Thursday, January 9, 2014

Language – The War Behind All Wars

January 9, 2014

The war behind all wars is a war on words; a war on language.  For instance, in today’s world independence is overshadowed by “inter-dependence”, incessant talk of “democracy” overlooks our constitutional republic, “pooling” is now a substitute for sovereignty, “globalization” takes precedence over nation-states, economic growth has morphed into “sustainable development”, “liberty is co-mingled with “freedom”, and constitutional declarations of war have been replaced with the “approval” or “authorization” for war.  The reason for the turnaround is that a modification of vernacular is necessary to bring about a global transformation of society.  And that is exactly what the parasitic side show circus freaks that run our world intend to do. 

George Orwell, being thoroughly versed in the nefarious techniques of statists, knew of the need for a new grammar system for the “proles” and spoke of it in his work 1984.  He wrote:

 “By 2050- earlier, probably- all real knowledge of Oldspeak will have disappeared.  Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron- they’ll exist only in Newspeak versions, not merely changed into something different, but actually changed into something contradictory of what they used to be.  Even the literature of the party will change.  Even the slogans will change.  How could you have a slogan like “freedom is slavery” when the concept of freedom has been abolished?  The whole climate of thought will be different.  In fact there will be no thought, as we understand it now.  Orthodoxy means not thinking- not needing to think.  Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

Ray Bradbury vexed in the same vein when he quipped the following in Fahrenheit 451: 

“More sports for everyone, group spirit, fun, and you don’t have to think, eh?  Organize and organize and superorganize super-super sports.  More cartoons in books.  More pictures.  The mind drinks less and less.”

 Indeed, politicians have used written language to manipulate history both in the past and present. This is no different today than it was during the time of Stalin.  As George Woodcock states in his book Orwell’s Message: 1984 and the Present: 

“Such standard works of misinformation as the Soviet Encyclopaedia changed constantly with the party line, so that in successive editions Trotsky was first the hero of the Civil War, then an agent of the Mensheviks, and the western powers.” 

Lastly, we can see from Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, that the subterfuge has even infected the field of economics: 

“There is nothing in the math of economic theory that pins down the government’s word choice and each labeling convention will produce a different reported time path of debt, deficits, taxes, and spending. At their heart, these measures are linguistic and convey nothing about a country’s underlying fiscal policy – only about what the government decides to put on and keep off the books.” 

Given all the sinister signposts along the way, we should have foreseen this pathetic ploy and its resultant ramifications coming.  For the intention to reconfigure the entire political and economic landscape of the world was openly announced as far back as 1614.  In that year a lodge of German Rosicrucians initiated a program of outward expansion with the publication of a leaflet announcing the presence of the Order in Hesse’s largest principality, Hesse-Kassel.  The shortened name of the pamphlet was Fama Fraternitatis.  Its full title, translated into English, is as follows: Universal and General Reformation of the Whole Wide World, together with the Noted Fraternity of the Rosy Cross, inscribed to all the Learned and Rulers of Europe.

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