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Current "Border Crisis" is Part of the Agenda to Solidify a "North American Union"

Mark Matheny
June 26, 2014
Image of Proposed North American Union:Source:Wikipedia

If you've never heard of the idea of a "North American Union", don't feel like you are alone. Many people in the U.S. are unaware that our own government, in cooperation with Mexico and Canada, have been formulating agreements, both openly and secretly, which will ultimately end the United States as we know it.

Here is what is explained about the NAU (North American Union) on Wikipedia:
The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical economic and political union of CanadaMexico, and the United States. The concept is loosely based on the European Union, occasionally including a common currency called the Amero or the North American Dollar. [...] Some form of union has been discussed or proposed in academic, business, and political circles for decades. However, government officials from all three nations say there are no plans to create a North American Union and that no agreement to do so has been signed. The formation of a North American Union has been the subject of various conspiracy theories.
According to this definition, the whole concept is just a "theoretical economic and political union" of The United States, Mexico, and Canada. This would have you believe there is no current plans or steps that have been taken to make this "theoretical Union" happen.

Make no mistake, however, for this idea has been long in the making, and several steps have already been completed toward the fulfillment of this Union.

Here is a brief timeline showing the conception and gradual development of steps that are already in place which the elites have integrated in pushing a North American Union:

  • As early as the mid 19th century, ideas for a North American Union have been proposed. One concept was the "North American Technate". This followed after the "North American Free Trade Agreement" known commonly as NAFTA. The model would be similar to the European Union.
  • While serving as policy advisor to the presidential campaign of Vincent Fox during the 2000 general election in Mexico Jorge Castañeda, influenced by academic Robert Pastor's ideas on deepening integration of NAFTA, encouraged Fox to include policies on integration as part of his campaign. Fox appeared on several News programs in the U.S. advocating greater integration between the U.S. and Mexico, including the idea of opening up the U.S.-Mexican border within ten years.
  • In 2001, during an interview, then elected President Fox stated that he desired to see between Mexico and the United States a "convergence of our two economies, convergence on the basic and fundamental variables of the economy, convergence on rates of interest, convergence on income of people, convergence on salaries." This plan would also  "erase that border, open up that border for [the] free flow of products, merchandises, [and] capital as well as people".
  • In 2003, another effort was brought forth by  Canadian Council of Chief Executives, U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations called the Independent Task Force on North America. Shortly after there were calls by this Task Force to make a deeper integration of NAFTA in order to form a North American Economic and Security Community by the year 2010.
  • In 2011, Wikileaks released a diplomatic cable from 2005 which included discussions: 
  by U.S. government officials about the best approach to North American integration based on an assessment of Canadian views. The cable suggested a new "North American Initiative" that would address goals in the areas of "security" and "prosperity" through incremental measures, saying such a proposal would get the most support from Canadian policymakers. It notes many Canadian economists supported "ambitious" goals like asingle market, with some supporting a monetary union, but that they believed the incremental approach was more appropriate at the time. Canada's central bank governor is quoted in the cable as having said that a monetary union is "an issue that should be considered once we have made more progress towards establishing a single market." TheNational Post's Robert Hiltz described the cable in June 2011 as discussing "the obstacles surrounding the merger of the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico in a fashion similar to the European Union." -Wikipedia

  •  In March of 2005, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was formed. It was pushed by the leaders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as a dialogue that would bring greater cooperation concerning security and economic issues. It was also said by the leaders that the SPP was not a legal agreement, and that the initiative did not "seek to rewrite or renegotiate NAFTA".
One of the events which is helping greatly to push the agenda of a North American Union is the disintegration of Mexico, fueled by violence and drug cartels. In a report from 2009, Infowars detailed how this "crisis" will be used to merge Mexico and the U.S.:
On the surface, the Joint Operating Environment 2008 report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command is a self-serving document. It predicts multiple crises “if there are major reductions in U.S. defense spending,” including “terrorist networks obtaining nuclear and biological weapons, as well as instability and aggressiveness involving China, India, Pakistan, India and the Middle East.” On the other hand, the report may be seen as a blueprint for the establishment of a North American Union. [...]  Glenn Williamson, CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council, tells the Phoenix Business Journal he expects Obama to push for a North American Union, although Williamson does not specifically use that term. “I am starting to see a trend here from the new administration — possibly pulling in some U.S. assets in far-off countries that don’t even like us, and focusing more on a continental North America where Canada, the U.S. and Mexico could almost be energy self-sufficient,” Williamson said. “The U.S. and Canada need a strong Mexico for that to succeed. The concept of a broken Mexico or Canada on either border of the U.S. does not work.”
The El Paso Times also warned that a sudden collapse of the infrastucture and economy could result from the chaos of the voilence and corruption of drug cartels in Mexico.
 EL PASO - Mexico is one of two countries that "bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse," according to a report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command on worldwide security threats. 

