Saturday, August 2, 2014

Netanyahu to Obama: “Don’t Ever Second Guess Me Again

Conservative Tribune
August 2, 2014


President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have been attempting for weeks to broker a cease-fire between Israel and the radical Islamic terrorist groups that have been attacking the Jewish state with rockets from behind human shields in the Gaza Strip, with very little success.
The Obama administration’s willingness to accede to the militant’s demands have worsened America’s diplomatic relationship with Israel, to say the least, despite strong pro-Israel support from Congress and the American people.

Now, the latest 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire agreement negotiated by the United States, United Nations, Qatar, and Turkey has collapsed in less than two hours, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he’s had enough interference from Washington.
Netanyahu told U.S. representatives “not to ever second guess me again” on the matter of Hamas’s unwillingness to abide by cease-fire agreements, according to recent reports.
The Israelis been dealing with Hamas and groups like it for decades, and know well how they operate. They say the Obama administration and the U.N.’s trust in terrorists to follow the terms of any agreement is “naive.”
In this case, the cease-fire was broken when Palestinians kidnapped one Israeli soldier and killed two others. To its credit, the administration called the actions of the Islamic militants “outrageous” and “barbaric,” the report says.
It is difficult to understand why Barack Obama, John Kerry, or any other liberal would expect a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization like Hamas or Islamic Jihad to be true to its word. Perhaps they view the terrorists as “freedom fighters,” as some have claimed, against an Israel that they view as a holdover from western colonialism.
Maybe now the Obama administration has finally learned that, even in you want to, you can’t negotiate with terrorists–their slightly more anti-militant rhetoric hints that it might be so.
But we rather doubt it.

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