to get his wife elected, but to make false accusations would not have helped and only have hurt Hillary’s chances. However, according to insiders, Clinton’s knowledge and proof were enough to elicit death threats from Obama’s camp.
White House Uses George Soros For Billions In Support of Conservative Attacks

One must understand that Media Matters which originally professed to be a political review publication has now morphed into a leftist attack dog outfit aimed at silencing Fox news and its conservative political commentary. Funded by radical socialist billionaire, George Soros, Media Matters has stepped up to bat for the Obama re-election using heavy handed influence and ambush journalism wherever possible to squelch political opposition to leftist cause. Even Politico acknowledged that Media Matters does not operate like an ethical reporting firm when it targets and suppresses other organizations for their political differences in ideology.
Testimony Points To  Obama Campaign Stealing The Election

As the story goes behind the proof of deadly threats and intimidation by the Obama camp, Michelle Thomas, a professional Hollywood photographer, who worked for Hillary Clinton testified that she had been threatened many times. She eventually quit her job with the Clinton campaign to collect 398 notarized signatures of delegates who supported Hillary Clinton and would be submitted to the Democratic National Convention for a super delegate floor vote.

According to Michelle Thomas she witnessed Obama’s people stealing the election by obtaining control of caucus packages by stealing votes and threatening the opposition beginning in Nevada. She was quickly convinced that she was needed as an activist in order to try and fight back against the criminal actions being undertaken by the methodic campaign of intimidation employed by Obama’s election organization. This occurred as the American mass media simply ignored that the blatant violation of lawful conduct that was being waged.

It soon became apparent to Michelle Thomas and others that Hillary Clinton would simply never be elected by the Democratic Party even though Obama did not have the number of necessary delegates to qualify as the nominated presidential candidate. Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi even changed the rules of the campaign process to further aid Obama’s ascension. When the primaries for Florida and Michigan were moved up, thus disrupting Hillary Clinton’s campaign timetable, precious delegates due to the unethical rule change. Harold Ickes, the campaign manager for Clinton went into an angry rage and fired a blistering verbal attack at the DNC for the obvious rule violations being condoned. He characterized the affair as the theft of the Democratic process of the US electoral system.
Two Martyrs In Obama's Rise To Power

Two alleged casualties of the Clinton’s bid for the 2008 election were Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney, close friend of Bill Clinton, and Stephanie Tubbs. Gwatney was gunned down in the Democrat headquarters office by a lone gunman. Stephanie Tubbs, a 58 year old black US representative from Ohio, supposedly succumbed to a brain aneurism. How coincidental it was that both Hillary Clinton supporters died at such opportune times.

With 398 notarized delegate signatures ready to be counted and 600,000 Michigan voters who did not support Obama which would be forcibly thrown to support him, a Democratic candidate for the presidency. Delegates were not counted on the floor instead Barack Hussein Obama was elected by universal acclamation before such a count could take place. According to testimony death threats and intimidation were the preferred method of choice used by Obama’s campaign as the US press corps turned a blind eye to the corruption of the American electoral process.

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