"The Mexican possibility may seem less likely, but the government, its politicians, police and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and press by criminal gangs and drug cartels. How that internal conflict turns out over the next several years will have a major impact on the stability of the Mexican state. Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone."

The command's "Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008)" report, which contains projections of global threats and potential next wars, puts Pakistan on the same level as Mexico. "In terms of worse-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.
Of course, the collapse of Mexico can certainly be contributed to CIA involvement there concerning drug trafficing from Mexico into the U.S. This has gone on for at least the past decade. Money from drug profits come into the United States in the amount of millions annually and prop up the Stock Market here in the United States, according to Max Keiser:
 As Max Keiser and Catherine Austin Fitts explain in videos here, Wall Street and transnational corporations are not only intimately involved in the international drug trade, they in fact run this massive and extraordinary profitable illegal enterprise. Fitts proposes that without the infusion of drug money, the stock market would collapse.In addition to the bankster involvement in the drug trade noted above, it is a well documented fact the CIA has a long and sordid history of running heroin and cocaine out of Southeast Asia and Latin America, not only in the service of Wall Street but also to fund covert operations around the world. For more on the CIA as international drug baron, see William Blum’sThe Real Drug Lords: A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade.Thus we can safely assume the Mexican drug cartels are nothing if not franchise operations run by the banksters and their transnational corporate partners. If these cartels are engaged in murderous competition as we are told by the corporate media — a media owned and operated by the very same banksters — we can also assume the violence inside Mexico and on its border with the United States is not coincidental. It is part of a larger Hegelian dialectic. 

Of course, the drug cartels in Mexico, and the violence it creates, then brings about the conditions which force South Americans to then illegally cross the Mexican-American border in the thousands annually. The Left-Right paradigm called the Democrat and Republican Parties then pretend to be concerned about this "crisis" and bring about the "Thesis-Antithesis =Synthesis" which is known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

In simpler terms it can be defined as the "Problem -Reaction-Solution" formula. They create the problem, which in this case would be the corruption, murdering and drug cartel terror that is happening in Mexico, along with the high unemployment/ low living conditions. The reaction by the people there is to then flood the borders in order to escape from those conditions into the U.S. The solution then comes in Agreements by both governments which then more fully merge the two governments into a single one.

Of course on the Side of the U.S. is the same problem -reaction -solution scenario. The problem of thousands of illegals coming into the border brings the reaction of the U.S. citizens to stop the problem. That's where the government then comes with their solutions of amnesty and integration of the two governments which will supposedly create better economic and security conditions for both countries.

This will more than likely result in more cooperation and joint efforts by the U.S. Law Enforcement agencies and the Mexican Military and Police agencies.

Since Obama's inception as President, he has also carried on with this globalist agenda of a North American Union. According to an Infowars article:
“On trade and the economy, President-elect Obama said that with both countries facing very difficult economic times, it’s important to work together to maintain a constructive and comprehensive dialogue,” an Obama transition press advisory stated after the meeting with Calderón. “He expressed his continued commitment to upgrading NAFTA to strengthen labor and environmental provisions to reflect the values that are widely shared in both of our countries, and proposed the creation of a consultative group to work on a host of issues important to the United States and Mexico, including NAFTA, energy and infrastructure.” Obama has promised to “amend” NAFTA.

The massive amount of immigrants coming across the border are Catholic immigrants as well, which constitutes a significant amount of democratic votes, thus enforcing more concretely the very policies that are slowly destroying our freedom and sovereignty here in the U.S.

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