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Newt Gingrich Autographs Bohemian Grove Picture

Mark Matheny
July 11, 2012

"I am not happy about the rebirth of the Jesuits. Swarms of them will present themselves under more disguises ever taken by even a chief of the Bohemians, as printers, writers, publishers, school teachers, etc. If ever an association of people deserved eternal damnation, on this earth and in hell, it is this society of Loyola [The Jesuits]." (John Adams, 1816). - Edmund Paris, The Vatican against Europe, trans. A. Robson, London, 1961, p. 75.

Has Newt Gingrich ever attended the Bohemian Club and its bizarre ceremonies? Yes he most certainly has. Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange approached Newt at a book signing, and with proof in hand, asked Newt to autograph a picture.

The picture Newt autographed was one of himself  taken at the Bohemian Resort in California.
After signing the picture, newt realizing what he had just done, then hurriedly walked away, refusing to answer any more questions.

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Known as Bohemian Grove, the 2,700 acre campground belongs to a San francisco - based men's club known as the "Bohemian Club."

According to Wikipedia :
The Bohemian Club's all-male membership includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials (including many former U.S. presidents), senior media executives, and people of power.
 The Club motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here," which implies that outside concerns and business deals are to be left outside. When gathered in groups, Bohemians usually adhere to the injunction, though discussion of business often occurs between pairs of members.[2] Important political and business deals have been developed at the Grove.[5] The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Projectplanning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb. Those attending this meeting, apart from Ernest Lawrence and military officials, included the president of Harvard and representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric. Grove members take particular pride in this event and often relate the story to new attendees.[2]
The Cremation of Care is a ritual performance undertaken at the yearly Bohemian Grove club, where a mock child sacrifice is made to an approximate 40ft stone owl. The ritual involves club members, often high ranking businessmen and politicians, cremating (getting rid of) their care (moral compass) in order to clear their conscience for the year ahead.
Presumably the cremation of care is conducted because club members will be involved in unethical business deals and corrupt political decisions in the coming year and want to rid themselves of any internal guilt. This most likely just being symbolic.[source] 

There are many statues and symbols at the Bohemian Grove. One of the statues not mentioned much is the statue called "Saint Nepomuk".

The Bohemian Grove has many Vatican ties that isn’t shown much even in
some of the alternative media. Saint John of Nepomuk (in Bohemia) is the
Patron saint of the Grove. Nepomuk in some stories refused to tell the
confessional secrets of Queen Johanna of Bohemia to King Wenceslaus IV of
the Bohemians (He was also King of the then Holy Roman Empire). John of
Nepomuk was killed in 1393 according to a legend. King Rudoph II of Bohemia
was another occultist in the 1500's. There is even an old Bohemian Grove
picture of a Mass being performed there. Hence a Vatican/Bohemian Grove link
is there. Both George W. Bush John Kerry are related to Borivoj I and Saint
Ludmila, who are the oldest rulers of Bohemia. Nepomuk is pictured (in a wood
carving) with an index finger near his mouth. He wears cleric robes. This
symbolizes secrecy. The Jesuits canonized Nepomuk as a means to
continue their wicked Counter-Reformation. Ironically, there is a place
called “Old Bohemia.” Old Bohemia is also called St. Francis Xavier
Church, which was founded by Rev. Thomas Mansell in 1704. This place is a
large Jesuit plantation in Cecil County, Maryland (since Maryland back in the
1700’s was an outpost of Papal influence). It’s one of the oldest permanent
Catholic institutions in America. The Bohemia Academy was created in 1745 by
Jesuit Thomas Pulton (which was attended by Roman Catholic Charles Carroll of
Carrolton). Charles Carroll was a signer of the Declaration of Independence (His
cousin John Carroll was the first Catholic bishop in the United States).

