Monday, October 19, 2009

Lindsey Williams:" Two Year Timeline towards Full implementation of a New World Order."

Mark Matheny
October 19,2009
Alex Jones Welcomed to his show today Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. Williams has shared suppressed knowledge regarding oil companies and their supplies and predicted the drop in oil prices on the Alex Jones Show. Williams believes the reason the global elite dropped the world price of oil was to wage economic warfare against the Arab and OPEC countries. Pastor Williams is also the author of The Energy Non-Crisis.

Lindsey explained on the program how he had an inside contact of the Bilderbergers that he has known for a long time. This insider is an oil company CEO. Lindsey also explained that he hadn't talked to this man in over two years, but only two days ago had given the man a call, and what was discussed was mind blowing!
The insider is apparently in his late 80s or early 90s.According to Lindsey the information given to him is all new information never revealed. The insider gave him several points that have been discussed by the Bilderbergers and the globalists which will come within a 2 year timeline in most cases. These are the things Lindsey was told to expect:

1)The insider told Lindsey that "within two years you will not recognize America."
2) The Elite have altered their guideline toward full implementation of a New World Order.He was told that this was done because $2.5 trillion was given to the globalists by the Federal Reserve in the last two months of the Bush Administration under the guise of a created economic crisis. This allowed the Elite to alter the timeline of ushering in the New World Order.
3)Lindsey was told that McCain was the Globalists' "man" for the presidency of 2008.
4)He was told that after 2 years Americans will be so poor that any resistance to the Agenda of the Elitists will be impossible.
5) Hyperinflation will increase dramatically within the next two years.
6)Lindsey was told by the insider that silver and gold will be the only currency to rely on, and that Federal Reserve Notes will be dead by 2012.
7) War is planned by the Elitists after two years. War will start in relationship to Iran and Israel within two years and will spread around the world.
8) He then reiterated the fact that America gave 2.5 trillion dollars basically toward our own demise, in that the globalists will now implement the plan of total Global enslavement within two years.
(Lindsey was adamant about the two year timeline and repeated it throughout the conversation with Alex Jones.)
9) The elite are going on this two year guideline, and Lindsey was told by the insider of "The Devil's Messiah"-an expression used by the insider- who will work through the pastors and churches here in America,(and who already have been) along with Homeland Security, in order to break the religious fiber of America.
10)Lindsey then described the fact that there is an elite group of people who actually run the world. This group wanted McCain to actually become the President in the last election, but that things didn't go exactly as planned. Obama according to the insider is apparently going outside of the globalists' plans in some ways and are upsetting them.
Lindsey then went over some buzzwords that were told to him by the insider which were -war-turmoil-Iran-crude oil. He explained that Iran is going to be in the picture for war within two years, and that this would become a world war.
11) Lindsey was told that subversion of the churches and preachers has been going on since 1965, in order to have them help in the implementation of the New World Order.
Alex Jones then asked Lindsey to speak on "the Devil's Messiah" again. Lindsey then asked "Have you ever been asked to fill out an information form at your church?" Lindsey explained that the insider told of how the Department of Homeland Security is requesting of the churches and pastors that they get personal information from all of their followers for use in the future when full implementation takes place. (This will help when the round ups of all dissenters start to take place.)
Alex then asked why this informer decided to tell Lindsey. Lindsey then speculated that it was because of conscience and because of the insider's age.The insider also said that the Globalists are laughing at Americans because we have bought this agenda "hook-line-and sinker".
Lindsey then again mentioned the fact that McCain was the man wanted by the Elite to become the next president, but Obama won instead. Alex Jones then added that this might be due to the fact that there are Fabian Socialists and Communists among the global Elite, and therefore some might favor Obama while the others might favor McCain.
12) Lindsey then explained how there are really only about a dozen of the elitists at the top, who are in total command, and that there is a second tier of elitists among which his insider is probably a part. 
13) The insider then explained how Obama is in trouble because he is arrogant and isn't following strict instruction from the Globalists. Alex then interjected how JFK met his demise because the Elite could not control him the way they wanted to. Lindsey then said that the insider told him the elitists are starting to consider Obama a Liability to their plans and that they consider him unpredictable.
Lindsey then finished up for the most part by explaining that the globalists worship a different god according to the insider, and that god is Lucifer.

The show then finished up with a recap of the points discussed. Tomorrow the show will continue with Lindsey telling of the rest of his conversation with the insider. Check it out at
This is very startling information that makes me cringe to even think about it! These times are beginning to sound allot like the time of trouble spoken of in Matthew and Revelation, as well as many other places in the Bible. Time to wake up, and prepare for the redemption. Time is running out!
Mark Matheny

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