Wednesday, June 18, 2014

U.S. Military Trained ISIS Terrorist Group At Secret Base In Jordan

Mark Matheny
June 18, 2014

While the mainstream media here in the West reports on the atrocities and potential dangers of the Terrorist group known as "ISIS" -Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- reports have come out revealing that at least elements of this group were in fact trained by U.S. military personel at a secret base located in the area of Jordan.

According to Global Research, Jordanian official claim the training of several dozen ISIS members by U.S. instructors was part of a covert aid of insurgents that were targeting the Bashar Al-Assad Regime. They claim that the training wasn't meant for any future operations in Iraq:
The officials said dozens of ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.
According to World Net Daily, The ISIS members were trained back in 2012 at a secret base in Jordan. The town of Safawi, in the Northern Desert region of Jordan was the location of the secret base where Syrian rebels were being trained courtesy of Turkey and Jordan, which were both running the training facility:
In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.Quoting what it said were training participants and organizers, Der Spiegel reported it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were with the U.S. Army, but the magazine said some organizers wore uniforms. The training in Jordan reportedly focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.
Again we see proof of funding and training by our own government, of the very terrorist organizations we claim to be fighting against.

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