Old Bohemia is now a famous historical site. The Vatican have been involved in evils for centuries as we all know. These are interesting connections. There is also the Vatican connection to sexual abuse and child slavery. Again, this is a taboo subject for the disinformation folks. The CIA and certain members of the U.S. government were caught in child sex trafficking rings in the U.S. These evil acts include the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch, who vanished without a trace in 1982. Former Republican Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp wrote a book, entitled “The Franklin Cover-Up.” In it, he wrote that Paul Bonacci was an eyewitness to the rape and ritualistic murder of a young boy named Nicholas in the Bohemian Grove at the summer of 1984. Bonacci created notes of the sick incident. There is one connection to abuse scandals in the 1980's that doesn't receive much attention. That link is that Vatican role in such scandals. For example, Boystown in the 1980's was caught in child abuse. John DeCamp (he was an ex-aide of the Knight of Malta CIA boss William Colby) wrote about this scandal and the Franklin child sex abuse case.  
 Lawrence King was convicted for his involvement in the Franklin sex abuse case. Also, Roman Catholic priests abused many of the boys at Boystown.
It would be ironic that John DeCamp was becoming a Catholic priest. The
overseer of Boystown was the Roman Catholic Monsignor Robert Hupp.
According to DeCamp Monsignor was the only Catholic priest to be
appointed as a delegate to the United Nations. The Vatican has supported
the U.N. since its inception. One example is how Pope Paul VI (Montini) who
stated that the United Nations was "the last great hope for mankind.“ DeCamp
visited and talked to the then Cardinal Ratzinger about the archdiocese of
Omaha Nebraska's involvement in the pedophilia at Boystown. A judge forced
DeCamp (who had an audience with the Pope) to take the Arch Diocese off
the lawsuit. This information is omitted from the “Conspiracy of Silence"
documentary (which was produced by John DeCamp) that was to air May 3,
1994 on the Discovery Channel. It's easy to decipher that the Roman Catholic
Church was involved in child abuse for a long time. The Vatican boasts
over 1 billion members worldwide including 1.7 million Knights of
Columbus in the USA. Ted Gunderson writes about similar subject matter
(like about Satanists), but unfortunately doesn't outline the Vatican's role in
the sexual abuse of young children. Also, Ted L. Gunderson supported
Sylvia Browne, who is a pro-Gnostic psychic. Human trafficking is a global
occurrence that has been exposed by conservatives, liberals, and
independents. Stealing children and banning innocent behavior among
parents and children were key duties of sick dictatorships like in Nazi
Germany and the Soviet Union. Even in the 21st century, Dyncorp and the
U.N. have been caught being involved in sex rings or some of the U.N.
peacekeepers doing sexual assaults against women of the Third World.[source] 

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Catholic Mass being held at the Bohemian Grove (Click Pic to View Larger) 

Some of our Presidents and Representatives who have attended the secretive and sadistic meetings are:
Arnold Schwarzenegger,

The San Francisco Chronicle (July 23, 2003) wrote, "All eyes will be on the California secretary of state's office today for the big recall count -- but the real plays are going well behind the scenes. The Republican hierarchy -- especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson -- would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway. (emphasis mine)

Summer, 1967 at Owls Nest Camp with two future U.S. presidents. Around the table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald ReaganHarvey Hancock (standing), Richard NixonGlenn T. Seaborg, Jack Sparks, (unidentified individual), Frank Lindine, and Edwin W. Pauley. Retrieved July 15, 2009 -Wikipedia
As you can see in this picture, Ronald Reagan and  Richard Nixon have attended the meetings at the Grove.Harvey Hancock, standing in the middle of the photo, was Aviation Executive and a journalist who served as the Northern California campaign manager for Richard Nixon's successful 1950 United States Senate race and then the 1952 general election won by Dwight D. Eisenhower and Nixon.[2]

Here you can see Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. attending the Grove and giving a lakeside talk. This photo happens to be from an Annual Yearbook.

Anyway, the point is that many important elites, Representives and even Presidents attend the Bohemian Grove Rituals, where policy and agendas are discussed, and satanic rituals are performed by them.

It's obvious why Newt doesn't want to talk about Bohemian Grove!

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