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Pakistani Witness of Bin Laden Raid Says Soldiers Died in Helicopter explosion

Mark Matheny
November 22, 2013

We all remember the famous raid of Seal Team Six in Pakistan, where Osama's demise was the victory of America's "War on Terror" back in 2011. Not to mention the fact that it was Obama's way of raising his falling popularity right before election time.

When the raid happened, there were reports that one of the U.S. Assault Helicopters had crashed at some point during the raid, and so the mainstream media later reported that one of the helicopters in the raid had malfunctioned while landing in the compound and crashed but that the Seals were able to escape the damaged helicopter and complete the raid. However, neighbors living in the neighborhood of the compound stated that the helicopter did not crash until the Seal Team was departing out of the compound building and had boarded the Helicopter, and that as the helicopter had began to lift off, it exploded in flames.

Here is an article on Global Research showing full details of a Pakistani citizen who lived near the supposed Bin Laden Compound:

What the public were told by the US government via the corporate media, and what actually happened during the White House’s much-celebrated “Bin Laden Raid” in 2011 – are not the same.One thing which becomes clearer by the day about the fabled Bin Laden Raid which took place in Abbotabad, Pakistan, is that the US government has intentionally deceived the public about what happened. In other words, what President Obama described when he addressed the American people following “the raid” – was a work of pure fiction.Navy-Seal-Team-6-Bin-Laden-raidThe following interview appeared on Pakistani broadcast channel, Sama TV, and includes a translation in English from an eye witness on the scene.
If the translation is accurate, then this eye witness blows the lid off of another plank in the White House’s fictional drama.
The following is an interview with Muhammad Bashir, who lives next door to the alleged ”compound” of Osama bin Laden. He claims that the first US helicopter suffered an explosion, which killed all of its US military occupants, somewhere between 10 and 20 men.
Based on this man’s testimony, we have to ask the question: did the White House cover this up in order to protect the Dear Leader from a devastating “Jimmy Carter moment” (1979 Iran hostage rescue cock-up).
That’s certainly what this looks like at first glance. Would Obama lie to protect his and his party’s political legacy? We’ll let the readers answer that question.
“It seems that although initially, the TV station was overjoyed with this interview, they changed their tune, twenty four hours later (for some unknown reason)”. You decide why…

So the original lie, the 9/11 Operation, was covered up by the next lie – the Bin Laden Raid.Following on to this, it only stands to reason that the Abbotabad lie should be concealed by the next lie. The next lie is that no one knows where Bin Laden’s body is. In stark contrast to President Obama’s declaration that bin Laden was “buried at sea”, US Navy Sailors on the USS Carl Vinson have stated on record did not witness an at-sea burial of Osama bin Laden. Therefore, someone is lying. Did Barack Obama chop down the cherry tree?
So if Osama bin Laden was not at Abbotabad, or on the USS Carl Vinson – as the evidence, and lack thereof, dictates, then where is he? More than likely, he was dead years before Obama’s glorious raid, but it served two US Administrations to keep his image alive in order to justify the unprecedented military, and security police state build-up which ensued following 9/11. In case readers aren’t aware, there are many high ranking official statements that back up this claim, and at least one of those who spoke of this in public, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated shortly after saying it.
Hollywood even made a blockbuster propaganda film to back-up the US government’s tall tale. It was called Zero Dark Thirtyand it was a big money maker too. So everyone is happy, right? No really, as the can must be kicked down the road one more time…
One more lie, before we wrap this up. According to the same government sources from the first two lies listed, on August 6, 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, with the call sign Extortion 17, was shot down in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, amazingly, killing all 38 people on board including 25 American special operations personnel. The US claimed that the bodies were so badly burnt that they were forced to cremate them immediately, as if on some sort of deadline to make them disappear. Again, and with both 9/11 and the Bin Laden raid, there are no survivors, no bodies, no photos, and no real evidence available that prove the government’s creative version of events. How do we even know those men actually died in that same Chinook crash? Will we ever know? Not if the US government is allowed to tell its people endless lies, all in the name of national security.
After viewing Pakistani TV interview (above), former Assistant US Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts explains, “I am confident that no news organization believes that it could confront such an important US national myth in this way. The killing of bin Laden satisfies the emotional need for revenge and justice. In the least, a news organization that challenged the government’s story would be cut off from all government sources and be denounced by politicians and a large percentage of the gullible US population as an anti-American terrorist-serving organization.”
Read full transcript of the Pakistani news translation here.
By the way, no one in Abbotabad, or in Pakistan it seems, actually believes the fictional Bin Laden raid drama either. 
There were also witnesses who said that the man identified by Western media in the compound raid as Osama Bin Laden was not Bin Laden at all:

According to the witness in this BBC News report, the man labeled as Bin Laden was really called  Akhbar Han - his neighbour. 

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