Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Qetz Ha Yamim "The End of Days"

By Mark Matheny
February 22, 2012

Humanity has lost it's way, and now the price we must pay is on the horizon. Respect for our fellow man, and respect for the Creator of the Universe have both grown cold.

Greed and lust for power has taken over, and those who have gained the highest seats in the High Tower of control have decided that those below are not worthy of this thing called freedom and self determination.

They have, as the bible states, "sought out many inventions", and those inventions have through the annals of history been primarily used to destroy - not build.

There is a cosmic stirring in the universe, between the forces of evil against the infinite Force of Righteousness, and soon it shall manifest across the lands, hills, valleys, and even the seas of the planet earth.

It will be a time like none other - a time spoken of since the recorded history of mankind. The day is passing, and the night is coming when no man can work.

We have seen the effects of the darkness. The misery. The death. The destruction.

And yet we seem to welcome the coming final darkness with a lusting desire. We seem to call out for the darkness to engulf us, through the ways of our own selfishness.

We have a light that has been given, but we shun it as though it were poison, though it be the very fountain of life.

We deny it's warmth and look instead to the eternal damnation that we have made for ourselves!

We have only ourselves to blame if we deny the Light given!Black Fire on White Fire! Revealed on Har MorYah!!

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