Monday, February 15, 2016

MORE FIGHTING As Saudis and Turks Attack Syria

Super Station 95
February 15, 2016

 UPDATE 2:45 AM Eastern US Time -- Turkish drones suspected of penetrating Syrian airspace over northern #Aleppo to find additional targets for artillery strikes.

UPDATE 3:19 AM Eastern US Time -- After the Syrian Army cut off supplies line between Aleppo and the Turkish border, Syrian militants received new supplies of ground-to-ground missiles from "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's foreign enemies," two militant commanders told Reuters.

According to a source, the missiles have a range of 20 kilometers.

Recently, government forces won one of their biggest victories in the five-year-long war, having cut off supply lines from the Turkish border to militants in Aleppo.

The news came after the Munich security conference agreed on a ceasefire in Syria on February 12, which would be secured by Russia and the US.

"It is excellent additional fire power for us," one of the commanders said. The other commander said the missiles would be used to hit army positions beyond the front line.
This is yet more proof that the Intentions of Turkey and Saudi Arabia (and their allies) is NOT to "fight ISIS" but rather to assist rebels to overthrow the lawfully elected President (Assad) of Syria.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey have been working WITH "ISIS" and rebels to destroy Syria and overthrow its government. 

 UPDATE 3:25 AM Eastern US Time -- U.S.A urges turkey - in the strongest terms - to stop shelling northern Syria.
Turkey and Saudi Arabia say they will step up operations and send in ground troops if no resolution found.

 Update 3:27 AM  Eastern US Time -- Turkey once again commences shelling Northern Syrian territory held by Kurdish backed militia for second day 

 UPDATE 3:29 AM Eastern US Time -- 2 killed & 9 wounded due to the Turkish artillery shells in Minneg airport, northern Syria.

UPDATE 3:47 AM Eastern US Time -- Saudi Arabia confirms its jets have arrived at Incirlik airbase, Turkey.  Also says they will be meeting soon to "finalize details" of ground operations.

 UPDATE 3:56 AM Eastern US Time -- Retired US Air Force General Clyde Simmons has told SuperStation95 "I couldn't imagine how Turkish and Saudi pilots would feel about flying into a nation whose entire airspace is defended with Russian S-400 missiles. Do they know the range of these things can hit Saudi and Turkish aircraft from INSIDE Turkey and Saudi Arabia right now if the order was given?

Either this threat of a ground invasion is completely empty or the US is going in too, with stealth aircraft on orders to take out every single Russian S-400 prior to Turkish and Saudi troops moving in.

Any other plan to invade Syria is a complete suicide mission."

 UPDATE 4:30 AM Eastern US Time -- Phone call between Putin and Obama to discuss the situation in Syria
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a VERY bad thing.  When the President of one country calls the President of the United States at 4:30 in the morning over military activities (anywhere) it is very urgent and very serious.  NO ONE does that sort of thing over nonsense; it is always a major, serious event if it warrants rousting one President out of bed in the middle of the night.  In political circles, it simply is not done ---- unless war is at stake.  THis phone call seems to be a harbinger of very dangerous things to come.

 UPDATE 4:45 AM Eastern US Time -- YPG ally "Jaish al Thuwar": Turkey's shelling won't force us to retreat; we are advancing towards Til Rifaat; our aim to reach ISIS territories and fight them

 UPDATE 4:49 AM Eastern US Time -- President Obama and President Putin agree to intensify diplomatic cooperation in phone call, Kremlin says


UPDATE 5: 00 AM eastern US Time --  #Turkey has reportedly carried out its first airstrike targeting #YPG terrorists in North Aleppo. says Erdogan

 UPDATE 5:01 AM Eastern US Time -- Turkish artillery is now striking the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in Marnaz and Menagh airbase and village.

 UPDATE 5:02 AM Eastern US Time -- Turkey military is digging trenches in southeastern city Nusaybin on #Syria border across #Qamishli

 UPDATE 5:13 AM Eastern US Time -- Race to Raqqa: Saudis Move Troops to Turkey as Syria, Russia Advance on ISIS Stronghold 
If Assad takes Raqqa, Turkey and Saudi Arabia would have to think up a new excuse to invade Syria. It's now a race against time.


 UPDATE 5:38 AM Eastern US Time -- "Moscow supports not Bashar Assad in person, but friendly ties with the Syrian state. At the same time there is no other legitimate head of state in Syria today, except Assad.  Attempts to oust Assad would lead to greater mess in the region. Russian prime minister also considers ground operation a bad idea since it might lead to a full-scale war."

 UPDATE 5:38 AM Eastern US Time -- PYD (political wing Kurdish YPG) rejects demand for evacuation of Mennegh airbase, says Syrians will confront any intervention by Turkey.

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