Friday, June 27, 2014

Organized Raid on Mexican-U.S. Border, Just a Dry Run for Bigger Assault?

Mark Matheny
June 27, 2014

As if getting free bus tickets and escorts over the border is not enough, now South - Americans are coming in large crowds to test the mettle of our Border Agents.

In the Video report below, new incidents of large groups of potential illegals are gathering and assaulting Border agents with rocks. According to the news account, border agents say this is the first of it's kind.

"They were combative, uh throwing rocks and bottles, and flashing gang signs, and threatening agents," said Pete Vasquez, Assistant Cheif Patrol Agent.

The incident occurred last Sunday South of the Las Americos Mall in San Ysidro. Border Agents fear that since this assault was coordinated, there could be more future organized assaults along the Border.

It is uncertain as to why the assaulters videotaped the riot, but police are using the video, posted on a website to find identities of some of the suspects in the group. It is believed the assault was coordinated by someone.

Border Agents said they were forced to use pepper spray, helicopters, and were prepared for the worst should the assault have gotten more violent.

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