Friday, May 29, 2015

Roman Artifacts in Palmyra Not Destroyed by ISIS

Mark Matheny
May 30, 2015

It is no surprise, that while ISIS is destroying artifacts in Iraq relating to Assyrian period, they have come out with a video showing that they have not disturbed the Roman sites in Palmyra.

They have reportedly beheaded 20 civilians in the Colosseum however.

In my last video I discussed the destruction being done by ISIS in Iraq, and the Palestinian Authority on and around the Temple Mount, and how it is my belief that they are destroying evidence that coincides with biblical accounts, verifying the authenticity of the Bible.

Yet, they are preserving Mother Rome's archeological sites.

This again just supports my belief that these terrorists are among the "10 horns" that give their authority to the beast for "one hour", and preserve the "image of the beast" (the Revived Roman Empire", while seeking to destroy Protestant Christianity and Israel).

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