Saturday, April 7, 2012

Elites Destroy Endangered Species on Purpose?

Daily BellApril 7, 2012
Tiger decline is ‘sign of world’s failure’ … Governments need to crack down on illegal tiger trading if the big cats are to be saved, the UN has warned. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meeting in Doha, Qatar heard that tiger numbers are continuing to fall. Organised crime rings are playing an increasing part in illegal trading of tiger parts, CITES says, as they are with bears, rhinos and elephants.Interpol is working with CITES to track and curb the international trade. Last year, World Bank chief Robert Zoellick said the global black market in wildlife products was worth about $10bn per year, making wildlife the third most valuable illicit commodity after drugs and weapons. Despite attempts to protect tigers, numbers have approximately halved over the last decade, with fewer than 3,200 remaining in the wild. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: A crisis … and government has to solve it!
Free-Market Analysis: The modest paradigm that animates these pages is that a power elite uses fear-based promotions to frighten people into accepting globalist solutions – answers that would not otherwise be considered.
No one, for instance, gets up one morning and thinks to himself that he ought to create an international body of nation-states attended by governments around the world and dedicated to world peace and eradicating human misery.
Someone did, however – or various someones – and thus we are saddled today with the incomparably corrupt United Nations. This august body has done more, in our view, to retard world peace and create conditions of poverty and misery than could have been imagined during its inception.
Does this sound harsh? In fact, all elitist institutions do approximately the opposite of what they are said to do. Monopoly central banks are inflation engines. NATO “peacekeeping” missions often end up creating and prosecuting wars. The Western “free press” is actually a rigorously controlled one.
The power elite that hopes to run the world builds global government piece by piece using facilities that have the most innocent sounding names and the most admirable briefs. Yet as the Internet – and what we call the Internet Reformation – has shown us clearly is that these organizations often accomplish more harm than good.

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