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Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Unraveling By The Minute In 2012

The Manning Report
February 1, 2012
You Tube

Editor's Note: Since this interview, the court ruled that Obama will be on the ballot in Georgia in the coming election. :

On February 7, Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp adopted Judge Malihi's final decision on the ballot challenges -- Obama's name will appear on the Georgia 2012 ballot.
The deception continues.... 

Feb 1, 2012
I have stayed away from the birth certificate issue, because I have worried about it being part of a dis-info campaign to keep focus off seemingly more important criminal matters. No longer. I cannot in good conscience ignore the obvious unfolding truth ongoing in a Georgia courtroom as this powerful "Manning Report" re-airs on my channel. The proof of treasonous fraud is so compelling that I cannot ignore this issue any longer.

The much-maligned "Birthers", so-called by the mainstream media, have been villified and margainalized for 4 years, and yet - to their credit - they have persevered through a campaign to destroy the reputation of anyone who dared question Obama's Constitutional authority to be President of the "United States" (sic) based upon his citizenship (the lack there of).

A tipping point has been reached, which leaves no doubt about the veracity of Obama's recently released "long form" birth certificate - that is, it has no veracity. Obama's Hawaiian "long form" birth certificate is a complete fabrication and of this there can be no shred of doubt. And I do now believe that this FACT could well set in motion a series of events that leads to not only Obama's Impeachment, but to the re-establishment of freedom in America, the end of illegal wars, the end of illegal and unconstitutional usurpations by the corporate government of the United States and its subsidiaries.

Can the oft-villified "birthers" become history's unexpected heroes? Stay tuned.

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