Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clinton: Russia and China "will pay" for Supporting Syria

July 9, 2012

Hillary Clinton's demand that Russia and China pay the price for "blockading" the Syrian peace process may lead to more global strife. Will opposition to US policy now equate to supporting tyranny and evil?
On Friday, Friends of Syria sought ways to press a transition plan on official Damascus. Assad regime officials forming a unity government with the opposition to lead the Arab country to presidential elections had been a key outcome of global talks in Geneva the previous week.
In a sudden turn, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pounced on Moscow and Beijing for "holding up progress" in the Syrian crisis. Clinton urged the 100-plus nations gathered in Paris to make it clear to Russia and China that the two will "pay a price" for supporting the Assad government.
Russia denied taking sides in the Syrian conflict, adding that the West is operating within an “outmoded” friend-or-foe framework.
The Geneva talks on Syria were largely viewed as a diplomatic breakthrough in the global peace effort that had been divided by Washington’s and Moscow’s approaches. Russia has been consistently talking of resolving the Syrian crisis through negations without foreign involvement, which was realized in the Geneva resolution.
But the Paris meeting revealed that the US may still be holding to its own solution for the Syrian problem, and is not prepared to compromise, says Mark Almond, a professor of international relations at Bilkent University in Turkey.
“Mrs. Clinton is converting a regional problem, a crisis [among] Syria and its neighbors, into a potentially global problem,” Almond told RT. “Those countries that do not agree with every word of Mrs. Clinton are to be considered supporters of tyranny and enemies of good. This is creating a much more dangerous global answer.”

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