Saturday, June 29, 2013

Agenda 21: A Baby Boomer Rant

Global Political Awakening
Samm Simpson
June 29, 2013

I don’t watch TV because of lying charlatans.  And ads telling people what pill to ask for while detailing those deadly side effects from that medicine you’re supposed to ask for. TV is a multi-tasking wonder:  babysitter, entertainment, propaganda information control center. Today’s digital and aural implants maneuver their magic as brain washer, social engineer and in-home beast.  I stopped watching TV after George Clooney left ER.  Does that mean I’m out of touch?

Glad my Toyota still runs. Getting the oil changed every 3000 miles helped.  My odometer has clocked 287,541 miles, which means I’ve driven around the earth over ten times. All that driving and all that gasoline. Industry didn’t build refineries; our government deposed Mossadegh and made deals with the Saudis and so much more, then folks got green and decided on ethanol.  Genetically engineered corn is bad for your gut and your car. And it’s bad for those cows in Germany who died after eating it.  About a month ago, I stopped at a station in South Carolina that had non-ethanol gas.  I filled the tank and it was $40.  But hey, isn’t oil actually abiotic and peak oil just another myth?

Before that second plane on 9/11 I was asking, “Where is Norad?” When buildings dissolved into dust, I was thinking, “controlled demolition.” Most likely it was a combination of small nukes in the basement, thermite, maybe energy weapons; and those planes were just to add a little confusion. Probably remote controlled. Some say they were holograms.  Building 7’s late-day implosion destroyed tens of thousands of records from the IRS, SEC, CIA, and the Secret Service.  A  select group of sociopaths knows the truth, maybe a few Bilderbergers, some Mossad and Dick Cheney.  Did he sell his soul to the devil??

The real war on terror is in the homes of America.  Mostly it’s against women and children.  Well, the real war on terror is in the wombs of America.

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