Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Media: America Doesn’t Want Your New Race War

Patrick Henningsen
April 11, 2012
America has come a very long way in very short period of time, in terms of racial integration and understanding.
But that hard-fought progress is currently under threat, but not from rogue neighbourhood watchmen, as we are led to believe by our media’s divisive coverage and commentary on events surrounding the tragic shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.
In bothg the media and political classes, there exist individuals who are seemingly addicted to crisis opportunity, and whose shallow efforts threaten to set this the country back 30 or 50 years in its social development.
Like fast food, they will use cheap techniques like race-baiting, and tabloid sensationalism to score cheap ratings and even cheaper political points, their reckless efforts fly in the face of every fundamental principle which the United States was founded upon, principles which each generation has fought , in some way or another, to improve upon over the last 250 years.
The George Zimmerman case has been seized upon by the charlatans, the political classes and the media manipulators – as their latest vehicle for dividing Americans into their respective camps, mainly along the lines of ethnicity, insisting that Martin’s death was caused by ‘racial profiling’ – when no evidence beyond anecdotal has been presented to date to support such an accusation. here we witness both the media and politicians alike, working in concert, to construct the illusion of a race war in America.
But this is only the beginning.
Amidst all the hype and media circus promoted by the likes of NBC, CNN, FOX and and foundation-funded talking heads like Al Sharpton, and even President Obama who injected flammable material into the conversation early on with his comment, “If I had a son, he’s look like Trayvon Martin”- there exists a a dark Zeitgeist, trend, or a wave forming, which is obviously and overwhelmingly antagonistic – and ultimately designed to divide and rule.

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