Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Government Always Makes Things Worse

Personal Liberty Digest
November 18, 2013

Nanny Knows Best
There is little more damaging than government when it sets out to solve a problem.
The grossly misnamed Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is one example. But just one… and just a very expensive one.
Recall that the Obamacare law was touted as a way to make it possible for the uninsured (and uninsurable) to get health insurance. At the time, the elected class, statist bureaucrats, nannies, progressives, crony capitalists, the mainstream media propaganda machine and President Barack Obama himself claimed that about 30 million Americans could not get health insurance coverage.
But what they didn’t say was that of those 30 million, 10 million were illegal aliens and supposedly not eligible for coverage and another 10 million were either young and healthy and chose to forgo health insurance or were eligible for public programs like Medicaid and S-CHIP and had not enrolled for one reason or another. That left about 10 million people who were truly unable to acquire health insurance.
For that, the elected class conspired with the medical-industrial establishment and the health insurance industry to blow up health insurance and create a massive redistributive system that guaranteed more customers for the medical establishment with guaranteed payments from the Federal Treasury.
The result is a predictable — and predicted — failure of historic proportions. It created a bureaucratic deathcare trap of death panels, rising premiums, rising deductibles and disappearing options. If Obamacare is every fully implemented –  a big if considering the failure of the $600 million-plus and the sticker shock being felt by the few people able to successfully log in — at least 31 million will remain uninsured.

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