Tuesday, February 14, 2012

VIDEO: Chainsaw-wielding Dean Dinnen storms into Hull's Endyke pub

Hull Daily Mail
February 11, 2012

VIDEO footage shows the terrifying moment a man burst into a north Hull pub and attacked drinkers with a chainsaw.
Dean Dinnen, 24, stormed into The Endyke pub, in Endike Lane, with the petrol-powered saw, after he was earlier asked to leave because he would not put out his cigarette.
Dinnen, who was drunk and on drugs, chased customers around the pub and sliced one man's arm.
Some of the customers armed themselves with chairs and tables for protection and forced him outside.
Eventually, they managed to disarm Dinnen outside by throwing furniture and beer barrels at him.
Adrian Pryor, 32, was struck with the chainsaw as he tried to help his friend get out of the way.
The blade cut through the skin and muscle of his arm and he had to undergo surgery at Castle Hill Hospital.
In a victim personal statement read to Hull Crown Court, plumber Mr Pryor, said: "I had to undergo an operation under anaesthetic to repair my tendons and received 21 stitches.
"I had to have a splint in my arm, which was extremely uncomfortable and painful, and was off work for six weeks.
"I feel this will be with me for the rest of my life."

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