Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back In Business

Mark Matheny
June 15, 2014

Mark Matheny
For those of you who follow this site, you are sure to have noticed a lapse in news coverage for the past couple of weeks.

I have been busy with my job as an Assistant Food Line Team Leader for Meijer, and have had a chaotic schedule since being transfered to another store. I recently was under the weather with a cold and flu -like symptoms, but continued to go to work. However, I took a hiatus from the News Site, due to my inability to focus on the news at that time. I would rather report nothing, than to report inaccurately.

Then, after recovering from the cold, I had an accident a couple days ago, where I ended up breaking my foot, and had to have surgery and a short stay at the hospital. I am recovering now, and will get back to reporting on news that affects us globally, as well as here in our country.
As you can see, my foot was practically detached from my leg, and twisted at a 90 degree angle to the right. I kept my cool however, asking the nurses to take pictures for posting later on facebook,,, lol
I am doing much better now at home, and hope to continue keeping Americans informed on news that is not covered in the controlled main stream media.
My 1972 Mercedes 350 SL Roadster

(By the way, I broke it when my 1972 Mercedes coasted backward into the street toward my other vehicle, and I tried to be Superman and stop it. I almost was crushed, but the Mercedes is fine! Lol)

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