Monday, June 30, 2014

Are U.N. Troops Amassing in the U.S. For Coming Crisis?

Mark Matheny
June 30, 2014

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order … tomorrow they will be grateful.” -Attributed to Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting

I am writing this report, not as a confirmed statement of fact, but in order to make you aware that disturbing reports about U.N. intervention along the border, or in preparation for economic collapse, have been circulating on the internet.

One example is a recent You Tube video showing U.N. armored vehicles being transported on flatbed trucks in South Georgia:

Then there are also photos out of Claiborne Texas, which shows U.N. vehicles driving on the freeway:

Without a doubt, these are U.N. armor-type vehicles. The question is, what are they doing here in the U.S.?

It has been recently reported in the New American that the U.N. is preparing to establish a U.S. based "Disarmament Specialist", in order to :
Act as a Focal Point for DDR [Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration] components for 2-3 missions, responsible for planning, support to implementation and evaluation;
Advise, develop and review (as appropriate) initial DDR functional strategy and concept of operations for further development into a full programme by the DDR component and the National DDR Commission; 
Provide Headquarters support in planning the civilian and military logistics support for DDR; 
Continually review DDR programme strategy and implementation through relevant documents, reports and code cables; 
Conduct field missions to assess implementation of established DDR programmes; 
Identify potential problems and issues to be addressed and suggest remedies to DDR units in the field; and
Liaise with others (UN, regional organizations [sic] and Member States) providing DDR training.
The same article stated:
From the UN’s Programme of Action and Arms Trade Treaty, to his own executive orders, Obama is pursuing every available avenue toward de facto repeal of the Second Amendment and the God-given right to keep and bear arms that it protects.
In simple terms, the U.N. based headquarters will help in gun confiscation:
 Could it be also that the rapid militarization of local law enforcement in the United States could be another tactic in the piecemeal, surreptitious deployment of “troops” capable of carrying out a forcible forfeiture of firearms?As reported by the National Rifle Association’s Ginny Simone, there are those on the inside who have raised the warning voice. Simone reports that in 2012, Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, a U.S. delegate to the UN Small Arms Conference, revealed that the UN’s ultimate goal is to disarm all Americans in the name of global peace and an end to armed violence.“In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy,” Whittlesey said. “They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.”
The United Nations is seeking to base this office in New York City.

In 2012 an article at Infowars describes how it will be foreign troops more likely who would be willing to carry through with any such plans for gun confiscation here on U.S. soil:
Many American troops are patriots who understand their oaths to uphold the Constitution, so they can’t be counted upon to confiscate guns. But foreign troops are another story.
Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, if ratified, provides for foreign “assistance to implement the Treaty,” and mandates that nations who canprovide requested support must do so if requested by member nations. That includes legal, financial, technical as well as “material” assistance to enforce a treaty that declares “recreational, cultural, historical and sporting activities” to be the “exclusively” recognized reasons for lawful private ownership, and which further recognizes the “inherent rights” of the State (i.e. nations under the treaty) to self-defense, but makes no mention of the rights of the individual.
So, is this the reason for U.N. vehicles being spotted here in the Southern regions of the United States? It's hard to say, but this could be a possible reason.

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