Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is Trump Antisemitic? Many on Face Book think so......

Mark Matheny
February 20, 2016

Many people are posting this clip on Face Book  saying Trump is antisemitic and is against Israel. He said nothing of the sort. He stated that the Palestinians train their children from childhood to hate Israel. He also merely stated that of all deals to be made, this will be the hardest, and maybe even impossible. He went on to say a couple times during the interview that he would be willing to "give it one hell of a shot". He wants to stay neutral as to who is wrong or right so that if he becomes President, he can go into the negotiations with out any stigma from either side. This is not antisemitic. You don't telegraph your moves ahead of any deal. Stop jumping on every statement as a pretext to attack Trump. I am very pro Israel and I agree with his statement.

Trump has in previous statements supported Israel, and has condemned the way Obama and the current administration has neglected Israel.

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