Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama Advisor’s Call For Global Tax Part Of UN Agenda For Transfer of Wealth

Obama himself introduced global tax bill in 2007 under UN auspices
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, February 13, 2012
Director of the White House’s national economic council Gary Sperling’s announcement that a plan for a “global minimum tax” is in the works continues the efforts of Barack Obama himself to oversee a massive transfer of wealth under the auspices of the UN.
The call also echoes similar rhetoric out of the United Nations which recently announced an agenda to impose a world tax on all financial transactions to “help the poor”.
“We need a global minimum tax so that people have the assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax code actually subsidized and facilitate people moving their funds to tax havens,” Sperling said today at an official meeting.
He added that more details about the proposal would be forthcoming before the end of the month.
The fact that President Barack Obama’s economic advisors are now pushing a global tax should not be a surprise given the fact that Obama himself introduced a bill when he was in the Senate, the Global Poverty Act of 2007, which would have committed 0.7% of America’s gross national product, or an additional $845 billion over 13 years in addition to existing foreign aid expenditures, for the purposes of “reducing global poverty.”

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