Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Boy Obama – Able to Exist in Two Locations At The Same Time

February 4, 2014

American Thinker exposes some interesting information which indicates that the current occupant of the White House may have existed in two places at the same time.
Of course, conflicts with documentation are no strangers to this president. Resolving them or even acknowledging that there are problems would be something new.
The article highlights a speech by B. Hussein Obama on May 3, 1990, in which he is reported by the Illinois Daily Herald as saying he moved to Southeast Asia at the age of two, following the divorce of his parents and his mother’s subsequent remarriage to an Indonesian man.
The paper quotes him as attending school until the fifth grade in Indonesia.
A little earlier in that same year, on March 19th, 1990, the LA Times reported the story of the Hawaiian-born Obama moving to Indonesia and getting up every morning at 5am to take correspondence classes in English. The story continues that he remained in Indonesia for six years, until he returned to the U.S. and lived with his maternal grandparents, to “prepare for college.” Eight years old and already preparing for college, he’s a real-life Doogie Howser.
Then again, the October 2008 text from Hawaii Business reported the following:
“Now, kids from Hawaii’s public schools can also claim ties to the Democratic presidential nominee. I acquired the picture below from Winifred (Wakai) Otaguro, who was in Ms. Sakai’s kindergarten class at Noelani Elementary School in 1967. Otaguro’s mother, Betty Wakai, had written the names of most of the kids in the class on the back of the picture. Her writing identifies the first little boy in the third row as “Barry Obama.” Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng confirms that the boy is Obama, however, the Department of Education has been unable to find his records.”
At the time, in 2008, not being able to find the school records must have seemed odd. Now, it’s as commonplace as Joe Biden saying something stupid. It’s to be expected.
So there are two sources quoting Obama as saying he lived in Indonesia at a time a photo and teacher’s handwriting indicate he was in Hawaii.
With anyone else this type of apparent fraud would demand a criminal investigation. With B. Hussein Obama, simply ignoring it should be sufficient.

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