Friday, June 29, 2012

CDC Spreading Germs Using University College Students!

June 19, 2012

Hearing the news that the CDC’s bioterror lab had sprung a leak through one of its ventilation systems reminded me of an article I had recently uploaded to my cerebral storage unit. Reviewing the file I believe that this supposed leak could be part of a “planned obsolescence” a built in mechanism that is a design attribute that is working perfectly as described in the 1948 “Baldwin Report” written by none other than George W Merck the former head of the War Reserve Service and creator of Merck Vaccines. Mr. Merck reported that a need for further dissemination of the current biological weapons study program was needed. The use of the public ventilation systems along with the water supply were top on the list of special operations to be carried out in the near future.
  The CDC’s bioterror-lab in question is ranked with a biosafety level 3 and is certified to experiment on Anthrax, SARS and Monkey pox all used for Bio weapons research and in this case possible public dissemination. Most of the biosafety level 3 facilities are located on college universities scattered across the United States funded with tax pay dollars and grants that come directly from the mouths of the new world orders foundation families. This is the way they are able to control the river of information being studied at universities and also watch for up and coming minds that might detect the truth behind the world’s health and hunger problems and offer a solution that would undermine the current patient, pill and pay paradigm that has profited the death care industry for decades now.  
 When you look at the money that pours into these colleges you will find foundation after foundation with donation after donation all building a false sense of credibility and giving their media mouths the ability to boast about their great and noble philanthropists that are rescuing humanity and saving the world. Was this a design flaw in the construction or a design aspect built into the structure to help spread organisms into local communities using unsuspecting college students as carriers? The leak was detect by a guest on a tour of building 18 located on the Atlanta based Center for Disease Control & Preventions’ germ research laboratory. The visitor noticed a puff of air coming from one of the “contaminated rooms” into a communal hallway. When questioned by the mainstream cookie cutter press and television pundits the meme presented into the public lexicon of deception is; “this is a fluke”DOH!
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