Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fulfillment of Psalm 83, the Ten Kings Seek to Destroy Israel

Mark Matheny
July 3, 2014

Mark Matheny discusses developments in the Middle East leading to the rise of the "ten kings" of revelation that give their "power unto the beast for one hour" also in fulfillment of Psalm their desire to wipe out Israel.

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(This prediction is my opinion based on 22 years of Biblical studies and current events.)

The U.S. is financing ISIS and affiliated Al Qeada groups in to create the "crisis" in the region which will then prompt Israel and the moderate Arab nations to join forces in eradicating them. I also believe this was the reason for the U.S. troop pull out of Iraq, in order to give way for the ISIS group to then infiltrate Iraq to bring on the "crisis" in the region.

The Moderate Countries that will make an agreement with Israel to fight against ISIS and Al Qeada groups will be :
*Saudi Arabia (who is financing Northern Lebanon who is then buying weapons from France)
*Syria (Assad Regime)
*Turkey (Although ISIS operation is being ran out of a U.S. military base which trains them)
These are the "Ten Kings" of Revelation 17 and Psalm 83.

After these nations subjugate and defeat these Terrorists, they will ultimately turn against Israel. (Psalm 83:2-5)

Europe and the U.S. along with Saudi Arabia will then war with Iran, and will more than likely dominate... (Daniel 11:40) 

Countries that side with Iran will be Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia against the West, but they will be defeated as well. (Daniel 11:43)

however, ....
Russia and China, being friendly with Iran and Syria, will then seek to come against the Western powers which will culminate in World War III.... (Daniel 11:44)

***I forgot to mention Jordan in the radio show, but Jordan will be among the moderate Arab nations that make the agreement with Israel to fight the Terrorist groups, i.e. ISIS and other affiliated Al Qeada groups.***

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