Sunday, July 27, 2014

EXPOSED: Israeli Ambassador Rakes A CNN Anchor Across The Coals For Intentionally Misleading Viewers

Center for Western Journalism
July 25, 2014

Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the US, hits hard and doesn’t let up over the course of this interview with CNN host Erin Burnett. He cites CNN for being a “disservice” to their viewers for not once mentioning the fact that the UN Secretary General just issued a statement warning people that Hamas is storing weapons in these UN schools, thus making them a target.
CNN only wants to point out that the children are dead and how tragic it is (and it is), but they are failing to see the greater atrocity. The fact is that Hamas is using these schools to house their weapons, even furthering the statement made by Prime Minister Netanyahu that “Hamas uses its people to protect its weapons.” 
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