Monday, December 30, 2013

Media Isn't Controlled? Not Told What to Say? Not on the Same Script?..... Think Again

Mark Matheny
December 30, 2013

Here is a compilation done on the Conan Show as comedy showing local news agencies all following the same script when it comes to news reporting.

Here is another example where the Pentagon also gets in on the deal and uses media to peddle war through Military Analysts. It was exposed by the New York Times....

These are just a couple of examples.

That's why television is called the "boob tube".......

It is meant to program you - not educate and inform.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting videos, but they don't support the conclusion that you came to. In the Conan video, many news organizations in different media markets subscribe to a service - voluntarily. They're not being told what to say. Rather than each organization writing their own story, someone else does the work for them. Because the story is not specific to any one city or location, they can do this, and it's unlikely that any one will see the same story in different locations. It's cost effective. The organizations are not being controlled. If they don't want to subscribe to the service, they don't have to. Not to mention that the story is a fluff piece anyway. It's a human interest story. It's the kind of story that doesn't require investigative journalism, and no one is harmed or fooled in the process. The media outlets broadcast a story more cost effectively, and potentially the viewers were entertained.

The Pentagon story is more interesting. But are media outlets being controlled? Are they being told what to say? I think that's the wrong conclusion. Multiple media outlets were sloppy vetting their sources, and were potentially misled and manipulated. But are they being controlled? Are they on the same script? Watch MSNBC for one day, and Fox News for the next, and then tell me that they're on the same script.

The implication here is that the government is controlling all media. The suggestion that the government is controlling fluff human interest stories about how many gifts you might buy for yourself is downright silly. If there is any story here at all, it's a story about the lengths that government might go to in order to create support for an initiative - whether that initiative is about war, taxes, health care or social security. But if the government was really scripting and controlling media, you would see universal support on all media outlets for Obama, and that's just not happening.

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