Monday, February 15, 2016

Many Question Scalia's Death as Suspicious

Angry Patriot
February 15, 2016

As you know by now, Justice Scalia passed away over the weekend. As more details are revealed, things are starting to take an odd turn as to the actual cause of his death. These theories are getting a lot of steam, so I would be remiss by not discussing them with you.
Just prior to his death, a climate change initiative was put in front of the Supreme Court.This climate change initiative was blocked by a vote of 5-4, with Scalia’s vote being the swing vote to block it.
When the legislation was blocked, The Hill did an in-depth article as to why this was so devastating to the Obama administration. The Clean Power Plan was to be part of Obama’s legacy, and the administration was not happy at all it was blocked.
In effect, if the administration fails to have this legislation passed, a major platform position of Obama will be a complete failure, significantly damaging his legacy.
So, how does this tie into the Justice’s death?
There are currently some very strong conspiracy theories going around, one of which I will address later today. These theories surround the suspicious manner in which the judge was found as well as there being no autopsy performed to give a cut and dry cause of death.
I hate to say it, but it wreaks of some type of cover up. The one thing that has me completely puzzled is why his family is not allowing an autopsy to be performed. It just baffles me!
Do we need to look further into this? I think we have to because of the circumstances surrounding his death and the events leading up to it.
Did Obama resort to something horrific to get his agenda pushed through before he leaves office? The American in me wants to refuse to believe something like this could happen today. But I honestly just don’t know.
What do you think about Justice Scalia’s death? Do you think Obama was up to no good? Please share the story on Facebook and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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