Monday, May 27, 2013

Repost: Heroes and More.....

Heroes And More......

Mark Matheny
May 28, 2012

"Every fallen soldier is a hero in my book..... but those sending them are the cowards...."
-Mark Matheny

Today is the day when we look back to remember those who have fallen in the horrors of war. Each man and woman who has put their life in danger to secure the blessings of liberty is a hero in my book.

Though the wars are now illegal, and used to fatten the military industrial complex, the soldiers are the ones who see the pain and anguish of the battle. The ones who make it back never truly leave the battlefield, for it remains in their memories.

For those who have not seen war, no documentary or testimony can ever bring the reality to them. Experience is the only real way of knowing.

It is shameful when media whores and gatekeepers attack the soldier who is on the field, simply fighting for the cause of Liberty, and family. War is sometimes necessary, and sometimes not -  but those who actually fight the battle, do so in order to keep us free. Those who send them most always do so in order to enslave, kill, steal and destroy.

One day war will come to an end, and true peace will reign in the earth. We will then beat our swords into plowshares, and the nations shall know war no more.

Until that time, men and women will continue to fall upon lonely battlefields.

Families will continue to mourn, and there will be those who fatten their coffers on the bodies of those heroes who sacrificed.

Henry Kissinger once said something to this effect...

"Soldiers are just dumb animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy", and while this may be partly true, it is only true because our nation has been educated in the ways of war, but in the ways of peace we have been ignorant.

I only know that my heart remembers the sacrifice of those fallen..... but more than that - it absolutely breaks for those who still have yet to fall.

Get our soldiers home!!! Lift up your voices and bring them home Now!!!!

I'm tired of seeing so many fallen Heroes....

Veteran Mark Matheny

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