Monday, June 24, 2013

Hiding Inflation: Paying more -Getting Less

Mark Matheny
June 24, 2013

Have you noticed the size of the packages at your local food store lately? In order for companies to hide the effects of inflation (the printing and adding of money into the supply of money), companies are simply reducing the amount of ounces given, and still charging the same price. This hides the price increase of the product, which is really just due to the fact that the Dollar is being destroyed through the printing press that runs day and night at the Federal Reserve........

This from Dallas News:

While some people may believe printing money is creating wealth for free, it is not. Somebody has to pay.
To deny that “would imply revenues could be raised for free, which would imply that wealth could be created by printing more money,” Grice said. If someone were to just drop dollars from a helicopter, those closest to the helicopter would feel richer.
They would take the money and buy more goods and services, which would in turn increase demand for those goods and services and result in higher prices. In other words, those farthest from the helicopter would pay the price through reduced spending power.
Eventually, the money dropped from the Federal Reserve into the financial system will push up the prices for the goods and services we all need. Those closest to the money — banks, financiers and hedge fund managers — feel richer, but the rest of us wouldn’t because we eventually will have to pay for it with higher prices.
“Impoverishing a group in such an opaque, clandestine and underhanded way … is not only unjust but dangerous and potentially destructive,” Grice writes. -  March 31, 2013

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